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Ivan VargheseLauve – 6 th 2/18/07
Comparison Essay:
Bless Me Ultima & The Secret Life of Bees They need to find their path in life. They have to struggle betweengood and evil. They must reclaim their past to discover their future. Antoniofrom
Bless Me Ultima and Lily from
The Secret Life of Bees both faceproblems but in the end, the light at the end of the tunnel shines. Althoughthere are similarities between
Bless Me Ultima and The Secret Life of Bees there are, obviously, notable differences. The similarities are pretty apparent between the two books. They areboth a “coming-of-age” story and they both have a couple of plot parallels.For example, Antonio has to find his true calling and Lily has to follow hermother’s past. In both books, mentions of religion are very widespread.Religion is one of the most important factors in the books and it influencesthe story a lot. Another noted similarity is the use of allusions, metaphors,and imagery.Even though there are many similarities, there are some very strikingdifferences. The most noted of them is the difference of the gender in thenovel.
Bless Me Ultima
, is geared towards all readers, but
The Secret Life of Bees is generally a girl’s novel. For example, in
The Secret Life of Bees
, Lilyfalls in love with Zachary but in
Bless Me Ultima
, Antonio is not shown to bein love. Also,
The Secret Life of Bees takes on more feminine topics. In
BlessMe Ultima
, Antonio is faced with a decision that will alter his outlook on life,

Ivan VargheseLauve – 6 th 2/18/07but in A Secret Life of Bees
, Lily is trying to escape her father and search hermother’s past. Also both novels are set in two different time periods.
BlessMe Ultima takes place during and after World War II and A Secret Life of Bees take place during the Civil Rights Movement. They both produce differentaspects in a teenager’s life and they both portray cultural problems.In conclusion, there are many similarities and differences in the novels. They are both written during a stressful time period and religion is mentioneda lot. But they have different outlooks on those problems and the strugglesthe main characters face are different. Overall, both books were wonderfuland they showed us the social problems of the past and enlightened us onhow to prevent them in the future.

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