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Chap1 Comparing Apples and Oranges The concept of “apples and oranges” relates to the consistency of anything that is compared with something else.
Whenever you make a comparison in sentence, you have to make sure the things you compare are , in fact, comparable.


1. Because the Earth’s crust is more solid there and thus better able to transmit shock waves, an earthquake in the eastern United States will typically devastate an area 100 times greater than will a quake of comparable magnitude occurring in the West.(D-P35-9)
2.Local residents claim that San Antonio, Texas, has more good Mexican American restaurants than does any other city in the United States. (D-p78-14)
3.The guiding principles of the tax plan released by the Treasury Department could have even greater significance for the economy than do the particulars of the plan. (C-p8-6)
4. Because natural gas is composed mostly of methane, a simple hydrocarbon, vehicles powered by natural gas emit less of certain pollutants than those burning gasoline or diesel fuel. (C-p8-16)
5. The United States government employs a much larger proportion of women in trade negotiations than does any other government. (C-p22-8)
6. The pay of senior executives increased in 1990 by a larger percentage than did the wages of other salaried workers. (C-p67-5)
7. A newly developed jumbo rocket, which is expected to carry the United States into its next phase of space exploration, will be able to deliver a heavier load of instruments into orbit than the space shuttle can, and at a lower cost. (C-p67-10)
8. Los Angeles has a higher number of family dwellings per capita than does any other large city. (B-p76-16)
9. Inflation has made many Americans reevaluate their assumptions about the future, they still expect to live better than their parents did, but not so well as they once thought they could. (B-p80-22)
10. .In an assessment of the problem faced by rural migrant workers, the question of whether they are better off materially than the urban working poor is irrelevant. (B-p80-25)
11. In the United States, trade unions encountered far more intense opposition in their struggle for social legitimacy than did the organized labor movements of most other democratic nations. (B-p84-9)
12. Even though Bela Bartok’s music has proved less popular than Igor Stravinsky’s and less influential than Arnold Schonberg’s, it is no less important. (B-p84-22)
13. In his eagerness to find a city worthy of Priam, the German archaeologist Schliemann cut through Troy and uncovered a civilization a thousand years more ancient than the city known to Homer’s heroes. (B-p84-24)
14. Several studies have found that the coronary patients who exercise most actively are at least fifty percent less likely than those who are sedentary to die of a heart attack. (B-p88-11)
15. Carbon-14 dating reveals that the megalithic monuments in Brittany are nearly 2,000 years older than any of their supposed Mediterranean predecessors. (B-p106-5)
16. A study commissioned by the Department of Agriculture showed that if calves exercise and associate with other calves, they have require less medication and gain weight more quickly than those raised in confinement. (B-p162-2)
17. Tiny quantities of more than thirty rare gases, most of them industrial by-products, threaten to warm the Earth’s atmosphere even more rapidly over the next fifty years than carbon dioxide will. (B-p162-23)
18. .Domestic automobile manufacturers have invested millions of dollars in research to develop cars even more gasoline-efficient than those at present on the road. (B-p218-19)
19. The question of whether to divest themselves of stock in companies that do business in South Africa is particularly troublesome for the nation’s 116 private Black colleges because their economic bases are often more fragile than those of most predominantly White colleges. (B-p218-25)
20. Inuits of the Bering Sea were isolated from contact with Europeans longer than were Aleuts or Inuits of the North Pacific and northern Alaska. (B-p236-14)
21. Aging is a property of all animals that reach a fixed size at maturity, and the variations in life spans among different species are far greater than those among individuals of the same species: a fruit fly is ancient at 40 days, a mouse at 3 years, a horse at 30, a man at 100, and some tortoises at 150. (A-P1-18)
22. The mistakes children make in learning to speak tell linguists more about how children learn language than do the correct forms they use. (A-P1-28)
23. Freedman’s survey showed that people living in small towns and rural areas consider themselves no happier than do people living in big cities. (A-P1-30)
24. Increases in the cost of energy, turmoil in the international money markets, and the steady erosion of the dollar have altered the investment strategies of United States corporations more radically than those of foreign corporations. (A-P1-83)
25. Holland spends a larger percentage of its gross national product on defending its coasts from rising seas than the United States does on military defense. (A-P1-234)
26. In 1982 the median income for married-couple families with a wage-earning wife was $9,000 more than that for families in which only the husband was employed. (A-P1-238)
27. The unskilled workers at the Allenby plant realized that their hourly rate of $4.11 to $4.75 was better than that offered by many nearby factories. (B-p84-17)
28. Chicago, whose industrial growth in the nineteenth century was more rapid than that of any other American city, was plagued by labor troubles like the Pullman Strikes of 1894. (A-P1-150)
29. Judge Forer recognizes that the American judicial system provides more safeguards for accused persons than does the legal system of any other country, but she believes there is a great disparity between the systems of justice accorded rich and poor. (A-P1-198)
30. The decisions of John Marshall, the fourth chief justice, have has a greater influence than those of any other chief justice in history. (E-P42-16)
31. The man was always aware, sometimes proudly and sometimes resentfully, that he was a small-town Midwesterner thrust into a world dominated by wealthier, better-educated, and more polished people than he. (E-P75-11)

1. More ancient Ebyptian temples were constructed in the reign of Ramses Ⅱ than in any other.(D-P10-2)
2. Certain pesticides can become ineffective if used repeatedly in the same place; one reason is suggested by the finding that there are much larger populations of pesticide-degrading microbes in soils with a relatively long history of pesticide use than in soils that are free of such chemicals.(D-P35-11)
3. St. John’s , Newfoundland, lies on the same latitude as Paris, France, but in spring St. John’s residents are less likely to be sitting at outdoor cafes than to be bracing themselves against arctic chills, shoveling snow, or seeking shelter from a raging northeast storm. (D-p78-21)
4.Some psychiatric studies indicate that among distinguished artists manic depression and major depression are ten to thirteen times more prevalent than in the population at large. (D-p108-11)
5. The investor who is uncertain about the future is more likely to put money into blue-chip stocks or treasury bills than into gold. (C-P41-20)
6. Nowhere in Prakta is the influence of modern European architecture more apparent than in its government buildings. (B-p80-18)
7. According to a recent study, the elderly in the United States are four times more likely to give regular finacial aid to their children than to receive it from them. (A-P1-64)
8. The human growth hormone, made by the pituitary gland, is secreted in higher concentrations during sleep than during waking hours. (A-P1-69)
9. During the 1980s it became clear that for environmentalists who sought financial aid, it was far more efficient to solicit private funds than to go to state or federal agencies. (A-P1-166)
10. .One reason more young people lose their virginity during the summer than at other times of the year is undoubtedly that school vacations give adolescents more free time. (E-P75-25)

③than ever, than anticipated…
1. New techniques in thermal-scanning photography, a process that records radiation from surface areas, have made it possible to study in greater detail than ever before the effects of calefaction, or warming, of a river. (D-p108-16)
2. The report on the gross national product—the nation’s total production of goods and services—showed that second-quarter inflation was somewhat lower than previously estimated and that the savings rate was slightly higher. (C-p8-10)
3. The spraying of pesticides can be carefully planned, but accidents, weather conditions that could not be foreseen, and pilot errors often cause much larger deposits of spray than anticipated. (A-P1-33)
4. The reports from the Department of Commerce indicated that the economy had grown at an annual rate much higher than most economists had predicted. (A-P1-143)
5. The amount of paper that will be recycled this year is expected to be greater than ever, due to new mandatory recycling laws in municipalities across the nation. (A-P1-154)
6. The financial crash of October 1987 demonstrated that the world’s capital markets are more closely integrated than ever before and that events in one part of the global village may be transmitted to the rest of the village—almost instantaneously. (B-p218-5)

1. Bihar is India’s state, with an annual percapita income of $111 lower than that of the most impoverished countries of the world. (D-p72-16)
2. Although Napoleon’s army entered Russia with far more supplies than for any previous campaign, it had provisions for only twenty-four days.(D-P35-10)
3. In addition to having more protein than wheat does, rice has protein of higher quality than that in wheat, with more of the amino acids essential to the human diet. (B-p106-19)
4. Once positioned in space, the Hubble Space Telescope will capture light from source twenty times fainter than those that can be detected by ground-based instruments. (A-P1-57)
5. .In his work, Leon Forrest’s work is more reminiscent of Henry Miller’s obsessive narratives and Toni Morrison’s mythic languages than James Joyce’s internal explorations. (E-P65-17)

1. That the new managing editor rose from the publication’s “soft” news sections to a leadership position is more of a landmark in the industry than that she is a woman. (D-p108-19)
2. Florida will gain another quarter-million jobs this year alone, many of them in such high-paying fields as electronics and banking, making the state’s economy far more diversified than it was ten years ago. (B-p106-25)
3. Since the movie was released seventeen UFOs have been sighted in the state in the state, more than had been sighted in the past ten years. (A-P1-168)
4. A large rise in the number of housing starts in the coming year should boost new construction dollars by several billion dollars, making the construction industry’s economic health much more robust than it was five years ago. (A-P1-170)
5. The rules that govern political contributions are less stringent in local elections than they are in national elections because local elections typically involve smaller amounts of money and present less opportunity for abuse.(A-P1-171)
6. In Japan elderly people are treated with far greater respect than they are in most Western countries. (A-P1-172)
7. For many travelers, charter vacations often turn out to cost considerably more than they originally seemed. (A-P1-188)

⑥more than, less than 及其他。
1. Founded in 1983, the magazine has since more than doubled its circulation and its advertising. (C-p22-11)
2. The number of undergraduate degrees in engineering awarded by colleges and universities in the United States more than doubled from 1978 to 1985. (B-p177-6)
3. Degler does more than merely summarize existing research; he constructs a coherent picture of two centuries of studies dealing with the changing roles of women. (A-P1-123)
4. .A Labor Department study states that the number of women employed outside the home increased by more than thirty-five percent in the past decade and accounted for more than sixty-two percent of the total growth in the civilian work force.(B-p142-1)
5. In 1978 only half the women granted child support by a court received the amount awarded; more than a million others had no support agreements whatsoever. (B-p162-15)

6. No less remarkable than the development of the compact disc has been the use of the new technology to revitalize, in better sound than was ever before possible, some of the classic recorded performances of the pre-LP era. (B-p142-8)
7. Even though the direct costs of malpractice disputes amounted to less than one percent of the $541 billion the nation spent on health care last year, doctors say fear of lawsuits plays a major role in health-care inflation. (B-p218-8)
8. With total sales of less than three hundred thousand dollars and fewer new subscribers than last year, the New England Theatre Company is in danger of losing its building. (A-P1-151)
9. No less an authority than Walter Cronkite has reported that half of all Americans never read a book. (A-P1-117)
9/.Less detrimental than the effects of bacterial transformation are the effects of bacterial deterioration: spoilage of food, corrosion of metals, decay of wood, and other undesirable alternations of substances. (E-P20-7)

10. IRS provision 354-B requires that an S corporation with assets of greater than $200,000 send W-2 forms to its full-and part-time employees on or before Jan.31. (A-P1-156)
11. The visiting pharmacologists concluded that the present amalgam of Chinese and Western medicine is probably as good as, or better than, any other system that might be devised for the patients treated at the Nan Kai hospital in Tian-jing. (C-P41-10)
12. Two new studies indicate that many people become obese more because their bodies burn calories too slowly than because they eat too much. (C-p90-6)
13. According to surveys by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 20 percent of young adults used cocaine in 1979, twice the number reported in the 1977 survey. (B-p80-21)
14. Dr. Hakuta’s research among Hispanic children in the United States indicates that the more the children use both Spanish and English, the greater their intellectual advantage in skills underlying reading ability and nonverbal logic. (B-p106-7)
15. As a result of the continuing decline in the birth rate, fewer people will enter the labor force in the 1980’s than did in the 1960’s and 1970’s, a twenty-year period during which people born after the war swelled the ranks of workers. (A-P1-129)
16. The rarer something becomes, whether it is a baseball card or a musical recording or a postage stamp, the more avidly it is sought by collectors. (D-p78-7)

17. Of the twin supernovas, the more recently discovered it the larger, but it is the smaller one that has irrevocably altered astronomists’ ideas about the origins of the universe. (E-P65-23)


① so…that, so …as to…, such as….., such that….
1. Factory outlet stores, operated by manufactures, are usually located miles from downtown and regional shopping centers so that they do not compete directly with department stores in the same trading area.(D-P10-16)
2. Unlike a hurricane, which can be observed from within a tornado is so small that such a study has not been practical.(D-p44-14)
3. The black hole has entered the popular imagination as an object so massive that neither light nor matter can escape its gravitational pull.(D-p78-1)
4. Most energy analysts now agree that the costs of building and maintaining nuclear reactors are so high that nuclear power is unlikely to prove cheaper than coal or oil in the long run.(D-p108-1)
5. The evolution of the technology of microelectronics over the past decade has been so rapid that it is sometimes called a revolution. (C-p8-3)
6. Among the Cossacks, vegetable farming was once so despised that it was forbidden on pain of death(C-P41-13)
7. The number of mountain gorillas is declining so rapidly that the population was halved in the twenty years between a count made by George Schaller in 1960 and the one made by Dian Fossey in 1980. (C-P41-23)
8. In 1527 King Henry VIII sought to have his marriage to Queen Catherine annulled so that he could marry Anne Boleyn. (C-p90-2)
9. So poorly educated and trained are many young recruits to the United States work force that many business executives fear this country will lose its economic preeminence. (C-p90-8)
10. .Roy Wilkins was among the last of a generation of civil rights activists who led the nation through decades of change so profound that many young Americans can not imagine, much less remember, what segregation was like. (B-p80-2)
11. An array of tax incentive has led to a boom in the construction of new office buildings; so abundant has capital been for commercial real estate that investors regularly scour the country for areas in which to build. (B-p106-20)
12. Congress is debating a bill requiring certain employers to provide workers with unpaid leave so that they can care for sick or newborn children.(B-p177-1)
13. Students in the metropolitan school district are so lacking in math skills that it will be difficult to absorb them into a city economy becoming ever more dependent on information-based industries. (B-p218-10)
14. Judicial rules in many states require that the identities of all prosecution witnesses be made known to defendants so that they can attempt to rebut the testimony, but the Constisution explicitly requires only that the defendant have the opportunity to confront an accuser in court. (B-p236-18)
15. Although schistosomiasis is not often fatal, it is so debilitating that it has become an economic drain on many developing countries. (A-P1-237)
16. Although the manager agreed to a more flexible work schedule, he said it must be posted on the bulletin board so that both management and labor will know what everyone is assigned to do. (A-P1-249
17. .From the bark of the paper birch tree the Menomini crafted a canoe about twenty feet long and two feet wide, with small ribs and rails of cedar, which could carry four persons or eight hundred pounds of baggage yet was so light that a person could easily portage it around impeding rapids. (B-p218-21)

18.Although one link in the chain was demonstrably weak, it was not so weak as to require the recall of the automobile. (B-p80-14)
19. Climatic shifts are so gradual as to be indistinguishable at first from ordinary fluctuations in the weather. (B-p76-10)
20. The Emperor Augustus, it appears, commissioned an idealized sculptured portrait, the features of which are so unrealistic as to constitute what one scholar calls an “artificial face.” (B-p177-22)

21.Several years ago the diet industry introduced a variety of appetite suppressants, but some of these drugs caused such severe stomach disorders that they were banned by the Food and Drug Administration. (B-p162-24)
22. While the base salary for the top five officers of the company did not change from 1990 to 1991, cuts were made in such nonsalary compensation as allowances for overseas assignments and club memberships.(D-p44-10)
23. Never before in the history of music have musical superstars been able to command such extraordinary fees as they do today . (A-P1-20)
24. Those who come to church with a predisposition to religious belief will be happy in an auditorium or even a storefront, and there is no doubt that religion is sometimes better served by such adapted spaces than by some of the buildings actually designed for it. (B-p218-23)
25. As business grows more complex, students who major in such specialized areas as finance and marketing are becoming more and more successful in the job market. (B-p236-13)
26. It appears illogical to some people that West Germany, which bans such seemingly lesser evils as lawn-mowing on Sundays, still has some 4,000 miles of highway with no speed limit. (A-P1-51)
27. .On the basis of growth rates of large modern reptiles such as the Galapagos tortoise and examinations of fossils of juvenile dinosaurs, scientists estimate that the largest dinosaurs probably lived to be between 100 and 200 years old. (A-P1-187)
28. The ordinance is intended to force householders to separate such hazardous wastes as pesticides, batteries, fertilizers, and oil-based paints from the general stream of household trash. (C-P41-24)
29. .Research have questioned the use of costly and experimental diagnostic tests to identify food allergies, such as to milk, that supposedly disrupt normal behavior. (C-P41-14)
30. Rules banning cancer-causing substances from food apply to new food additives and not to natural constituents of food because the use of such additives is entirely avoidable. (A-P1-39)
31. Although the government or industry usually sets minimum standards for transportation industries, no such standard has been set for qualifying to be an engineer on a train. (A-P1-214)
32. In such works as his 1889 masterpiece, A Dash for the Timber, Frederic Remington caught the public’s fancy by portraying those moments of conflict that defined the West’s romantic heroes. (E-P65-9)

1/Used to avoid repetition in the predicate
1. The aristocratic values expressed in the writings of Marguerite Yourcenar place her within the French classical tradition, as does her passionate in history, particularly Roman history. (D-p78-4)
2. Consumer and producer prices have been rising, as have interest rates. (C-p8-19)
3. In its most recent approach, the comet Crommelin passed the Earth at about the same distance and in about the same position, some 25 degrees above the horizon, as will Halley’s comet the next time it appears. (C-P41-22)
4. Quasars are so distant that their light has takes billions of years to reach the Earth; consequently, we see them as they were during the formation of the universe. (C-p90-11)
5. Because young children do not organize their attention or perceptions systematically, as adults do, they may notice and remember details that their elders ignore. (B-p88-6)
6. According to a recent poll, owning and living in a freestanding house on its own land is still a goal of a majority of young adults, as it was of earlier generations. (B-p162-16)
7. It is characteristic of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as it is of virtually every great American museum, that the taste of local collectors has played at least as large a part in the formation of its collections as have the judgments of the art historian. (A-P1-16)
8. Most Corporations at least twice as much to full-time employees, if the value of benefits, sick days, and paid vacation days is included in earnings, as they pay to part-time employees, whose hourly wages are often higher than shoes of their full-time colleagues. (A-P1-133)
9. On stage, the force of Carrick’s personality and the vividness of his acting disguised the fact that he was, as his surviving velvet suit shows, a short man. (A-P1-144)

10\\ Computers are becoming faster, more powerful, and more reliable, and so too are modems, the devices that allow two or more computers to share information over regular telephone line. (C-p67-18)
11\\ From 1965 on, Yugoslavia’s standard of living has soared, but so have unemployment and prices. (A-P1-48)

(introducing a adverbial clauses of manner )in the way in which, 引导表示状态的的副词子句,如,,像。。。
1.Dr.Hegsted argues that just as polio vaccine is given to every person to protect the few who might actually contract polio, mass dietary change is needed to protect the significant number who are susceptible to the life—threatening effects of press eating habits. (A-P1-90)
2. Opened in 1683, the Ashmolean was the first public museum in Great Britain, just as earlier the Bodleian had been the first truly public library. (A-P1-79)
3. During an ice age, the buildup of ice at the poles and the drop in water levels near the equator speed up the Earth’s rotation, just as a spinning figure skater increases speed by drawing in her arms. (A-P1-68)
4. Although fruit can no longer grow once it is picked, it continues for some time to respire, taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide, just as human beings do when they breathe. (C-p8-22)
5. International sporting events need not be fiscal disasters, as the financial success of the 1992 Olympic Games demonstrates. (E-P65-16)

2/in the capacity or character of 作为。。。,当作,视为
1. In Aristophanes’s Lysistrata women are seen as the means of bringing peace and good sense to a war-torn world(D-P44-4)
2. Sunspots, vortices of gas associated with strong electromagnetic activity, appear on the surface of the Sun as dark spots although never sighted at the Sun’s poles or equator. (D-p72-4)
3. .With its plan to develop seven and a half acres of shore land, Cleveland is but one of a large number of communities on the Great Lakes that are looking to its waterfront as a way of improving the quality of urban life and attracting new business. (B-p88-21)
4. If additional deposits of oil are found, the amount that can be used as fuel will increase and the price of oil will drop, even if the deposits are not immediately tapped. (A-P1-210)
5. In 1933 the rubber, clothing, and shipbuilding industries put into effect a six-hour workday, not as a temporary expedient but as a seemingly permanent accommodation to what many observers thought was an economy made overproductive by advances in technology. (C-p22-15)
6. The department defines a private passenger vehicle as one that is registered to an individual and that has a gross weight of less than 8,000 pounds. (A-P1-3)
7. Green anole lizards, familiar to schoolchildren as chameleons, have recently become familiar to biologists as excellent animals for laboratory studies of the interaction of stimuli and hormones. (A-P1-88)
8. Scientific interest in providing suitable habitats for bottom-dwelling animals such as river clams arises not from their importance as a source of human food but from their role as an integral link in the aquatic food chain. (A-P1-118)

3/丛句。Introducing a concessive clause , usu replaceable by a construction with although.让步丛句
(expressing reason) since; seeing that表示理由,因为,既然。
When, while, 当。。。之时
1. Even as they never forgave the Crusaders who overran their homeland, the Syrians have never absolved the French for taking territory from them. (D-p72-10)
2. As measured by the Commerce Department, corporate profits peaked in the fourth quarter of 1988 and have slipped since then, as many companies have been unable to pass on higher costs. (C-p90-16)
3. As it becomes more common for both husband and wife to work outside the home, companies are beginning to help in finding new employment for the spouses of transferred employees. (A-P1-21)
4. The bank acknowledged that its difficulties are likely to continue as it attempts to deal with the precipitous fall of the dollar against the yen and the dislocations reflected in the stock market decline. (C-p22-22)
5. In terms of physics, the characteristic feature of the roller coaster is that the potential energy of the cars, gained as a chain drive lifts them through the Earth’s gravity to the top of the first drop, has been converted to kinetic energy by the time the ride ends. (C-p22-23)
6. Although it claims to delve into political issues, television can be superficial, as when the three major networks each broadcast exactly the same statement from a political candidate. (C-p22-19)

④As much….as, as many …as…, as….as….
(in comparison of equality , in the patterns: 以下列型式用于平等的比较:as+adj/adv +as,; not as/so+adj/adv as)
1. Psychologists now contend that the way adults think and feel is determined as much by their early childhood peers as by their parents. (D-p78-8)
2. .In 1980 the United States exported twice as much of its national output of goods as it did in 1970. (B-p76-23)
3. An inventory equal to 90 days sales is as much as even the strongest businesses carry, and then only as a way to anticipate higher prices or ensure against shortages. (B-p218-12)
4. Child prodigies are marked not so much by their skills as by the fact that these skills are fully developed at a very early age. (A-P1-2)
5. The five hundred largest manufacturing firms in the United States produce goods worth almost as much as those of the remaining four hundred thousand firms. (A-P1-95)
6. American productivity is declining in relation to Europe’s; the energy expended per unit of production in the United States is as much as twice that expended in West Germany. (A-P1-107)
6/.Kanasas Republican Nancy Kassebaurn, one of only two women in the U.S. Senate in 1992, said she did not wish so much for more women senators as for more moderate Republican ones. (E-P75-17)
7. Automation has undermined the traditional position of labor as much by robbing workers of the special Skills that were once their most important strength as by eliminating jobs. (A-P1-119)
8. Some historians of science have argued that science moves forward not so much because of the insights of great thinkers as because of more mundane developments, such as improved tools and technologies. (A-P1-213)
9. The efforts of the bipartisan committee were marked as much by frustration as by success. (A-P1-221)

10. According to a study by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, companies in the United States are providing job training and general education for nearly eight million people, about as many as are enrolled in the nation’s four-year colleges and universities. (A-P1-233)
11. In one of the bloodies battles of the Civil War, fought at sharpsburg, Maryland, on September 17, 1862, four times as many Americans were killed as would later be killed on the beaches of Normandy during D-Day. (C-p90-19)
12. Never before had taxpayers confronted as many changes at once as they confronted in the Tax Reform Act of 1986. (B-p177-26)
13. A recent national study of the public schools shows there is now one microcomputer for every thirty-two pupils, four times as many as there were four years ago. (B-p177-23)

13. A migraine typically afflicts one side of the head, lasts for hours or days, and may recur as infreguently as once every other month or as often as daily. (C-p22-10)
14. According to the Better Business Bureau, failure to advertise the highest price in a range of prices for a service or product as prominently as the lowest violates the New York Consumer Protection Law. (C-P41-21)
15. It is as difficult to prevent crimes against property as it is to prevent those against a person. (B-p76-3)
16. .Few people realize that the chance of accidental injury or death may be at least as great in the “safety” of their own homes as in a plane or on the road. (B-p76-26)
17. Wind resistance created by opening windows while driving results in a fuel penalty at least as great as that incurred by using air conditioning. (B-p84-20)
18. Although many Whites, noting the presence of some Blacks in the middle class, think that the time for enforcing civil rights measures is past. Blacks generally are aware that average-income and unemployment figure show as wide a radical discrepancy as ever. (A-P1-78)
19. The use of chemical pesticides in this country is as extensive as it was ten years ago, if not more so. (A-P1-99)
20. In the fall of 1985, only 10 percent the women entering college planned to major in education, while 28 percent chose business, making it the most popular major for women, as well as for men.(D-P35-8)
21. Newcomers to southern California are surprised to discover that, in spite of the temperate climate, heating bills are at least as high as those in most Midwestern or eastern cities. (E-P20-23)
22. California’s child-support payments are as high as, or higher than, those of any other state. (E-P75-21)

⑤the same ….as…
1. A letter by Mark Twain, written in the same year that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published, reveals that Twain provided financial assistance to one of the first Black students at Yale Law School. (C-p90-5)
2.Salt deposits and moisture threaten to destroy the Mohenjo-Daro excavation in Pakistan, the site of an ancient civilizations that flourished at the same time as had civilizations in the Nile delta and the river valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates. (B-p177-14)
3. Because new small businesses are growing and are seldom in equilibrium, formulas for cash flow and the ratio of debt to equity do not apply to them in the same way as to established big businesses. (B-p106-12)
4. Galileo was convinced that natural phenomena, as manifestations of the laws of physics, would appear the same to someone on the deck of a ship moving smoothly and uniformly through the water as to a person standing on land. (B-p162-10)
5. .Legislation in the Canadian province of Ontario requires of both public and private employers that pay be the same for jobs historically held by women as for jobs requiring comparable skill that are usually held by men. (B-p218-16)
6. The underlying physical principles that control the midair gyrations of divers and gymnasts are the same as those controlling the body orientation of astronauts in a weightless environment. (A-P1-32)
7.Trying to learn some of the basics of programming is the same as to tinker with a car when one is a teenager: some people end up going to engineering school, and others, twenty years later, remember nothing of the experience. (A-P1-192)
8.According to Booker T. Whatley’s recent analysis, planting the same crops as are planted on large farms will lead to economic disaster for the small farmer, who should plan a succession of high-value crops that will provide a year-round cash flow. (A-P1-196)
9. Marketing researchers have found that, because many residents of the Southeast do not have the same ethnic heritage as Northeaterners, the two varieties of commercially prepared coleslaw most popular in New York City and Boston are virtually ignored by consumers in Richmond and Raleigh. (E-P13-11)

⑥just as….so….
1. Just as a writer trying to understand shtell life might read Shalom Aleichem or Isaac Bashevis Singer, so a writer trying to understand Black life in the American South might well listen to records by the Mississippi Delta bluesman Charlie Patton.(D-p44-16)
2. Just as reading Samuel Pepys’s diary gives a student a sense of the seventeenth century—of its texture and psyche—so listening to Jane Freed’s guileless child narrator takes the operagoer inside turn-of-the-century Vienna. (D-p72-14)
3. Just as plant species native to regions with browsing mammals evolved many natural anti-browser defenses ( such as sharp spines and toxic chemicals), so humans in malarial regions have evolved dozens of chemical defenses against malaria. (C-p22-24)
4. .Just as the European countries of the early eighteenth century sought to exploit the resources of our continent, so too are we now attempting to extract energy and minerals from the ocean bed. (A-P1-157)
5. Just as the Populists of the 1890s exalted the rural myth, so urban leaders of the 1990s are trying to glorify the urban myth. (E-P75-24)

like.unlike, 及比较对象一致性

1. Like the color-discriminating apparatus of the human eye, that of an insect’s eye depends on recording and comparing light intensities in three regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.(D-P10-11)
2. Like Auden’s, James Merrill’s language is chatty arch, and conversational—given to complex syntactic flights as well as to prosaic free-verse strolls.(D-P35-17)
3. The pattern of whisker spots on the face of a male lion, like human fingerprints, is a means of identification for life, since it is both unique and unchanging.(D-p44-17)
4. Like many others of his generation of Native American leaders, Joseph Brant lived in two worlds: born into an Iroquois community and instructed in traditional Iroquois ways, he also received an education from English-speaking teachers. (D-p78-10)
5. Like John Mephee, Ann Beattie painstakingly assembles in her works an interesting and complete world out of hundreds of timy details about a seemingly uninteresting subject. (C-p8-15)
6. Like virtually all of the nation’s 50 busiest airports, New York’s were built for an age of propellers, before jet planes weighing 800,000 pounds needed over two miles of runaway. (C-p22-27)
7. Like Byron at Missolonghi, Jack Londom was slowly killed by the mistakes of the medical men who treated him. (B-p76-5)
8. Like Haydn, Schubert wrote a great deal for the stage, but he is remembered principally for his chamber and concert-hall music. (B-p80-10)
9. Originally published in 1950, Some Tame Gazelle was Barbara Pym’s first novel, but it does not read like an apprentice work. (B-p84-14)
10. Like many self-taught artists, Perle Hessing did not begin to paint until she was well into middle age. (B-p177-25)
11. Inhabitants of the area around Lake Champlain claim sightings of a long and narrow “sea monster” similar to the one reputed to live in Loch Ness, which , like Lake Champlain, is an inland lake connected to the ocean by a river. (A-P1-22)
12. The distribution of mass within the core of the Earth, like that within the mantle surrounding the core, has been deduced from the orbital behavior of the Earth and the motions of satellites controlled by the gravity of the Earth. (A-P1-91)
13. Like the government that came before it, which set new records for growth, the new government has made laissez-faire capitalism its cornerstone. (A-P1-164)
14. Like the government that came before it, which set new records for growth, the new government has made laissez-faire capitalism its cornerstone. (A-P1-164)
15. More than thirty years ago Dr. Barhara Mc—Clintock, the Nobel Prize winner, reported that genes can “jump.” like pearls moving mysteriously from one necklace to another. (A-P1-227)
16. Artificial intelligence emerged during the late 1950’s as an academic discipline based on the assumption that computers could be programmed to think like people.(D-P44-6)
17. .For some reason the new consultant treats his clients like idiots, talking to them as if they were mentally deficient and incapable of understanding more than the simplest ideas. (E-P42-7)
18. Like a Hollywood movie set with nothing behind the building fronts, the country’s apparent new-found affluence masks a very different reality: most citizens are not living at all well. (E-P75-18)
19. .Like the Scandinavians’ long refusal to recognize Edvard Grieg, the Italians’ disregard for Verdi persisted for a decade after his critical acclaim in France and Austria.(E-P65-1)

1. Unlike those in the United States, Japanese unions appear reluctant to organize lower-paid workers.
2. Unlike other arachnids, which have their nerve cells evenly distributed along their bodies, the scorpion has a cluster of nerve cells in its head, as a mammal does. (D-p78-22)
3. Blue-winged warblers are unlike most species of warbler in that it is very difficult to tell the male and female apart. (D-p108-22)
4. Unlike Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound, and other expatriates, William Carlos Williams insisted that poets honor their own regions and employ specifically American rhythms. (C-p22-16)
5. The life of Chekhov, unlike the lives of the subjects of other Troyat biographies, Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoi, and Dostoevski, belongs to the twentieth century, an age of fretfulness and melancholy skepticism. (C-P41-16)
6. Unlike the honeybee, the yellow jacket can sting repeatedly without dying and carries a potent venom that can cause intense pain. (C-p67-9)
7. Unlike cigarette tobacco, which yields an acid smoke, pipe tobacco, cured by age-old methods, yields an alkaline smoke too irritating to be drawn into the lungs. (B-p76-14)
8. Unlike a typical automobile loan, which requires a fifteen-to twenty-percent down payment, a lease-loan does not require the buyer to make an initial deposit on the new vehicle. (B-p106-16)
9. While Jackie Robinson was a Brooklyn Dodger, his courage in the face of physical threats and verbal attacks was not unlike that of Rosa Parks, who refused to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. (B-p162-7)
10. Unlike a funded pension system, in which contributions are invested to pay future beneficiaries, Social Security is founded on a pay-as-you-to approach. (B-p162-20)
11. Unlike the premiums for auto insurance, the premiums for personal property coverage are not affected by the frequency of claims, but if the insurance company is able to prove excessive loss due to owner negligence, it may decline to renew the policy. (B-p236-23)
12. Unlike the Native Americans of British Columbia, the Plains, and the Southwest, those of Puget Sound lived in relatively small, autonomous villages. (A-P1-47)
13. .Unlike its counterparts in other Western democracies, the American labor movement has never embraced revolutionary ideologies calling for the ultimate transformation of the economic order. (A-P1-74)
14. Unlike human beings, who waste away when they go without food for long periods, hibernating bears exist for months on only their excess fat. (A-P1-97)

1. In contrast to true hibernators such as woodchucks and hedgehogs, whose body temperatures drop close to the freezing point during the winter months, bears maintain a nearly normal body temperature throughout their prolonged sleep.(D-P10-19)
2.In contrast to large steel plants that take iron ore through all the steps needed to produce several different kinds of steel, small mills, by processing steel scrap into a specialized group of products, have been able to put capital into new technology and remain economically viable. (B-p177-16)
3. In the United States, fifty-two percent of high school graduates go on to college, compared with thirty-five percent in Canada and fifteen percent in Great Britain, Japan, and West Germany. (A-P1-193)
4.One baby in four is now born to a mother aged thirty or older, compared with just one in six in 1975(C-P41-11)

Chap2. Constructing Sentence That Are Parallel In the same way that verb tenses should be consistent within a correctly written sentence, parallelism is also a structural necessity on the GMAT. It ties in with the need for the consistency of word forms when you’re making a list as well as of the tenses of all the verbs.
In a series of three or more terms with a single conjunction, use a comma after each term except the last.
Thus write., Red, white, and blue Honest, energetic, but headstrong He opened the letter, read it, and made a note of its contents.
1. As envisioned by researchers, commercial farming of lobsters will enable fisheries to sell the shellfish year-round, taking advantage of off-reason demand, to standardize its sizes and colors, and to predict sales volume in advance.(D-P10-12)
2. Most teen-agers who work for pay hold jobs that require few skills, carry little responsibility, and offer no hope for career advancement.(D-P10-21)
3. Lawmakers are examining measures that would require banks to disclose all fees and account requirements in writing, to provide free cashing of government checks, and to create basic savings accounts that carry.(D-P35-1)
4. The senate approved immigration legislation that would grant permanent residency to millions of aliens currently residing here and penalize employers who hire illegal aliens.(D-P35-20)
5. It is an oversimplified view of cattle raising to say that all one has to do with cattle is leave them alone while they feed themselves and then corral them and drive them to market when the time is ripe.(D-p44-11)
6. Warning that computers in the United States are not secure, the National Academy of Sciences has urged the nation to revamp computer security procedures, institute new emergency response teams, and create a special nongovernment organization to take charge of computer security planning. (D-p72-15)
7. When Congress reconvenes, some newly elected members from rural states will try to establish tighter restrictions on the amount of grain farmers will be allowed to grow and to encourage more aggressive sales of United States farm products overseas. (D-p72-20)
8. Migraine, the most debilitating common form of headache, afflicts perhaps 18 million American, who collectively lose 64 million workdays a year and thus cost the nation $50 billion in medical expenses and lost work time. (D-p78-9)
9. As the etched lines on computer memory chips have become thinner and the chips’ circuits more complex, the power of both the chips and the electronic devices they drive has vastly increased. (D-p78-19)
10. Of all the wild animals in their area, none was more useful to the Delaware tribe than the Virginia white-tailed deer: it was a source of meat, and its hide was used for clothing, its antlers and bones for tools, and its sinews and gut for bindings for bindings and glue. (D-p108-21)
11.People discover the principles of solar energy whenever fuel becomes scarce and expensive but forget them every time a new source of cheap energy is developed. (D-p108-15)
12. The filibuster, a parliamentary device that slows the snail’s pace that prevails even in the best of times in congressional sessions and tests the endurance of everyone associated with it, seems more and more an anachronism in the age of telecommunications. (C-p22-21)
13. In a plan to stop the erosion of East Coast beaches, the Army Corps of Engineers proposed building parallel to shore a breakwater of rocks that would rise six feet above the waterline and act as a buffer, absorbing the energy of crashing waves and protecting the beaches. (C-p67-4)
14. .Nuclear fusion is the force that powers the Sun, the stars, and hydrogen bombs, and merges the nuclei of atoms, unlike atom reactor that split them apart. (C-p67-12)
15. More and more in recent years, cities are stressing the arts as a means to greater economic development and investing millions of dollars in cultural activities despite strained municipal budgets and fading federal support. (C-p67-14)
16. Researchers at Cornell University have demonstrated that homing pigeons can sense changes in the earth’s magnetic field, see light waves that people cannot see, detect low-frequency sounds from miles away, sense changes in air pressure, and identify familiar odors.(B-p76-1)
17. The sale of government surplus machinery will begin at 9 a.m. and continue as long as the supply lasts.(B-p84-1)
18. Some bat caves, like honeybee hives, have residents that take on different duties such as defending the entrance, acting as sentinels and sounding a warning at the approach of danger, and scouting outside the cave for new food and roosting sites. (B-p106-3)
19. The end of the eighteenth century saw the emergence of prize-stock breeding, with individual bulls and cows receiving awards, fetching unprecedented prices, and exciting enormous interest whenever they were put on show. (B-p142-3)
19/After the Vietnam war Bettye Granther, a U.S. Army nurse, continued her efforts on behalf of injured Vietnamese children, providing medical care, helping to reunite estranged families, and establishing a fund for the children’s future education. (E-P20-13)
20. From the earliest days of the tribe, kinship determined the way in which the Ojibwa society organized its labor, provided access to its resources, and defined rights and obligations involved in the distribution and consumption of those resources. (B-p142-11)
21. Displays of the aurora borealis, or “northern lights,” can heat the atmosphere over the arctic enough to affect the trajectories of ballistic missiles and induce electric currents that can cause blackouts in some areas and corrosion in north-south pipelines. (B-p162-3)
22. There is no consensus on what role, if any, is played by acid rain in damaging or slowing the growth of forests in the eastern Untied States. (B-p162-9)
23. A president entering the final two years of a second term is likely to be at a severe disadvantage and is often unable to carry out a legislative program. (B-p177-4)
24. The original building and loan associations were organized as limited life funds, whose members made monthly payments on their share subscriptions and then took turns drawing on the funds for home mortgages. (B-p177-5)
25. George Sand (Akurore Lucile Dupin) was one of the first Europe writers to consider the rural poor legitimate subjects for literature and to portray them with sympathy and respect in her novels. (B-p177-13)
26. Any medical test will sometimes fail to detect a condition when it is present and indicate that it is present when it is not. (B-p177-17)
27. Beyond the immediate cash flow crisis that the museum faces, its survival depends on whether it can broaden it membership and leave its cramped quarters for a site where it can store and exhibit its more than 12,000 artifacts. (B-p177-21)
28. The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended the use of fail-safe mechanisms on airliner cargo door latches to assure that the doors are properly closed before takeoff and to prevent them from popping open in flight. (B-p218-3)
29. The Baldrick Manufacturing Company has for several years followed a policy aimed at decreasing operating costs and improving the efficiency of its distribution system. (B-p236-1)
30. Despite protests from some waste-disposal companies, state health officials have ordered that the levels of bacteria in sea water at popular beaches be measured and the results published(B-p236-8)
31. Eating saltwater fish may significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and aid sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis and asthma, according to three research studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine. (B-p236-11)
32. If industrial pollution continues to deplete the ozone layer, the resulting increase in ultraviolet radiation will endanger human health, causing a rise in the incidence of skin cancer and eye disease, and may even threaten global ecological systems. (A-P1-45)
33. Two valence states of uranium, one with a deficit of four electrons and the other with a deficit of six, occur in nature and contribute to the diversity of uranium’s behavior. (A-P1-80)
34. Textbooks for the used book sale should be in good condition and contain no writing or underlining. (A-P1-108)
35. No state law forbids an employer to reject a job applicant or dismiss an employee based on the results of a lie detector test. (A-P1-131)
36. The attorney turned down the law firm’s offer of a position because she suspected that it was meant merely to fill an affirmative action quota and did not reflect a commitment to minority hiring and eventual promotion. (A-P1-132)
37. Coronary angiography, a sophisticated method for diagnosing coronary disease, involves the introduction of a dye into the arteries of the heart and is now administered selectively, because it uses x-rays to observe cardiac function. (A-P1-137)
38. Violence in the stands at soccer matches has gotten so pronounced in several European countries that some stadiums have adopted new rules that aim to identify fans of visiting teams and seat them in a separate area. (A-P1-145)
39. Recently there has been increased debate over whether a budget surplus should go towards lowering taxes or increasing spending on social programs. (A-P1-149)
40. The prospect of a new wave of automobile imports has prompted domestic manufacturers to reduce staff, close plants, and offer financial incentives to buyers in order to stay competitive. (A-P1-197)
41. Contrary to popular opinion, the movement toward a service economy is not leading to lower standards of living or to a more unequal distribution of income, nor is it displacing the physical production of goods. (A-P1-208)
42. Frameed by traitorous colleagues, Alfred Dreyfus was imprisoned for twelve years before being exonerated and freed. (B-p88-4)
42/Revered by an ill-informed citizenry, the Duke of York was feted opulently for several months before being denounced and exiled.(E-P13-1)
43. .To help preserve ancient Egyptian monuments threatened by high water tables, a Swedish engineering firm has proposed installing pumps, perhaps solar powered, to lower the underground water level and digging trenches around the bases of the stone walls. (B-p88-19)
44. The suspect in the burglary was advised of his right to remain silent, told he could not leave, and interrogated in a detention room. (A-P1-42)
45. Lacking information about energy use, people tend to overestimate the amount of energy used by visible equipment, such as lights, that must be turned on and off and underestimate that used by unobtrusive equipment, such as water heaters. (B-p106-8)
46. Critics of the trend toward privately operated prisons consider corrections facilities an integral part of the criminal justice system and question whether profits should be made from incarceration. (B-p162-21)
47. Intar, the oldest Hispanic theater company in New York, has moved away from the Spanish classics and now draws on the works of contemporary Hispanic authors, both those who live abroad and those who live in the United States. (A-P1-236)
48. The expected rise in the price of oil could have a serious impact on industrialized nations and severely diminish the possibility of having an economy free of inflation. (C-P41-5)
49. A recent New York Times editorial criticized the city’s election board for, first of all, failing to replace outmoded voting machines prone to breakdowns, and second, for failing to investigate allegations of corruption involving board members. (A-P1-152)
50. Convinced at last of the soundness of her advice, the villagers tried crop rotation, built crude sanitary facilities, and even used goat’s milk to make cheese. (E-P42-2)
51. Those who enter marathons soon learn that, to succeed in these grueling competitive events, runners must be in excellent condition, have unshakable self-confidence, and, most important of all, know how to pace themselves. (E-P42-6)
52. According to the professor’s philosophy, the antidote to envy is one’s own work, always one’s own work: not thinking about it, not assessing it, but simply doing it. (E-P42-11)
53. In 1922, when Truman was almost forty years old, he was living in his mother-in-law’s house, watching the haberdashery store he had opened three years earlier go bankrupt, and facing a future with no visible prospects. (E-P75-5)

1. The official language of India is Hindi, and that of Pakistan is Urdu, but neither is spoken by a majority of the population.(D-P10-18)
2. One view of the economy contends that a large drop in oil prices eventually lead to a lowering of interest rates and of fears about inflation, a rally in stocks and bonds, and a weakening of the dollar.(D-P35-12)
3. Despite massive federal subsidies to public transportation systems and major local efforts to persuade the public to use public transportation, mass transit has been steadily losing patronage to the private automobile for the past thirty years.(D-p44-19)
4. The data collected by weather airplanes that fly into heart of a hurricane are useful mainly for gauging the storm’s structure and strength, not the speed and path of its movement(D-p72-11)
5. Despite its attractiveness, investing abroad can still pose big risks, ranging from the potential for political instability in some countries to the shortage of regulations to protect investors and a serious lack of information about investments in others. (D-p108-18)
6. The nation’s three military academies have seen a dramatic rise in applications, one fueled by a resurgence of patriotism, increasing tuition costs at private colleges, and improved recruiting by the academies. (C-p8-13)
7. .Biologists believe that they have found one of the substances that tell individual genes both when to become active and when to remain quiescent in the earliest phases of an embryo’ development. (C-P41-15)
8. Traffic congestion, longer commuting trips, and the growing demand for housing have all but eliminated the cost advantage of owing a house in many rural communities. (C-P41-19)
9. As Hurricane Hugo approached the Atlantic coast, it increased dramatically in strength, becoming the tenth most intense hurricane to hit the United States mainland in the twentieth century and the most intense since Camille in 1969.(C-p67-1)
10. The commission has directed advertisers to restrict the use of the word “natural” to foods that do not contain color or flavor additives, chemical preservatives, or anything that has been synthesized. (C-p67-2)
11. Seismologists studying the earthquake that struck northern California in October 1989 are still investigating some of its mysteries: the unexpected power of the seismic waves, the upward thrust that threw one man staight into the air, and the strange electromagnetic signals detected hours before the temblor. (C-p90-4)
12. In the first period of religious reformism, Islamic politial militancy was manifested in the rise of the Wahhabis in Arabia, the Sanusi in Cyrenaica, the Fulani in Nigeria, and the Mahdi in the Sudan, and in the victory of the Usuli “mujtahids” in Shiite Iran and Iraq. (C-p90-22)
13. Among the reasons for the decline of New England agriculture in the last three decades were the high cost of land, the pressure of housing and commercial development, and a marketing and distribution system based on importing produce from Florida and California. (B-p76-4)
14. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a late nineteenth-century feminist, called for urban apartment houses that included child-care facilities and for clustered suburban houses with communal eating and social facilities. (B-p80-11)
15. The lawyer for the defense charged that she suspected the police of having illegally taped her confidential conversations with her client and then of using the information they had obtained to find evidence that would support their murder charges. (B-p80-20)
16. The medieval scholar made almost no attempt to investigate the anatomy of plants, their mechanisms of growth, or the ways in which they are related to one another. (B-p84-13)
17. A collection of 38 poems by Phillis Wheatley, a slave, was published in the 1770’s, the first book by a Black woman and only the second published by an American woman. (B-p88-22)
18. The current administration, worried about the removal of some foreign trade barriers and the failure of our exports to increase as a result of deep cuts in the value of the dollar, has formed a group to study ways to sharpen our competitiveness. (B-p142-20)
19. The most common reasons for an employee’s unwillingness to accept a transfer are high mortgage rates, the greater cost of housing in the new location, and the difficulty of selling the old home. (B-p142-25)
20. Geologists believe that the warning signs for a major earthquake may include sudden fluctuations in local seismic activity, tilting and other deformations of the Earth’s crust, changes in the measured strain across a fault zone, and variations in the electrical properties of underground rocks. (B-p162-18)
21. The Federal Reserve Board’s reduction of interest rates on loans to financial institutions is both an acknowledgement of past economic trends and an effort to influence their future direction. (B-p162-22)
22. It is well known in the supermarket industry that how items are placed on shelves and how frequently the inventory turns over can be crucial to profits. (B-p177-27)
23. New theories propose that catastrophic impacts of asteroids and comets may have caused reversals in the Earth’s magnetic field, the onset of ice ages, the splitting apart of continents 80 million years ago, and great volcanic eruptions. (B-p218-6)
24. The decision by one of the nation’s largest banks to admit to $3 billion in potential losses on foreign loans could mean less lending by commercial banks to developing countries and increased pressure on multigovernment lenders to supply the funds. (B-p218-13)
25. Downzoning, zoning that typically results in the reduction of housing density, allows for more open space in areas where there are few services and little available water. (B-p218-14)
26. .Recently implemented “shift-work equations” based on studies of the human sleep cycle have reduced sickness, sleeping on the job, and fatigue among shift workers while raising production efficiency in various industries. (B-p236-24)
27. .Europe’s travel industry is suffering as a result of a sluggish economy, a stretch of bad weather, and the chilling effects of persistent terrorist activity. (A-P1-25)
28. The study undertaken by the Department of the Interior will involve examination and tagging of the California condor in order to obtain information about its daily movements, foraging habits, and nesting sites. (A-P1-93)
29. Following the nutrition board’s advice on salt consumption would mean a virtual end of the use of salt in cooking, an avoidance of obviously salty foods, and a reduced reliance on processed foods that contain significant but often hidden amounts of sodium. (A-P1-139)
30. The economic forces which may affect the new public offering of stock include sudden downturns in the market, hedging and other investor strategies for preventing losses, a loosening of the interest rates in Washington, and a fear that the company may still be undercapitalized. (A-P1-163)
31. The British Admiralty and the War Office met in March 1892 to consider a possible Russian attempt to seize Constantinople and what military action would be necessary in order to deal with such an event. (B-p177-7)
32. Poor management, outdated technology, competition from overseas, and the replacement of steel by such materials as aluminum and fiber-reinforced plastics have all been cited as causes for the decline of the United States steel industry. (C-p8-2)
33. In three centuries—from 1050 to 1350—several million tons of stone were quarried in France for the building of eithey cathedrals, five hundred large churches, and some tens of thousands of parish churches. (B-p142-7)
34. The major areas of medicine in which lasers are effective are the cutting and closing of blood vessels, and the destruction of tumors. (A-P1-167)
35. In virtually all types of tissue in every animal species, dioxin induces the production of enzymes that are the organism’s attempt to metabolize, or render harmless, the chemical irritant. (B-p106-6)
36. While larger banks can afford to maintain their own data-processing operations, many smaller regional and community banks are finding that the costs associated with upgrading data-processing equipment and with the development and maintenance of new products and technical staff are prohibitive. (B-p236-9)
37. Industrial pollution has done serious and possibly irreversible damage to the bronze horses on the façade of the cathedral of st.Mark La Venica. (A-P1-112)
38. Because the enemy’s new ship is the quietest and therefore the most elusive submarine, it is being increasingly viewed by the military as a threat to security. (A-P1-162)
39. Igoring the admonitions of his staff, the chief financial officer accepted the advice of the consulting company because he believed that the standardized accounting procedures would prove to be both inexpensive and reliable indicators of economic performance(A-P1-169).
40. Although it was expected that workers under forty would show hostility to the plan, the research report indicates that both younger and older people approve of governmental appropriations for Social Security. (A-P1-178)
41. Problems in the management of water and other resources will be at the head of the legislature’s list of concerns for the coming session. (C-p8-25)
42. .Ancient Romans found it therapeutic to bathe in cold milk, crushed strawberries, or black caviar. (E-P20-18)
43. Most North Carolina ski resorts broadcast music onto the slopes; although skiers can choose among hard rock, soft pop, and “beautiful music” slopes, there are no slopes without music(E-P42-17)
44. The owner of Steele’s Grocery in Osage, Ohio, saved $600 monthly on heat during the winter by putting all his refrigerator air compressors together in an insulated compartment, then installing two fans and a duct that carried waste heat from the compressors into main part of the store. (E-P42-18)
45. The main reasons for the phenomenal growth of agribusiness over the last fifteen years are elevated land prices, retail marketing networks based on produce imported from other states, and decreased competition from developers. (E-P65-6)
46. Dance fans knew Tamara Geva as a soloist in several ballanchine works, as the dancer who introduced his choreography to the United States, and as a star in Broadway theater. (E-P65-25)
47. Carpenters, dentists, sewing machine operators, needlepointers, piano players, and indeed any people who work with their hands for long hours can get carpal tunnel syndrome. (E-P75-3)

1. In recent years cattle breeders have increasingly used crossbreeding, partly to acquire certain characteristics in their steers and partly because crossbreeding is said to provide hybrid vigor.(D-P35-15)
2. Scientists have recently discovered what could be the largest and oldest living organism on Earth, a giant fungus that is an interwoven filigree of mushrooms and rootlike tentacles spawned by a single fertilized spore some 10,000 years ago and extending for more than 30 acres in the soil of a Michigan forest.(D-P35-21)
3. Until quite recently, American presidents lived in a world in which the public and private realms of their lives were largely separate, in which the press cooperated in maintaining the distinction, and in which Americans judged national leaders without receiving, or expecting, intimate information about them. (D-p108-12)
4. The recent surge in the number of airplane flights has clogged the nation’s air-traffic control system, leading to a 55-percent increase in delays at airports and prompting fears among some officials that safety is being compromised. (C-p90-17)
5. A fire in an enclosed space burns with the aid of reflected radiation that preheats the fuel, making ignition muvh easier and causing flames to spread more quickly.(B-p80-1)
5/ The increased popularity and availability of televisions has led to the decline of regional dialects, language variations originating from diverse ethnic and cultural heritages and perpetuated by geographic isolation. (E-P20-15)

6/ A peculiar feature of the embryonic mammalian circulatory system is that in the area of the heart the cells adhere to one another, beating in unison yet adopting specialized orientations exclusive of one another. (E-P20-21)
7/.From the bark of the paper birch tree the Menomini crafted a canoe about twenty feet long and two feet wide, with small ribs and rails of cedar, which could carry four persons or eight hundred pounds of baggage yet was so light that a person could easily portage it around impeding rapids. (B-p218-21)
8/ As the housing affordability gap widens, middle-income families are especially hard-hit, for these families can no longer afford to buy homes, yet rising rental rates force them to use far more than the standard 25 percent of their incomes for housing, leaving them with no equity or tax write-offs to offset the expenditures. (E-P65-2)

6.Minnesota is the only one of the contiguous forty-eight states where there is still a sizable population of wolves and where this predator remains the archenemy of cattle and sheep. (B-p236-16)
7. The growth of the railroads led to the abolition of local times, determined by when the sun reached the observer’s meridian and differing from city to city, and to the establishment of regional times. (A-P1-11)
8. Too old to bear arms himself, Frederick Douglass served as a recruiting agent, traveling through the North and exhorting Black men to join the Union army. (A-P1-111)
9. The demand for airplane mechanics is expected to grow about ten percent a year in the next decade, largely because new federal rules call for major modifications to older planes and because the airlines are adding hundreds of new jets. (C-p8-8)
10. School desegregation has worked well in Buffalo, New York, in part because parents and teachers were given major roles in designing the city’s magnet schools, because extra federal funds were allocated to make each school unique, and because the federal judge enforced desegregation orders. (C-P41-12)
11. As U.S. nuclear attack submarines prowl their familiar haunts deep within the oceans of the world these days, they increasingly are engaged in missins far different from the tasks for which they were built and for which their crews were trained over the last forty years. (E-P65-24)

④whereas, while, 及其它对应并列句。
1. At ground level, ozone is a harmful pollutant, but in the stratosphere it shields the Earth from the most biologically harmful radiation emitted by the Sun, radiation in the ultraviolet band of spectrum.(D-P10-4)
2.In the United States, farmers can usually depend on rain or snow all year long, but in most parts of Sri Lanka the rains are concentrated in the monsoon months, June to September, and the skies are generally clear for the rest of the year.(D-P35-4)
3. In feudal Europe, urban areas developed from clusters of houses where peasants lived and from which they commuted to farmland in the countryside, but in the American West homesteading policies required residency on the land itself in order to obtain eventual ownership.(D-p44-22)
4. Houseflies that hatch in summer live only about three weeks, but those that emerge in the cooler days of fall often live longer than six months. (D-p108-8)
5. More than five thousand years ago, Chinese scholars accurately described the flow of blood as a continuous circle controlled by the heart, but the discovery went unnoticed in the West. (B-p88-10)
6. The rise in the Commerce Department’s index of leading economic indicators suggests that the economy will continue to expand in the coming months, but the mixed performance of the index’s individual components indicates that economic growth will proceed at a more moderated pace than in the first quarter of this year. (B-p142-6)
7. Bufo marinus toads, fierce predators that will eat frogs, lizards, and even small birds, are native to South America but were introduced into Florida during the 1930’s in an attempt to control pests in the state’s vast sugarcane fields. (B-p142-14)
8. Inflation in medical costs slowed for the fifth consecutive year in 1986 but was still about 50 percent greater than the rate of price increases for other items included in the consumer price index. (B-p142-24)
9. In 1978 a national study found that not only had many contractors licensed by a self-policing private guild failed to pass qualifying exams, but they had also falsified their references. (A-P1-159)
10. Federal regulations once prohibited developing television programs in conjunction with marketing of toys, but such programs are thriving in the free-market conditions permitted by the current Federal Communications Commission. (A-P1-209)
11. .By 1914, ten of the western states had granted women the right to vote, but only one in the East had. (A-P1-211)
12. Most victims of infectious mononucleosis recover after a few weeks of listlessness, but an unlucky few may suffer for years. (B-p88-2)
13. A majority of the international journalists surveyed view nuclear power stations as unsafe at present but think that they will be or could, be made sufficiently safe in the future. (A-P1-8)

14.According to a study published by Dr.Myma Weissman, only one percent of Americans born before 1905 had suffered major depression by the age of seventy-five; of those born since 1955, six percent had become depressed by age twenty-four.(D-P10-17)
15.Dozens of New York’s small museums are devoted to local history or various ethnic groups, and there are also many one-of-a-kind museums from Manhattan to the Bronx that are open for exploration on summer weekends.(D-p44-12)
16.None of the attempts to specify the causes of crime explains why most of the people exposed to the alleged causes do not commit crimes and, conversely, why so many of those not so exposed do. (C-p67-17)
17.Sartre believed that each individual is responsible for choosing one course of action over another, that it is the choice that gives value to the act, and that nothing that is not acted upon has value. (B-p76-20)
18.A huge flying reptile that died out with the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, the Quetzalcoatlus had a wingspan of 36 feet, and it is believed to have been the largest flying creature the world has ever seen. (B-p88-23)
19.Iguanas have been an important food source in Latin America since prehistoric times, and they are still prized as game animals by the campesinos, who typically cook the meat in a heavily spiced stew. (B-p218-4)
20..Federal incentives now encourage capital investment in commercial office buildings even though vacancy rates in existing structures are exceptionally high and there is no demand for new construction. (B-p88-25)
21.A baby emerges from the darkness of the womb with a rudimentary sense of vision that would be rated about 20/500; an adult with such vision would be deemed legally blind. (B-p162-6)
22.In 1973 mortgage payments represented twenty-one percent of an average thirty-year-old male’s income; in 1984 the figure was forty-four percent. (B-p177-15)
23.The speculative fever of the Roaring Twenties infected rich and poor alike; great numbers of people were dangerously overextended, credit was absurdly easy to obtain, and most brokerage houses required only ten percent cash for stocks bought on “margin.” (A-P1-101)
24. In the traditional Japanese household, most clothing could be packed flat, and so elaborate closet facilities were unnecessary. (B-p84-16)
25. The caterpillar of the geometrid moth strikes when special tactile hairs on its body are disturbed and after capturing it prey, holds the victim so that it cannot escape. (B-p80-24)
26. The American Medical Association has argued that the rapidly rising costs associated with malpractice litigation are driving doctors from the profession and that reform of the tort system is imperative to bring malpractice insurance premiums under control. (A-P1-195)
27.Once the economic and social usefulness of the motor car demonstrated and its superiority to the horse proved, much of the early hostility to it in rural regions disappeared. (B-p236-15)
27/ Astrononmers studying the newly discovered star say that it provides clues about our galaxy’s origin, that it may supply data about how fast our galaxy is expanding, and that it is perhaps the most distant star in the entire Milky Way. (E-P42-15)

28.Most large companies prefer customized computer software because it can be molded to fit the way a company does business, whereas off-the-shelf software often requires the company to alter its procedures to fit the software. (C-p22-3)
29.Since 1986 enrollments of African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans in full-time engineering programs in the United States have steadily increased, while the number of other studies entering the field has fallen. (
30..Whereas owners of condominium apartments have free and clear title to their dwellings, owners of cooperative apartments have shares in a corporation that owns a building and leases apartments to them. (B-p76-21)
31..Ms. Chambers is among the forecasters who predict that the rate of addition to arable lands will drop while the rate of loss rises. (B-p236-22)
32..In the last ten years, the dropout rate among Black high school students has fallen substantially, while the number of Blacks attending college has more than doubled. (A-P1-141)
33..Canadian scientists have calculated that every nine years a human being will struck by a meteorite, while each year sixteen buildings can be expected to sustain damage from such objects. (A-P1-235)
34.Doctors still know little about how the Listeria bacterium is spread and why the disease it causes, listeriosis, afflicts some people in a contaminated area while sparing many others. (A-P1-175)
35. With its abundance of noun inflections, Icelandic is one of several Germanic languages that are compact when written but can lengthen considerably in English translation. (E-P13-5)
36. The are more than forty newspapers published in the cities of Kerala, a state on the Malabar Coast, and that number reflects the fact that Keralans are by far India’s most literate citizens. (E-P20-11)
37. Balzac drank more than fifty cups of coffee a day and died of caffeine poisoning; however, caffeine did not seem to bother Samuel Johnson, the great writer and lexicographer, who was reported to have drunk twenty-five cups of tea at one sitting. (E-P20-19)

⑤not only…but also; not..but; rather than…
1. The computer software being designed for a project studying Native American access to higher education will not only meet the needs of that study, but also have the versatility and power to facilitate similar research endeavors.(D-P10-15)
2. Temproary-employment agencies benefit not only from the increasing demand for clerical workers but also from the higher profits made in placing highly paid professionals, requests for whom have increased in the recent wave of corporate takeovers. (C-p22-18)
3. Doctors generally agree that such factors as cigarette smoking, eating rich foods high in fats, and alcohol consumption not only do damage by themselves but also aggravate genetic predispositions toward certain diseases. (C-p67-3)
4. .It is a special feature of cell aggregation in the developing nervous system that in most regions of the brain the cells not only adhere to one another but also adopt some preferential orientation. (B-p76-3)
5. Many policy experts say that shifting a portion of health-benefits costs back to the workers not only helps to control the employer’s costs, but also helps to limit medical spending by making patients more careful consumers. (B-p236-6)
6. In the Soviet Union the attorney’s role is often played by the judge, who not only reserves time to hear citizens’ legal complaints but also prepare their cases if the claims are valid. (A-P1-124)
7. The psychologist William James believed that facial expressions not only provide a visible sign of an emotion but also actually contribute to the feeling itself.(B-p218-1)
8. he winds that howl across the Great Plains not only blow away valuable topsoil, thereby reducing the potential crop yield of a tract of land, but also damage or destroy young plants. (A-P1-226)
8/ Dental caries and gingivitis can be exacerbated not only by what patients eat but also by when they eat it. (E-P13-7)
9/ Innovative companies are skillful not only in developing new products but also in finding new ways to promote old ones. (E-P65-14)

9.In the initial planning stages, the condominium corporation took into account only the concerns of its prospective clients, not those of surrounding homeowners(D-p108-20).
10.The proposed urban development zones represent not a new principle, but one that was employed in “Operation Bootstrap” in Puerto Rico. (C-p8-9)
11.The most favorable locations for the growth of glaciers are not the cold, dry polar regions but the cool, moist middle latitude, where there is abundant precipitation and where it is cold enough to allow some snow to accumulate year by year. (C-p8-27)
12.The energy source on Voyager 2 is not a nuclear reactor, in which atoms are actively broken apart, but rather a kind of nuclear battery that uses natural radioactive decay to produce power. (C-p90-3)
13.Slips of the tongue do not necessarily reveal concealed beliefs or intentions but rather result from the competition between various processing mechanisms in the brain. (B-p80-5)
14.The voluminous personal papers of Thomas Alva Edison reveal that his inventions typically did not spring to life in a flash of inspiration but has slowly evolved from previous works. (B-p106-22)
15.Some analysts contend that true capitalism exists only when ownership of both property and the means of production is regarded as an individual’s inalienable right, not as a license granted by government and revocable at whim. (B-p162-25)
16.In the main, incidents of breakdowns in nuclear reactors have resulted not from lapses of high technology but from commonplace inadequacies in plumbing and wiring. (A-P1-36)
16/ According to Henry David Thoreau, a majority is allowed to rule not because it is more likely to be right, but because it is stronger. (E-P13-22)
17/ The argument that the dominant form of family structure today is not the nuclear family, but a modified extended family is based on a number of facts: the existence of three generational families, the amount of vertical and horizontal communication between family subunits and the extent to which family members offer assistance to one another. (E-P65-20)
18/ The supreme Court’s concern with legitimacy is not for the sake of the court but for the sake of the nation to which it is responsible. (E-P75-7)

17.South Korea has witnessed the world’s most dramatic growth of Christian congregations; church membership is expanding by 6.6 percent a year, fully two-thirds of the growth coming from conversions rather than increases in the population. (B-p84-5)
18.In metalwork one advantage of adhesive-bonding over spot-welding is that the contact, and hence the bonding, is effected continuously over a broad surface rather than at a series of regularly spaced points with no bonding in between. (B-p142-18)
19.A recent study has found that within the past few years, many doctors have elected to retire early rather than face the threats of lawsuits and the rising costs of malpractice insurance. (B-p162-11)
20..Recently discovered fossil remains strongly suggest that the Australian egg-laying mammals of today are a branch of the main stem of mammalian evolution rather than a type that developed independently from a common ancestor of mammals more than 220 million years ago. (A-P1-244)
21. The president of the block association tried to convince her neighbors that they should join forces to prevent crime in the neighborhood rather than continue to be victimized. (A-P1-247)
22/ Judge Bonham denied a motion to allow members of the jury to go home at the end of each day rather than be confined to a hotel. (C-p90-18)
23/. The technical term “pagination” refers to a process that allows editors, rather than printers, to assemble the page images that become the metal or plastic plates used in printing. (C-p67-22)

22.All-terrain vehicles have allowed vacationers to reach many previously inaccessible areas, but they have also been blamed for causing hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries, as well as doing serious damage to the nation’s recreational areas. (D-p78-12)
23.The commission acknowledged that neither vast amounts of money nor a large staff can ensure the safety of people who live in the vicinity of a nuclear plant, but it approved the installation because it believed that all reasonable precautions had been taken. (B-p76-19)
24.The herbicide Oryzalin was still being produced in 1979, three years after the wives of workers producing the chemical in Rensselaer, New York, were found to either to have had miscarriages or to have borne children with heart defects; none of the pregnancies was normal. (A-P1-19)
25.The Rorschzch test is gaining new respeat as a diagnostic tool because it takes only one hour to expose behavior and thought processes that might not emerge in other procedures or in weeks of ordinary interviews. (A-P1-85)
26.Unlike the Shlites, who constitute the other major branch of Islam, the Sunnites do not await the Mahdi as a messenger from God, nor do they endow him with divine qualities or immunity from failure in judgment. (A-P1-136)
27.To speak habitually of the “true needy” is gradually to instill the notion that many of those who are just called “needy” actually have adequate resources; such a conclusion is unwarranted. (B-p84-25)
28.Studies of the human “sleep-wake cycle” have practical relevance for matters ranging from duty assignments in nuclear submarines and air-traffic control towers to the staffing of shifts in 24-hour factories. (B-p88-8)
29.The Federalist papers, a strong defense of the United States Constitution as well as an important body of work in political science, represent the handiwork of three different authors. (B-p236-2)
30. Avitation officials have not only failed to determine the cause of the crash but also ignored demands by the pilots’s union that the investigation be expedited. (E-P42-19)

Chap3.Dependent Clause

A group of words that has a subject and verb but is not a complete sentence. It needs to be attached to an independent clause to be part of a sentence. (Also known as a subordinate clause)
1. As machines replaced human labor, it was widely anticipated that the workweek would continue to become shorter.(D-P10-1)
2. Because the financial review covered only the last few fiscal years, the investigators were unable to determine the extent of possible earlier overpayments.(D-P10-3)
3. After he was sentenced to death, Socrates could have fled from Athens, but he refused to do so.(D-P10-5)
4. Becaust sales of cars and light trucks made in North America declined 13.6 percent in late February, many analysts concluded that evidence of a recovering automotive market remains slight.(D-P10-6)
5. Although life expectance for children improved after the Colonial period, during which the mortality rate was 50 percent, as late as the nineteenth century about one child in three died before reaching the age of six(D-p44-15)
6. Rising inventories, if not accompanied by corresponding increases in sales, can lead to production cutbacks that would hamper economic growth. (D-p72-2)
7. The Olympic Games helped to keep peace among the pugnacious states of the Greek world when they proclaimed a sacred truce for the festival month. (D-p72-12)
8. After gradual declining to about 39 hours in 1970, the workweek in the United States has steadily increased to the point that the average worker now puts in an estimated 164 extra hours of paid labor a year. (D-p72-21)
9. Because paper of all kinds is the biggest single component of municipal trash, many municipalities have tried recycling to reduce the cost of trash disposal. (D-p78-6)
10. Since savings banks have to use short-term deposits to finance long-term fixed-rate mortgage loans, they sometimes lose money when short-term rates rise and they are unable to raise the rates on their mortgages. (D-p78-20)
11. Although not all the proceedings of the Communist party conference held in Moscow were carried live, Soviet audiences have seen a great deal of coverage. (C-p22-12)
12. The Iroquois were primarily planters, although they supplemented their cultivation of maize, squash, and beans with fishing and hunting. (C-p67-6)
13. A proposal has been made to trim the horns from rhinoceroses to discourage poachers; the question is whether tourists will continue to visit game parks to see rhinoceroses once the animals’ horns have been trimmed. (C-p67-21)
14. .Every today, a century after Pasteur developed the first vaccine, rabies almost always kills its victims unless they are inoculated in the earliest stages of the disease. (B-p76-7)
15. Although the lesser cornstalk borer is widely distributed, measures to control it are necessary only in the South. (B-p76-11)
16. During her lecture the speaker used map to clarify directional terms, for not everyone attending knew that winds are designated by the direction from which they come. (A-P1-75)
17. .Rembrandt so treasured his collection of Islamic portraits that when forced to sell them in order to raise money, he first made copies of more than twenty. (A-P1-76)
18. Though the hypothesis sounds plausible, its weakness is that it does not incorporate all relevant evidence. (A-P1-84)
19. In her recently published study, Rubin asserts that most women do not suffer from the “empty nest syndrome”; they are, in fact, relieved when their children depart. (A-P1-100)
20. Where once the union had acquiesced to the prejudices of it English-speaking members by supporting the imposition of an alien tax on immigrant workers, after 1897 the United Mine Workers made a determined effort to enlist Italians and Slavs in its ranks. (A-P1-138)
21. The Commerce Department announced that the economy grew during the second quarter at a 7.5 percent annual rate, while inflation eased when it might have been expected to rise. (A-P1-232)
22. As recently as 1950, tuberculosis was never curable unless patients were sequestered in sanitariums; today, the drug Isoniazid has made such treatment obsolete. (E-P20-22)
23. The original employees hired, who had been there over twenty years, were fiercely loyal to the firm, though it offered no retirement benefits or profit sharing to any employees. (E-P42-3)
24. A special Japanese green tea called genmai-cha contains brown rice and is considered a gourmet delicacy by most Japanaese, though it is virtually unavailable outside Yokohama. (E-P42-23)
25. Because Madagascar was one of the last habitable areas of the earth to undergo human settlement, it is an ideal site for researching rare flora and fauna. (E-P65-15)
26. Lower-level managers function most effectively when they have thorough training and unimpeded communication with workers, supervisors, and one another. (E-P65-4)

1. Presenters at the seminar, one of whom is blind, will demonstrate adaptive equipment that allows visually impaired people to use computers.(D-P35-5)
2. The capital of Bosnia-herzegovina is Sarajevo, whose population on the eve of the First World War was 51,919. (C-P41-18)
3. In her book illustrations, which she carefully coordinated with her narratives, Beatrix Potter capitalized on her keen observation and love of the natural world. (C-p67-8)
4. Originally developed for detecting air pollutants, a technique called proton-induced x-ray emission, which can quickly analyze the chemical elements in almost any substance without destroying it, is finding uses in medicine, archaeology, and criminology. (C-p67-16)
5. India is a country with at least fifty major regional languages, fourteen of which are officially recognized. (B-p84-19)
6. Margaret Courtney-Clarke has traveled to remote dwellings in the Transvaal to photograph the art of Ndebele women, whose murals are brilliantly colored, their geometrical symmetries embellished with old and new iconography and in a style that varies from woman to woman and house to house. (B-p106-24)
7. Executives and federal officials say that the use of crack and cocaine is growing rapidly among workers, significantly compounding the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, which already cost business more than $100 billion a year. (B-p218-26)
8. The Parthenon was a church from 1204 until 1456, when Athens was taken by General Mohammed the Conqueror, the Turkish sultan, who established a mosque in the building and used the Acropolis as a fortress. (B-p218-27)
9. .Decling values for farm equipment and land, the collateral against which farmers borrow to get through the harvest season, are going to force many lenders to tighten or deny credit this spring. (A-P1-241)
10. Temproary-employment agencies benefit not only from the increasing demand for clerical workers but also from the higher profits made in placing highly paid professionals, requests for whom have increased in the recent wave of corporate takeovers. (C-p22-18)
11. A newly developed jumbo rocket, which is expected to carry the United States into its next phase of space exploration, will be able to deliver a heavier load of instruments into orbit than the space shuttle can, and at a lower cost. (C-p67-10)
12. School integration plans that involve busing between suburban and central-city areas have contributed, according to a recent study, to significant increases in housing integration, which, in turn, reduces any future need for busing. (B-p76-18)
13. Although the bite of the brown recluse spider is rarely fatal, it causes chronic flesh wounds and poses the greatest danger to infants and the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable to its poison. (A-P1-200)
14. The renewed interest in ceiling fans, which were very popular from 1990 until the 1920’s, began when the energy crisis in 1974 forced homeowners to look for alternative methods of heating and cooling.(D-P44-2)
15. The Madagascar periwinkle, a derivative of which has proved useful in decreasing mortality among young leukemia patients is cultivated in China as part of a program to intergrate traditional herbal medicine into a contemporary system of health care. (A-P1-191)
16. The last “wild” Indian in North America, according to anthropologist Alfred Kroeber, was the lone survivor of California’s lost Yahi tribe, who staggered out of the mountains near Lassen Peak in 1912, deep in mourning for the last of his companions, expecting to be butchered and eaten by white ranchers. (E-P13-19)
17. Stars like the sun can continue to shine steadily for billions of years because their light and heat are produced by nuclear fusion, in which titanic releases of energy result in the loss of only tiny amounts of mass. (E-P20-12)
18. .Sculptor Alexander Calder, who often made use of old piece of junk in his art, also believed in recycling at home; he once turned a broken goblet into a dinner bell and a cake mold into a lamp. (E-P42-22)
19. In June, 1981, six teenagers in the village of Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, claimed to have had visions of the Virgin Mary, who they say has continued to appear to them over the ensuing years. (E-P75-4)
20. Plagued by injuries, tennis celebrity Tracy Austin, who won the Italian and U.S. Opens at age 16 in 1979, sat out the years form 1984 to 1988, occasionally working as a television commentator. (E-P75-12)

1. Studies show that young people with higher-than-average blood pressure whose families have a history of high blood pressure are more likely than others to develop a severe form of the condition.(D-P10-9)
2. Out of America’s fascination with all things antique has grown a market for bygone styles of furniture and fixtures that is bringing back the chaise lounge, the overstuffed sofa, and the claw-footed bathtub. (B-p177-19)
3.Dr.Sayre’s lecture recounted several little known episodes in the relation of one nation with another that illustrates what is wrong with alliances and treaties that do not have popular support. (A-P1-181)
4.At the beginning of the year, the city allocated $150 million to cover the increases in wages that it expected to approve as a result of negotiations with the municipal labor unions. (A-P1-216)
5. New hardy varieties of rice show promise of producing high yields without the costly irrigation and application of commercial fertilizer that were required by earlier high-yielding varieties. (A-P1-229)

6. The Wallerstein study indicates that even after a decade young men and women still experience some of the effects of a divorce that occurred when they were children.(B-p106-1)
7. Several recent studies suggest that children born into families whose members have allergies will probably themselves develop allergies following the onset of a minor viral infection. (A-P1-116)
8. Cooperative apartment houses have the peculiar distinction of being dwelling that must also operate as business. (A-P1-126)
9. Severe and increasingly numerous critics are pointing to deficiencies in the British legal system that seem to deny a proper defense to many clients who are charged with crimes. (A-P1-121)

10.. Cajuns speak a dialect brought to southern Louisiana by the four thousand Acadians who migrated there in 1755; their language is basically seventeenth-century French to which English, Spanish, and Italian words have been added.(D-P35-2)
11.It is possible that Native Americans originally migrated to the Western Hemisphere over a bridge of land that once existed between Siberia and Alaska.(D-P35-7)
12.The peaks of a mountain range, acting like rocks in a streambed, produce ripples in the air flowing over them; the resulting flow pattern, with crests and troughs that remain stationary although the air that forms them is moving rapidly, is known as “ standing waves.”(D-P35-16)
13.In the face of widespread concern about environmental waste, compact disc manufactures are attempting to find a replacement for the disposable plastic box in which they package their product.(D-p44-21)
14.Carnivorous mammals can endure what would otherwise be lethal level of body heat because they have a heat-exchange network that keeps the brain from getting too hot.(D-p72-1)
15.Research during the past several decades on the nature of language and the processes that produce and make it understandable has revealed great complexity instead of underlying simplicity. (D-p72-8)
16.One of the most significant trends that the auto industry has experienced in the last 50 years is the migration of motorists from passenger cars to minivans, sport utility vehicles, and pickups. (D-p108-9)
17.Scientist calculated that the asteroid, traveling at 46,000 miles an hour, is orbiting the Sun once a year on an elliptical path that regularly brings it back toward Earth. (C-p8-17)
18. The Forbidden City in Beijing, from which the emperors ruled by heavenly mandate, was a site which no commoner or foreigner could enter without permission, on pain of death. (C-p22-5)
19. A 1972 agreement between Canada and the United States reduced the amount of phosphates that municipalities had been allowed to dump into the Great Lakes. (C-p67-19)
20 As a result of medical advances, many people who might once have died in childhood of such infections as diphtheria, pneumonia, or rheumatic fever now live well into old age. (C-p90-20)
21.. In ancient times, Nubia was the principal corridor through which cultural influences were transmitted between Black Africa and the Mediterranean basin. (B-p76-2)
22. .During the nineteenth century Emily Eden and Fanny Parks journeyed throughout India, sketching keeping journals that formed the basis of news reports about the princely states they visited. (B-p76-17)
23. Japan used the huge sums of capital it received from the United States after the Second World War to help build a modern industrial system. (B-p80-13)
24. According to United States Air Force officials, a cannon that shoots dead chickens at airplanes has proved helpful in demonstrating what kind of damage can result when jets fly into a flock of large birds. (B-p84-23)
25.. A report by the American Academy for the Advancement of Science has concluded that many of the currently uncontrolled dioxins to which North Americans are exposed come from the incineration of wastes. (B-p142-12)
26. In astronomy the term “red shift” denotes the extent to which light from a distant galaxy has been shifted toward the red, or long-wave, end of the light spectrum by the rapid motion of the galaxy away from the Earth. (B-p162-13)
27. Although the term “psychopath” is popularly applied to an especially brutal criminal, in psychology it refers to someone who is apparently incapable of feeling compassion or the pangs of conscience. (B-p236-3)
28. A representative of the Women’s Bureau of the United States Department of Labor contends that employers who offer benefits that permit employees to balance the responsibilities of home and work better will realize gains in attendance, recruiting, and retention. (B-p236-4)
29. A controversial figure throughout most of his public life, the Black Leader Marcus Garvey advocated that some Blacks return to Africa, the land that, to him, symbolized the possibility of freedom. (A-P1-9)
30. In 1929 relativelyt small declines in the market ruined many speculators who had bought on margin; they had to sell, and their selling pushed other investors to the brink. (A-P1-27)
31. There is a growing demand in the state for “initiative and referendum,” a procedure that allows voters to propose and pass laws, as well as to repeal them. (A-P1-81)
32. During the recession of 1973, home mortgage foreclosures resulted in tens of thousands of Americans being evicted from homes for which they could no longer afford monthly payments. (A-P1-204)
33. In theory, international civil servants at the United Nations are prohibited from continuing to draw salaries from their own governments; in practice, however, some governments merely substitute living allowances for the paychecks of their employees who have been assigned to the United Nations. (A-P1-228)
34. In one of the most stunning reversals in the history of marketing, the Coca-Cola company in July 1985 yielded to thousands of irate consumers who demanded that it bring back the original Coke formula. (A-P1-243)
35. Efforts to equalize the funds available to school districts, a major goal education reformers and many states in the 1970’s, have not significantly reduced the gap that exists between the richest and poorest districts. (A-P1-245)
36. Sales of United States manufactured goods to nonindustrialized countries rose to $167 billion in 1992, an amount that is 14 percent higher than the previous year’s figure and largely offsets weak demand from Europe and Japan. (D-p78-11)
37/ .In the mid-1920’s the Hawthorne works of the Western Electric Company was the scene of an intensive series of experiments investigating the effects that changes in working conditions would have on workers’ performance. (A-P1-66)
38/ Virtually undisturbed for the last three centuries on their starkly beautiful islands near the edge of the Arctic Circle, the inhabitants of the Lofotens have evolved folkways and a life-style that bring warmth to their harsh enviroment. (E-P42-4)
39/.Persons who suffer from a deficiency of the blood enzyme G6PD discover that eating fava beans triggers hemolytic anemia. (E-P75-19)
40/.In her home, Aho, a Kiowa matriarch, held festivals that featured the preparation of great quantities of ceremonial food, the wearing of many layers of colorful clothing adorned with silver, and the recounting of traditional tribal jokes and stories. (E-P65-13)
41/.The Coast Guard recently redesigned channel markers in the Chesapeake Bay to accommodate large numbers of ospreys, whose huge nests formerly obstructed the lights. (E-P65-10)

37.El Nino, the periodic abnormal warming of the sea surface off peru, is a phenomenon in which changes in the ocean and atmosphere combine to allow the warm water that has accumulated in the western Pacific to flow back to the east. (D-p72-22)
38.Idioglossia is a phenomenon, incompletely understood at best, in which two persons develop a unique and private language with highly original vocabulary and syntax. (A-P1-103)

39.At a time when it was unusual to do so, Dorothy Sterling wrote about such major figures of Black history as Harriet Tubman and W.E.B Du Bois. (D-p108-7)
40.At a time when women typically had a narrow range of choice, Mary Baker Eddy became a distinguished writer and the founder, architect, and builder of a growing church. (B-p76-8)

41.His studies of ice-polished rocks in his Alpins homeland, far outside the range of present-day glaciers, led Louis Agassiz in 1837 to propose the concept of an age in which great ice sheets existed in what are now temperate areas. (C-p67-13)

42. The work of mathematician Roger Penrose in the early 1970s, on the geometry of what are called aperiodic tiles, turned out to describe the architecture of a previously unknown class of crystals. (E-P20-10)
43. .One pervasive theory explains the introduction of breakfast cereals in the early 1900s as a result of the growing number of automobiles, which led to a decline in horse ownership and subsequent grain glut; persuading people to eat what had previously been horse feed restored market equilibrium. (E-P20-8)
44. .During an era when interracial tensions in the United States ran high, Rosa Parks became a quite, unassuming symbol of the continued struggle for human dignity. (E-P65-8)


Appositive, a word or group of words (set apart by commas) that modifies another word or group of words.
1. Teratomas are unusual forms of cancer in that they are composed of tissues such as tooth and bone, tissues not normally found in the organ in which the turnor appears.(D-P35-19)
2. The nation’s three military academies have seen a dramatic rise in applications, one fueled by a resurgence of patriotism, increasing tuition costs at private colleges, and improved recruiting by the academies. (C-p8-13)
3. Since the 1930’s aircraft manufacturers have tried to build airplanes with frictionless wings, wings so smooth and so perfectly shaped that the air passing over them would not become turbulent. (C-P41-7)
4. Computers are becoming faster, more powerful, and more reliable, and so too are modems, the devices that allow two or more computers to share information over regular telephone line. (C-p67-18)
5. Proponents of artificial intelligence say they will be able to make computers that can understand English and other human languages, recognize objects, and reason like an expert—computers that will be used for such purpose as diagnosing equipment breakdowns or deciding whether to authorize a loan. (C-p90-21)
6. Modernizing the steel mill, a program that can, it is hoped, be completed in the late 1980’s, will cost approximately 51 million dollars. (B-p80-16)
7. .By studying the primitive visual systems of single-cell aquatic organisms, biophysicists have discovered a striking similarity between algae and cows, a similarity that indicates the common evolutionary origin of plants and animals: both algae and cows produce a light-sensitive protein called rhodopsin. (B-p88-5)
8. Since 1981, when the farm depression began, the number of acres overseen by professional farm-management companies has grown from 48 million to nearly 59 million, an area about the size of Coloarado. (B-p106-2)
9. Astronomers at the Palomar Observatory have discovered a distant supernova explosion, one they believe to be of a type previously unknown to science. (B-p106-9)
10. Scientists have observed large concentrations of heavy-metal deposits in the upper twenty centimeters of sediments from the Baltic Sea, findings consistent with the growth of industrial activity in the area. (B-p142-16)
11. The use of a single strain of plant for a given crop over a wide area, a practice fostered by modern seed—marketing methods, increases the likelihood that the impact of a single crop disease or pest will be disastrous. (A-P1-7)
12. A common disability in test pilots is hearing impairment, a consequence of sitting too close to large jet engines for long periods of time. (A-P1-24)
13. Corporations will soon be required to report to the government whether they have the necessary reaerves to pay the pension benefits earned by their employees, information that must also be published in annual reports to shareholders. (A-P1-89)
14. In large doses, analgesics that work in the brain as antagonists to certain chemicals have caused psychological disturbances in patients, an effect that may limit the potential of such analgesics for relieving severe pain. (A-P1-106)
15. .People who inherit the sickle cell anemia gene from only one parent seem to be resistant to malaria, an evolutionary advantage that may explain why a genetic condition so debilitating to many individuals has survived in the human population. (A-P1-127)
16. The brain is something of a stimulus-reduction system, a means to reduce, in order to comprehend, the nearly infinite number of stimuli that reach the senses at any given moment. (A-P1-135)
17. Following the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger, investigators concluded that many key people employed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and its contractors work an excessive amount of overtime, a practice that can, potentially, cause errors in judgment. (A-P1-212)
18. The 19th-century proponents of the school of thought known as mechanism held that life processes are not the products of some mysterious life force, but are the same chemical and physical processes that operate in inorganic systems, a theory still debated by biologists today. (E-P20-6)
19. .Ms. Wright tries to get inside Iran to understand how it works, the role it has played in the Middle East and its intricate relationship with the United States, a task that is complex and depends heavily on an understanding of the Farsi lauguage. (E-P42-13)

1. A prolific architect who worked from the turn of the century until the late 1950’s, Julia Morgan designed nearly 800 buildings in California, perhaps most notably William Randolph Hearst’s monumental estate at San Simeon.(D-P10-7)
2. Before the Civil War, Harriet Tubman, herself an escaped slave, returned again and again to Maryland to guide other slaves along the Underground Railroad to freedom. (D-p72-17)
3. The airline industry is cutting its lowest discount fares more widely, more substantially, and earlier this year than it normally does at the end of the summer, a time when travel usually decrease and the industry uses some lower fares to attract passengers. (D-p78-3)
4. The figure of the jaguar, a recurring symbol in Olmec art, is prominent among the hieroglyphics inscribed on a monument that was discovered in the Mexican stated of Veracruz. (D-p78-18)
5. In June of 1989, Princeton Township approved a developer’s plans to build 300 houses on a large portion of the 210-acre site of the Battle of Princeton, one of only eight Revolutionary War battlefields that had remained undeveloped. (C-p8-23)
6. In the most common procedure for harvesting forage crops such as alfalfa, as much as 20 percent of the leaf and small-stem material, the most nutritious parts of the plant, shatters and falls to the ground. (B-p84-11)
7. In June of 1987, The Bridge of Trinquetaille, Vincent van Gogh’s view of an iron bridge over the Rhone, was sold for $20.2 million, the second highest price ever paid for a painting at auction. (B-p142-13)
8. It may be another fifteen years before space-craft from Earth again venture to Mars, a planet now known to be cold, dry, and probably lifeless. (A-P1-140)
9. The utility company has announced that it will permanently close its Unit I nuclear power plant, the first plant built by private industry and the model for a generation of modern nuclear reactors. (A-P1-186)
10. Ralph Eilison and Amiri Baraka both argued that music was perhaps the ultimate expression of Afro-American culture, the one vector of African culture that could not be eradicated. (A-P1-215)
11. Cut-paper design, a popular pastime of Colonial women, became an art form in the hands of Abigail Lefferts Lloyd, a Revolutionary War heroine. (E-P20-25)
12. Wynton and Branford Marsails, brothers who have fused the complex rhythms of contemporary jazz with the rollicking musical legacy of their hometown, are fitting symbols of the New Orleans jazz revival. (E-P42-20)
13. A shy , religious-minded publisher who had married a duke’s daughter, Harold Macmillan surprised many by rising to the position of Prime Minister in 1957, though Churchill had since the 1930s been extolling Macmillan’s courage. (E-P42-9)

1. Stable interest rates on long-term bonds are the financial market’s vote of confidence that the Federal Reserve will keep inflation under control. (C-p22-4)
2.. Citing evidence that the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere has increased more than seven percent in the last 30 years, many scientists have expressed a fear that destruction of forests and continued use of fossil fuels will cause an irreversible shift in Earth’s climatic pattern. (C-p22-6)
3. .Once they had seen the report from the medical examiner, the investigators had no doubt that the body recovered from the river was that of the man who had attempted to escape from the state prison. (C-p67-11)
4. There is ample evidence, derived from the lore of traditional folk medicine, that naturally occurring antibiotics can usually be modified to make them more effective drugs. (B-p84-6)
5. There is speculation that increasingly cold weather may have been responsible for the Anasazi move from Mesa Verde to sites in other canyons.(D-P44-3)
6. Many psychologists and sociologists now contend that the deliberate and even brutal aggression integral to some forms of competitive athletics increases the likelihood that imitative violence will erupt among crowds of spectators dominated by young adult males. (B-p88-9)
7. A “calendar stick” carved centuries ago by the Winnebago tribe may provide the first evidence that the North American Indian have developed advanced full-year calendars based on systematic astronomical observation. (B-p88-24)
8. Gall’s hypothesis that different mental functions are localized in different parts of the brain is widely accepted today. (B-p177-10)
9. One legacy of Madison Avenue’s recent campaign to appeal to people fifty years old and over is the realization that as people age, their concerns change as well. (B-p177-18)
10. .Referring to the current hostility toward smoking, smokers frequently express anxiety that their prospects for being hired and promoted are being stunted by their habit. (B-p236-21)
11. .One reason more young people lose their virginity during the summer than at other times of the year is undoubtedly that school vacations give adolescents more free time. (E-P75-25)
12. The fact that King Alfred had occupied and fortified London in 886 did not mean that he had also won the loyalty of its citizens; the invading Danes were well aware of this weakness and used it to their advantage in 893. (E-P65-19)

Chap5 Subjunctive mood

A verb tense used to express:
1>hypothetical situations that are contrary to fact( if the Red Sox were to win the World Series, Boston would burn down);
2>wishes and demands (Tyrone that the Red Sox win the World Series before he died)
The new regulations mandate that a company allow its retiring employees who would otherwise lose group health care coverage to continue the same insurance at their own expense for a specified period.(D-P10-8)
2. Bankers require that the financial information presented to them by mortgage applicants be complete and follow a prescribed format.(D-p44-20)
3. Affording strategic proximity to the Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco was also of interest to the French throughout the first half of the twentieth century because they assumed that without it their grip on Algeria would never be secure. (C-p67-7)
4. The odds are about 4 to 1 against surviving a takeover offer, and many business consultants therefore advise that a company’s first line of defense in eluding such offers be to refuse even to take calls from likely corporate raiders. (B-p80-12)
5. Although the Supreme Court ruled as long as 1880 that Blacks could not be excluded outright from jury service, nearly a century of case-by-case adjudication has been necessary to develop and enforce the principle that all juries must be drawn from “a fair cross section of the community.” (B-p80-15)
6. Developing nations in various parts of the world have amassed $700 billion in debts; at stake, should a significant number of these debts be repudiated, is the solvency of some of the world’s largest multinational banks. (B-p84-4)
7. For many people, household labor remains demanding even if they can afford household appliances their grandparents would have found miraculous. (B-p84-10)
8. Several senior officials spoke to the press on condition that they not be named in the story. (B-p88-14)
9. The Gorton-Dodd bill require that a bank disclose to its customers how long it will delay access to funds from deposited checks. (B-p162-17)
10. Despite protests from some waste-disposal companies, state health officials have ordered that the levels of bacteria in sea water at popular beaches be measured and the results published(B-p236-8)
11. Judicial rules in many states require that the identities of all prosecution witnesses be made known to defendants so that they can attempt to rebut the testimony, but the Constisution explicitly requires only that the defendant have the opportunity to confront an accuser in court. (B-p236-18)
12. Since chromosome damage may be caused by viral infections, medical X-rays, and exposure to sunlight, it is important that the chromosomes of a population to be tested for chemically induced damage be compared with those of a control population. (A-P1-41)
13. The school board ruling mandating that physically handicapped students be placed in regular classroom settings whenever possible also assured children with reading problems of special aid. (A-P1-134)
14. Most state constitutions now mandate that the state budget be balanced each year. (A-P1-246)
15. Constance Horner, chief of the United States government’s personnel agency, has recommended that the use of any dangerous or illegal drug in the five years prior to application for a job be grounds for not hiring an applicant. (B-p142-23
16. One of Arthur Jessop’s first acts as president of the FHA was to deny a request from the private sector that federal home loan programs be expanded to cover houses not conforming to civil construction codes. (E-P13-6)
17. .Art museums do not usually think of their collections as capital or consider the interest income that would be generated if a portion of the capital were invested in another form. (E-P20-9)
18. If any people at InterCorn Financial Advisers had anticipated, or even suspected, the impending sale of the Koniko kelp processing plant, they would have advised owners of Koniko stock to unload all shares immediately. (E-P42-5)
19. .Recent essays by Garrison Keillor, the humorist and host of the public radio show A Prairie Home Companion, describe that might happen if Huns, Goths, and Visigoths were to invade Chicago. (E-P65-21)
20. If the reporter had known the landlord’s side of the story, she would not have written an article so favorable to the 81-year-old tenant. (E-P75-13)


1. It is estimated that during the 1980’s approximately $50 billion in private investment capital left Mexico, adding to the strain on the country’s debt on the strain on the country’s debt-ridden economy.(D-P10-10)
2. The proposed health care bill would increase government regulation of health insurance, establishing standards that would guarantee wider access to people with past health problems and to workers who are changing jobs and otherwise could be uncovered for months.(D-P44-8)
3. The delinquency rates on mortgages for office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and other commercial properties held by the nation’s insurance companies have increased sharply in recent months, leading to predictions that foreclosures on these types of loans could double over the next three years. (D-p72-13)
4. Scientists have suggested that once every 10 million years or so a truly colossal object from space cuts through the atmosphere and slams into Earth, sending up a global pall of dust that blots out the Sun, alters the climate, and changes the course of evolution by killing off many plant and animal species. (D-p108-4)
5. As the price of gasoline rises, making alcohol distilled from cereal grain an attractive substitute, the price of bread and livestock feed are sure to increase. (B-p76-9)
6. In 1905 Bela Bartok and Zoltan Kodaly began their pioneering work in ethnomusicology, traveling the back roads of Hungary armed only with an Edison phonograph and in satiable curiosity. (B-p76-12)
7. In cold-water habits, certain invertebrates and fish convert starches into complex carbohydrates called alycerols, in effect manufacturing their own antifreeze(B-p80-4)
8. Some of the tenth-century stave churches of Norway are still standing, demonstrating that with sound design and maintenance, wooden buildings can last indefinitely. (B-p84-8)
9. To ensure consistently high quality in its merchandise, the chain of retail stores became involved in every aspect of its suppliers’ operations, dictating not only the number of stitches and the width of the hem in every garment but also the profit margins of those suppliers. (B-p84-12)
10. Florida will gain another quarter-million jobs this year alone, many of them in such high-paying fields as electronics and banking, making the state’s economy far more diversified than it was ten years ago. (B-p106-25)
11. .For members of the seventeenth-century Ashanti nation in Africa, animal-hide shields with wooden frames were essential items of military equipment, protecting warriors against enemy arrows and spears. (B-p142-17)
12. The cameras of the VoyagerII spacecraft detected six small, previously unseen moons circling Uranus, doubling to twelve the number of satellites now known to orbit the distant planet. (B-p162-5)
13. The root systems of most flowering perennials either become too crowded , resulting in loss of vigor, or spread too far outward, producing a bare center. (B-p177-12)
14. The colorization of black-and-white films by computers is defended by those who own the film rights, for the process can mean increased revenues for them; many others in the film industry, however, contend that the technique degrades major works of art, likening it to putting lipstick on a Greek statue. (B-p236-20)
15. After the Arab conquest of Egypt in A.D.640, Arabic became the dominant language of the Egyptians, replacing older languages and writing systems. (A-P1-5)
16. .A large rise in the number of housing starts in the coming year should boost new construction dollars by several billion dollars, making the construction industry’s economic health much more robust than it was five years ago. (A-P1-170)
17. John Smith provides information on the conditions that lead women to gynecologist, noting that these conditions can be, and sometimes are, used to promote needless surgery. (E-P75-16)
18. Bill Walton continued playing, in spite of recurrent injuries, always hoping to return to his position as a regular starter in the game he loved. (E-P65-22)


1. . Frances Wright’s book on America contrasted the republicanism of the United States with what she saw as the aristocratic and corrupt institutions of England.(D-P10-13)
2. Legend has it that when the Mohawk Joseph Brant was presented to George Ⅲ in 1776, he proudly refused to kiss the King’s hand, inasmuch as he considered himself an ally, not a subject. (D-p72-5)
3. .An artistic presence of the first order, one frequently ranked with Picasso, Stravinsky, and James Joyce, Martha Graham was acclaimed as a great dancer long before her innovative masterworks made her the most honored of American choreographers. (D-p72-6)

4. .Section13(d) of the securities Exchange Act of 1934 requires anyone who buys more than 5 percent of a company’s stock to make a public disclosure of the purchase. (D-p72-19)
5. Because of the enormous research and development expenditures required of firms to survive in the electronics industry, an industry marked by rapid innovation and volatile demand, such fires tend to be very large. (C-p90-12)
6. One of the most powerful driving forces behind recycling is the threat of legislation that would require companies to take more responsibility for the disposal of their products.(C-p8-1)
7. The federal government requires hospitals to tell Medicare patients that they have a legal right to challenge their discharge if they feel they are being sent home prematurely. (A-P1-205)
8. Senator Lasker has proposed legislation requiring employers to retain all older workers indefinitely or show just cause for dismissal. (A-P1-239)

9. According to a ruling by the state supreme court, the owner of polluted land is liable for the cleanup of the property even if the owner is not responsible for pollution that occurred before the title changed hands. (D-p108-3)
10. By the mid-seventeenth century, Amsterdam had built a new town hall so large that only St.Peter’s in Rome, the Escorial in Spain, and the Palazza Ducale in Venice could rival it for scale or magnificence. (D-p108-5)
11. The Audubon Society and other conservation groups, concerned over what they perceive as the serious threat to the environment posed by the policies of the government, are preparing for a major political effort. (D-p108-6)

12. On the Great Plains, nineteenth-century settlers used mud and grass to build their homes, making do without timber and nails. (D-p108-13)
13. The key to control over the Eurasian steppes lay in the nomad’s ability to use the horse both as a means of transport and as an effective military tool.(C-P41-1)
14/. The company is negotiating to sell its profitable credit card subsidiary and plans to use money from that sale to acquire some of the mortgage-servicing operations that are being sold by troubled savings institutions. (D-p78-16)
15/ Rather than continue to produce most of the items necessary for subsistence, a growing number of farm families during the first decades of the nineteenth century began to specialize in the production of grain or cotton and to use the cash proceeds from the sale of their crops to buy necessities. (C-p22-7)
16/ Small transmitters broadcasting physiological measurements to nearby recording machines are now used to monitor the exercise of both heart patients and athletes. (B-p80-7)

14.Compared with other Native Americans of the Southwest , the Quechans were singularly uninterested in the accumlation of material wealth or in the crafting of elaborate pottery and basketry. (C-p8-4)
15. One noted economist has compared the Federal Reserve to an automobile racing through a tunnel, bouncing first off one wall, then the other, the car may get where it is going, but people may be hurt in the process. (C-p8-7)

16. Contrary to popular belief, victors in the ancient Greek Olympic Games received cash prizes in addition to their laurel wreaths. (C-p8-5)
17. The lack of complete historical records from the mid-to-late 1800’s has made it difficult to trace some inventions to their Black originators. (C-p8-11)
18. Byron possessed powers of observation that would have made him great anthropologist and that make his letters as a group the rival of the best novels of the time. (C-p8-20)
19/ When rates were raised in 1985, postal service officials predicated that the increase would make further rate increase unnecessary for at least three years. (B-p88-20)
20/ The aim of the new regulations is to make it easier for prospective homeowners to have funds available for energy improvements in their new houses. (A-P1-61)
21/ The exigencies of dramatic art,as shown even by the history plays of Shakespeare, make the foreshortening of dramatized historical events inevitable. (E-P65-5)

19. It is not likely that the competitive imbalance that now exists between Japan and all other major industrial nations will be redressed within the foreseeable future. (C-p8-18)
20. Once common throughout the Western plains, black-footed ferrets are thought to have declined in number as a result of the poisoning of prairie dogs, their prey. (C-p8-26)

21. In the 1950’s astronomers were divided between those who believed the universe began with a cosmic explosion (the” big bang”) and those who favored the model of an eternal and infinite steady-state universe. (C-p22-2)
22.The residents’ opposition to the spraying program has rekindled an old debate between those who oppose the use of pesticides and those who feel that the pesticides are necessary to save the trees. (B-p80-3)
23.Many investors base their choice between bonds and stocks on comparisons of bond yields with the dividends available on common stocks. (B-p84-7)
24. In his research paper, Dr.Frosh, medical director of the Payne Whitney Clinic, distinguishes between mood swings, which may be violent without being grounded in mental disease, and genuine manic-depressive psychosis. (B-p106-15)
25. From the time of its defeat by the Germans in 1940 until its liberation in 1944, France was a bitter and divided country; a kind of civil war raged in the Vichy government between those who wanted to collaborate and the Nazis and those who opposed them. (B-p218-22)
26. The plot of The Bostonions centers on the rivalry that develops between Olive Chancellor, an active feminist, and Basil Ransom, her charming and cynical cousin, when they find themselves drawn to the same radiant young woman whose talent for public speaking had won her an ardent following. (B-p236-7)
27 As researchers continues to probe the highly expressive vocal and postural language of wolves, the close resemblance between wolves and dogs becomes ever more striking. (A-P1-184)
28/ Acid rain and snow result from the chemical reactions between industrial emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides and atmospheric water vapor to produce highly corrosive sulfuric and nitric acids. (A-P1-15)
29/.By analyzing the advance olfactory apparatus of Pleistocene chordates, paleozoologists have discovered a link between the brain’s regions of scent discrimination and its regions of long-term memory storage, a link that could prove invaluable in the treatment of amnesia victims. (E-P13-2)

28. Recent excavations suggest that the ancient peoples of the Italian peninsula merged the cult of Damia—a goddess of fertility and the harvest—with that of Venus. (C-P41-6)
29. Some biographers have not only disputed the common notion that Edgar Allan Poe drank to excess but also questioned whether he drank at all. (C-P41-8)

30. Among the objects found in the excavated temple were small terra-cotta effigies left by supplicants who were either asking the goddess Bona Dea’s aid in healing physical and mental ills or thanking her for such help. (C-p67-20)
31. .Eating saltwater fish may significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and aid sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis and asthma, according to three research studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine. (B-p236-11)

32. A consumer may not think of household cleaning products as hazardous substances, but many of them can be harmful to health, especially if they are used improperly. (C-p90-13)
.33Archaeblogists in Ireland believe that a recently discovery chalice, which dates from the eighth century, was probably buried to keep it from being stolen by invaders. (C-p90-15)
34. Joplin’s faith in his opera “Tremonisha” was unshakeable; in 1911 he published the score at his own expense and decided to stage the work himself. (B-p76-15)
35. Although films about the American West depict coyotes as solitary animals howling mournfully on the tops of distant hills, in reality these gregarious creatures live in stable groups that occupy the same territory for long periods. (B-p76-22)
36. The new contract forbids a strike by the transportation union. (B-p80-6)
36/ The National Labor Relations Act expressly forbids unions to engage in secondary boycotts against companies not directly involved in a labor dispute. (E-P65-18)
37/ In the 1950s, when the Chrysler Corporation sponsored a live television show about the assassination of Abrahrn Lincoln, it forbade the actors to mention Lincoln’s name or the name of the Ford Theater because it did not want to plug the competition. (E-P75-10)

37. .Camus broke with Sartre in a bitter dispute over the nature of Stalinism. (B-p80-17)
38. .Federal legislation establishing a fund for the cleanup of sites damaged by toxic chemicals permits compensating state government for damage to their natural resources but does not allow claims for injury to people. (B-p80-19)
39. During the first one hundred fifty years of the existence of this republic, no one expected the press to be fair; newspapers were mostly shrill, scurrilous, and partisan.(B-p88-1)
40. .It was the loss of revenue from declines in tourism that in 1935 led the Saudi authorities to grant a concession for oil exploration to the company later to be known as Aramco. (B-p88-3)
41. According to his own account,rederic-Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor of the State of Liberty, modeled the face of the statue after that of his mother and the body after that of his wife. (B-p88-15)
42. Paleonotologists believe that fragments of a primate jawbone unearthed in Burma and estimated to be 40 to 44 million years old provide evidence of a crucial step along the evolutionary path that led to human beings. (B-p106-14)
43. William H.Johnson’s artistic debt to Scandinavia is evident in paintings that range from sensitive portraits of citizens in his wife’s Danish home, Kerteminde, to awe-inspiring views of fjords and mountain peaks in the western and northern regions of Norway. (B-p162-14)
44. Health officials estimate that 35 million Africans are in danger of contracting trypanosomiasis, or “African sleeping sickness,” a parasitic disease spread by the bites of tsetse flies. (B-p162-19)
45. Egyptians are credited with having pioneered embalming methods as long ago as 2650.B.C. (B-p218-18)
46. Pablo Picasso, the late Spanish painter, credited African art with having had a strong influence on his work(B-p236-17).
47. The colorization of black-and-white films by computers is defended by those who own the film rights, for the process can mean increased revenues for them; many others in the film industry, however, contend that the technique degrades major works of art, likening it to putting lipstick on a Greek statue. (B-p236-20)

48. The enrollment of Black college students has quadrupled since 1965, and the one million Black people in college today represent 11 percent of all college students. (A-P1-23)
49/ Since 1970 the number of Blacks elected to state and federal offices in the United States has almost quadrupled. (B-p84-18)

49. Although many art patrons can readily differentiate a good debenture from an undesirable one, they are far less expert in distinguishing good paintings from poor ones, authentic art from fakes. (A-P1-38)
50. Although the phenomenon of withdrawal has always been the crucial physiological Leng for distinguishing additive from nonaddictive drugs. It has become increasingly evident that not all regular heroin users experience withdrawal symptoms. (A-P1-115)
50/ After a few weeks’ experience, apprentice jewelers can usually begin to discriminate, though not with absolute certainty, between genuine diamonds and imitation diamonds.(E-P42-1)

51. The average weekly wage nearly doubled in the 1970’s, rising from $114 to $220, yet the average worker ended the decade with a decrease in purchasing power. (A-P1-40)
52. .After suffering $2 billion in losses and 25,00 layoffs, the nation’s semiconductor industry, which makes chips that run everything from computers and spy satellites to dishwashers, appears to have made a long-awaited recovery. (A-P1-59)
53. In Egypt in the late Paleolithic period, the climate changed, pastures became deserts, and the inhabitants were forced to withdraw from their hunting grounds to the land bordering the Nile. (A-P1-70)
54. During the Great Depression, industrial output fell by nearly fifty percent from its peak in 1929 to its nadir in 1933. (A-P1-86)
55. The exhibition of art from Nubians, the site of a Black civilization that goes back to the fourth millennium B.C., makes clear that the Nubians combined artistic elements from Egypt with those of sub-Saharan Africa. (A-P1-102)
56. Many scholars regard the pre-Hispanic civilizations of Peru as the most impressive in South America. (A-P1-183)
57. .Personal trainers and fitness coaches are to the narcissistic 1980’s what private fencing masters and dancing teachers were to an earlier time(A-P1-199).
58. By showing that South Africa does not have a free market and is in fact a kind of collectivist welfare state for Whites only, Sowell argues that American conservatives have no valid ideological grounds for sympathizing with the Pretoria regime. (A-P1-219)
59. Because Halley’s comet changes orbit slightly during the seventy-six-year interval between its passes close to Earth, it may veer onto a collision course with a planet sometime in the distant future. (A-P1-220)
60. The concept of the grand jury dates from the twelfth century, when Henry II of England ordered panels of common citizens to prepare lists of suspected criminals in their communities. (A-P1-222)
61. .In developing new facilities for the incineration of solid wastes, we must avoid the danger of shifting environmental problems from the pollution of water by landfills to the pollution of air by incinerators. (A-P1-224)
62. .In a 5-to-4 decision, the Superme Court ruled that two upstate New York counties owed restitution to three tribes of Oneida Indians for the unlawful seizure of their ancestral lands in the eighteenth century. (A-P1-231)
63. Most nations regard their airspace as extending upward as high as an aircraft can fly; no specific altitude, however, has been officially recognized as a boundary. (B-p88-12)
64. It was an increase in reported cases of malaria along the Gulf Coast that in 1921 led the health authorities to grant a permit for human experimentation to the group later called Unimedco. (E-P13-9)
65. Most primates are immune to feline rhinovirus, but a specific group, the golden macaques, is highly susceptible to the organism. (E-P13-10)
66. Darwin was not the first to advance a theory of evolution; his tremendous originality lay in his proposal of natural selection as the means by which evolution worked. (E-P13-12)
67..In spite of continuing national trends toward increased consumption of specialty foods, agronomists in the Midwest foresee a gradual reversion to the raising of agricultural staples: feed corn and hard red wheat. (E-P13-13)
68. After this year’s record-shattering January performance in Madison Square Garden, the ensemble was touted as the country’s best new group in decades; no critic or reviewer had anything but praise for the young musicians. (E-P42-12)
69. .Income in a single year is a very poor guide to income and wealth over even a few years, much less a lifetime; in the longer run, a tax on what people spend is therefore not much different from a tax on what they earn. (E-P42-25)

Chap8 主语一致

A participial phrase at the beginning of a sentence must refer to the grammatical subject.
Participial phrases preceded by a conjunction or by a preposition, nouns in apposition, adjectives, and adjective phrases come under the same rule.
1. .Architects and stonemasons, the Maya built huge palace and temple clusters without the benefit of animal transport or the wheel. (B-p162-12)
2. .Referring to the current hostility toward smoking, smokers frequently express anxiety that their prospects for being hired and promoted are being stunted by their habit. (B-p236-21)
3. The fastest of mammals, the cheetah can accelerate from one to forty miles per hour in less than two seconds and reach speeds of seventy miles per hour. (A-P1-130)
4. Published in 1899, “Maple Leaf Rag” was an instant hit, selling several hundred thousand copies in six months: it helped establish Scott Joplin as the preeminent ragtime composer. (D-p78-5)
5. .Prompted by new evidence that the health risk posed by radon gas is far more serious than was previous thought, authorities are advising property owners to test all dwellings below the third floor for radon gas and to make repairs as needed. (C-p22-9)
6. By installing special electric pumps, farmers, according to one agricultural engineer, could use the warmth from cows’ milk to heat their houses. (B-p84-15)
7. .Using accounts of various ancient writers , scholars have painted a sketchy picture of the activities of an all-female cult that, perhaps as early as the sixth century B.C, worshipped a goddess known in Latin as Bona Dea, “the good goddess”. (B-p106-11)
8.Published in Harlem, the Messenger was owned and edited by two young journalists, A.Philip Randoph, who would later make his reputation as a labor leader, and Chandler Owen. (B-p142-5)
9.. Many people, willing to admit that they lack computer skills or other technical skills, are disinclined to recognize that their analytical skills are weak. (B-p142-9)
10. Using a Doppler ultrasound device, a physician can detect fetal heartbeats by the twelfth week of pregnancy. (B-p142-22
11. Delighted by the reported earnings for the first quarter of the fiscal year, the company manager decided to give her staff a raise.(B-p162-1)
12. Often visible as smog, ozone is formed in the atmosphere when hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, two major pollutants emitted by automobiles, react with sunlight. (B-p177-2)
13. Spanning more than fifty years, Muller’s career began in an unpromising apprenticeship as a Sanskrit scholar and culminated in virtually every honor that European governments and learned societies could bestow. (B-p236-26)
14. Opening with tributes to jazz—age divas like Bessie Smith and closing with Koko Taylor’s electrified gravel—and –thunder songs, the program will trace the blues’ vigorous matriarchal line over more than 50 years. (A-P1-26)
15. Using the techniques of genetic engineering laboratory scientists have developed a new species of microorganism to aid in cleaning up oil spills by digesting the oil. (A-P1-77)
16. Eaten in the Mediterranean countries, the tomato was viewed with suspicion by northern Europeans, who assumed it had poisonous properties because of its relationship to deadly nightshade. (A-P1-1110)
17. Repelled by bodily punishments such as maiming and branding, Quakers suggested the penitentiary as a reform of the penal system. (A-P1-114)
18. . Based on pinto beans and corn tortillas, diet of the Pima Indians derives 70 percent of its protein from vegetable source and only 30 percent from animal foods, the reverse of the typical North American diet. (A-P1-125)
19. Upset by the recent downturn in production numbers during the first half of the year, the board of directors raised, at its quarterly meeting, the possibility of adding worker incentives. (A-P1-155)
20. .Physics professors, Leo and Fontove Arnmore founded the Arnmore Laboratories and Arnmore Research Facilities in 1989, after ten years of fundraising. (A-P1-158)
21. .At the invitation of Kwame Nkrumah, W.E.B.Du Bois settled in Gharla and became the editor of the Encyclopedia Africana. (A-P1-180)
22. A child prodigy, Clara Schumann developed into one of the greatest pianists of her time. (A-P1-182)
23. Scorched by fire, stained by water, and inscribed in cramped handwriting, the seventeenth-century Dutch documents on the beginnings of New York City were long ignored by historians, who depended instead on English source for information. (A-P1-206)
24. With just several quick strokes of the pen, the artist sketched the monkeys, capturing their antics. (A-P1-250)
25. It may be that by focusing primarily on a patient’s mental condition and on vague and often very speculative psychodynamic factors, mental health professionals lessen the accuracy of their predictions about the patient’s future behavior. (E-P20-3)
26. In presenting his modus vivendi proposal, Lansing implied that American government accepted the German view that armed merchant vessels were warships; however, by dropping the proposal, the Wilson administration seemed to be reverting to the British view on this question. (E-P20-5)
27. .When asked by Queen Isabella to describe the newly discovered island of Hispaniola(now Haiti), Admiral Columbus reached for a sheet of paper, crumpled it, and said, “It looks like that ---beyond the mountains,more mountains.” (E-P42-21)
28. Published during the late eighteenth century, Diderot’s factual Encyclopedia and his friend Voltaire’s fictional Candide were the cause of a scandal so sensational that both men prudently chose to embark on extended vacations in nearby Austria. (E-P42-14)
29. Confused by the many strata and substrata of anicient civilizations overlying one another, Schliemann temporarily halted his excavations of the fabled city of Ilium, the ancient Troy. (E-P65-3)
30. To spread the word about mortgage servicers, the Federal Trade Commission has put together a fact sheet that outlines your legal rights if you get caught in a mortgage servicing mess.(E-P75-1)
31. Plagued by injuries, tennis celebrity Tracy Austin, who won the Italian and U.S. Opens at age 16 in 1979, sat out the years form 1984 to 1988, occasionally working as a television commentator. (E-P75-12)
32. .To be successful, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should begin within one to four minutes after a cariac arrest. (E-P75-22)


1. The complex tax dispute between the Covered Bridge Mall and Harris Township is not likely to be adjudicated for several years, and, in the meantime, each side is intent on creating difficulties for the other.(D-P10-14)
2. Under the restructuring , the huge organization that operates the company’s basic businesses will be divided into five groups, each with its own executive. (C-p22-17)
3. Chinese, the most ancient of living writing systems, consists of tens of thousands of ideographic characters, each character a miniature calligraphic composition inside its own square frame. (A-P1-223)
4. Dr Tonegawa won the Nobel Prize for discovering how the body can constantly change its genes to fashion a seemingly unlimited number of antibodies, each targeted specifically at an invading microbe or foreign substance.(D-P35-6)

1. The mountainous regions of northern Ethiopia are dotted with hundreds of monasteries, many of them chiseled from solid rock centuries ago. (A-P1-82)
2/ In good years, the patchwork of green fields that surround the Dan Joaquin Valley town bustles with farm workers, many of them in the area just for the season. (E-P75-15)
3/ A new phenomenon visible at Managua’s major intersections is waves of vendors and beggars, many of them children, who mob cars at the stoplights. (E-P75-23)

2. His right hand and arm crippled by a sniper’s bullet during the First World War, Horace Pippin, a Black American painter, worked by holding the brush in his right hand and guiding its movements with his left. (B-p177-20)
3. Visitors to the park have often looked up into the leafy canopy and seen monkeys sleeping on the branches, with arms and legs hanging like socks on a clothesline. (B-p218-20)

1.One of Ronald Reagan’s first acts as President was to rescind President Carter’s directive prohibiting the sale to other countries of any chemical banned on medical grounds in the United States. (B-p88-16)
2. Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida, and Minnesota have begun to enforce statewide bans prohibiting landfills from accepting leaves, brush, and grass clippings. (B-p218-7)
3. By a vote of 9 to 0, the Supreme Court awarded the Central Intelligence Agency broad discretionary powers enabling it to withhold from the public the identities of its sources of intelligence information. (B-p236-12)
4. A recent study ancient clay deposits has provided new evidence supporting the theory that global forest fires ignited by a meteorite impact contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs and many other creature some 65 million years ago. (C-P41-27)
5.Last spring a Colorado health department survey of 72 playgrounds in private child –care centers found that 95 percent had unsafe conditions ranging from splinters to equipment near collapse. (A-P1-53)
6.Contrary to earlier conjectures, it may be that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels would cool the globe by reducing the amount of solar energy absorbed by snow. (A-P1-94)
7. According to a panel of health officials, there has been a great deal of confusion in the medical profession about whether obesity is a biological disorder posing serious health risks or a condition more related to appearance than to health. (C-P41-26)
7/.After July, anyone disposing of or servicing refrigerators must capture the chlorofluorocarbons in the refrigerant chemicals. (E-P75-14)

8. The extraordinary diary of William Lyon Mackenzie King, prime minister of Canada for over twenty years, revealed that this most bland and circumspect of men was a mystic guided in both public and private life by omens, messages received at séances, and signs from heaven. (A-P1-240)
9. Alaska regularly deposits some of its profits from the sale of oil into a special fund intended to sustain the state’s economy after oil reserves are exhausted. (C-p8-12)
10. According to a recent United States study, identical twins reared apart from each other showed striking similarities, including many idiosyncrasies of behavior. (B-p84-3)
11. As many as 300 of the 720 paintings attributed to Rembrandt may actually be the works of his students or other admirers. (B-p88-7)
12. .The man was always aware, sometimes proudly and sometimes resentfully, that he was a small-town Midwesterner thrust into a world dominated by wealthier, better-educated, and more polished people than he. (E-P75-11)

1. To compare the lightning—fast genius of playwright Tom Stoppard with the pedestrian efforts of some of his contemporaries is to compare the exquisite bouquet of a fine wine with that of ordinary grape juice. (A-P1-165)
2.To read of Abigail Adams’ lengthy separation from her family, her difficult travels, and her constant battles with illness is to feel intensely how harsh life was even for the so-called aristocracy of Revolutionary times. (A-P1-34)
3.Some analysts of retirement problems insist that the only way to provide equity and protection for all Americans is to amalgamate all retirement-income system, including Social Security, into one central system. (A-P1-109)

1.In the last few years, the number of convicted criminals given community service sentences allowing them to remain unconfined while performing specific jobs that benefit the public has risen dramatically. (C-p90-9)
2.In England the well-dressed gentleman of the eighteenth century protected his clothing while having his wig powdered by poking his head through a device that resembled the stocks. (B-p84-2)
3.Although some officials noted that using machines for farming in China costs more than traditional hand cultivation, the mechanization of farming in the village of Long Bow doubled the corn yield while cutting costs to half those of the previous year. (A-P1-217)

4.During the early years of European settlement on a continent that was viewed as “wilderness” by the newcomers, Native Americans, with their intimate knowledge of the ecology of the land, helped to rescue many Pilgrims and pioneers from hardship, or even death. (C-p90-10)
5.According to some economists, Japan is in danger of plunging into a depression that, with double-digit unemployment, could severely strain a society that regards lifetime employment as a virtual right of citizenship. (A-P1-67)
6Without hearing a word of what is being said or shouted, experienced traders on the floor of the stock exchange can listen to the hum of voices around them and tell what is happening. (A-P1-122)
7.With diamonds, as with all gems, you should ask for written description of your purchase; the description may prove useful later if you have reason to believe the jeweler misled you. (A-P1-179)
8.With just several quick strokes of the pen, the artist sketched the monkeys, capturing their antics. (A-P1-250)
9.Visitors to the park have often looked up into the leafy canopy and seen monkeys sleeping on the branches, with arms and legs hanging like socks on a clothesline. (B-p218-20)
10.In December of 1987 an automobile manufacturer pleaded no contest to criminal charges of odometer tampering and agreed to pay more than $16 million in civil damages for having test-driven cars with their odometers disconnected. (C-p22-20)
11. The diet of the ordinary Greek in classical times was largely vegetarian—vegetables, fresh cheese, oatmeal, and meal cakes, with meat as a rarity. (B-p218-11)

12. According to the National Pasta Association, per-capita consumption of pasta in the United States is already approaching 19 pounds a year and will reach 30 pounds a year by the twenty-first century.(D-P10-20)
13.Because the underinflation of tires can waste up to five percent of a car’s fuel by increasing car-road friction, car owners can substantially boost their vehicles’ fuel efficiency by properly inflating the tires.(D-P10-22)
14.After the Civil War, contemporaries of Harriet Tubman maintained that she had all of the qualities of a great leader: coolness in the face of danger, and excellent sense of strategy, and an ability to plan in minute detail.(D-P35-13)
15.From 1982 to 1907 sales of new small boats increased between five and ten percent annually.(D-P35-14)
16.In the textbook publishing business, the second quarter is historically weak, because revenues are low and marketing expenses are high as companies prepare for the coming school year.(D-P35-18)
17.The period when the great painted caves at Lascaux and Altamira were occupied by Upper Paleolithic people has been established by carbon-14 dating, but what is much more difficult to determine is the reason for their decoration, the use to which primitive people put the caves, and the meaning of the magnificently depicted animals.(D-P35-22)
18..Although it has not been proved that the consumption of any particular food will reverse hardening of the arteries, studies indicate that refraining from eating certain foods can help reverse blockage of coronary arteries, the blood vessels that feed the heart.(D-P44-5)
19. Although the coordination of monetary policy can help facilitate the orderly financing of existing imbalances, its effect on their size is not likely to be significant in the absence of an appropriate fiscal adjustment.(D-P44-7)
20 Many writers of modern English have acquired careless habits that damage that clarity of their prost, but they can break these habits if they are willing to take the necessary trouble.(D-p44-9)
21.. Oberlin College in Ohio was a renegade institution in deciding at its founding in 1833 to accept both men and women as students.(D-p44-13)
22. It can hardly be said that educators are at fault for not anticipating the impact of microcomputer technology: Alvin Toffler, one of the most prominent students of the future, did not even mention micro-computers in Future Shock, published in 1970. (D-p72-3)
23. While all states face similar industrial waste problems, the predominant industries and the regulatory environment of each state obviously determine the types and amounts of waste produced, as well as the cost of disposal. (D-p72-18)
24. .Natural gas, the United state’s second biggest fuel source after crude oil, is supplied almost exclusively from reserves in North America. (D-p78-2)
25. .Growing confidence in their ability to make profitable investments in the United States has led foreign investors to move from passive involvement in commercial real estate partnerships to active development of their own increasingly ambitious projects. (D-p78-13)
26. If the new airboat does what its is supposed to do –travel at high speeds undeterred by sandbars, crocodile-infested mudflats, or marshy hippo haunts—it could revolutionize transport on the 2,900-mile-long Congo River. (D-p78-15)
27 .New Jersey has one of the five highest numbers of reported cases of Lyme disease in the United States. (D-p108-2)
28. Intended primarily to stimulate family summer travel, the new airfare, which allows both an adult and a child to fly for the price of one ticket, also shortens the advance-purchase requirement for family travel to a minimum of seven days rather than fourteen. (D-p108-14)
29. In the late seven century, in a dispute over whether the Prophet Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali, should carry on as the fourth caliph, Muhammad’s successors, Islam split into two branches, the Sunnis and the Shilites. (C-p8-14)
30.. The July 15 issue of the company paper will report on promotions, retirements, and other actions approved by the board of directors at its May meeting; the paper will also include obituaries. (C-p8-21)
31. The labor agreement permits staff reductions through attrition and provides increased pension benefits and a special early-retirement program to speed the attrition process. (C-p8-24)
32.The brochure notes that in the seminar the importance of communication as a two-way process will be emphasized.(C-p22-1)
33. Although it was once funded entirely by the government, the Victoria and Albert Museum was among the first of Britain’s national museums to seek support from corporations and private donors and to increase income by increasing attendance. (C-p22-14)
34. The record of the past is always incomplete, and historians in writing about it inevitably reflect the preoccupations of their own time. (C-p22-25)
35. According to some analysts, whatever its merits, the proposal to tax away all capital gains on short-term investment would, if enacted, have a disastrous effect on Wall Street trading and employment. (C-p22-26)
36. Judge Lois Forer’s study asks why some litigants have a preferred status over others in the use of a public resource, the courts, which in theory are available to all but in fact are unequally distributed between rich and poor. (C-P41-2)
37. As litigation grows more complex, the need for experts to explain technical issues becomes more apparent. (C-P41-3)
38. Last spring a Colorado health department survey of 72 playgrounds in private child-care centers found that 95 percent had unsafe conditions ranging from splinters to equipment near collapse. (C-P41-4)
39. According to Interstudy, a nonprofit organization that studies health maintenance organizations (HMO’s), only 36 percent of the nation’s 607 HMO’s were profitable last year; it estimates that this year 73 percent will be . (C-P41-9)
40. As a result of the ground-breaking work of Barbara McClintock, many scientists now believe that all of the information encoded in the 50,000 to 100,000 different genes found in a human cell is contained in a mere three percent of the cell’s DNA. (C-p90-7)
41. .What brought the Ford Motor Company back from the verge of bankruptcy shortly after the Second World War was a special price increase that the government sanctioned during a period of wage and price controls. (B-p80-9)
42. Europeans have long known that eating quail sometimes makes the eater ill, but only recently has it been established that the illness is caused by a toxin present in the quail’s body only under certain conditions. (B-p80-23)
43. .According to scientists at the University of California, the pattern of changes that have occurred in human DNA over the millennia indicates that everyone alive today may be a descendant of a single female ancestor who lived in Africa sometime between 140,000 and 280,000 years ago. (B-p88-13)
44. Although it is just inside the orbit of Jupiter, amateur astronomers with good telescopes should be able to see the comet within the next few weeks. (B-p88-17)
45. The inability of the French under Napoleon to organize an adequate supply system was a major cause of the failure of their invasion of Russia. (B-p88-18)
46. The only way for growers to salvage frozen citrus is to have it quickly processed into juice concerntrate before warmer weather returns and rots the fruit. (B-p106-4)
47. However much United States voters may agree that there is waste in government and that the government as a whole spends beyond its means, it is difficult to find broad support for a movement toward a minimal state. (B-p106-10)
48. States officials report that soaring rates of liability insurance are forcing cutbacks in the operations of everything from local governments and school districts to day-care centers and recreational facilities. (B-p106-13)
49. Native American burial sits dating back 5,000 years indicate that the residents of Maine at that time were part of a widespread culture of Algonquian-speaking people. (B-p106-17)
50. Hemingway’s wives—Hadley Richardson, Pauline Pfeiffer, Martha Gellhorn, and Mary Welsh—were all strong and interesting women, very different from the often pallid women who populate his novels. (B-p106-18)
51. Defense attorneys have occasionally argued that their clients’ misconduct stemmed from a reaction to something ingested, but if criminal or delinquent behavior is attributed to an allergy to some food, the perpetrators are in effect told that they are not responsible for their actions. (B-p106-21)
52. As more and more people invest their money in savings certificates or money-market funds in order to earn higher interest, they are abandoning traditional low-interest investment havens such as passbook accounts and life insurance policies. (B-p106-23)
53. The first decision for most tenants living in a building undergoing conversion to cooperative ownership is whether to sigh a no-buy pledge with the other tenants. (B-p142-2)
54. Of all the possible disasters that threaten American agriculture, the possibility of an adverse change in climate is probably the most difficult to analyze. (B-p142-4)
55. Some buildings that were destroyed or heavily damaged in the earthquake last year had been constructed in violation of the city’s building code. (B-p142-10)
56. While some academicians believe that business ethics should be integrated into every business course, others say that students will take ethics seriously only if it is taught as a separate, required course. (B-p142-15)
57. .In the minds of many people living in England, before Australia was Australia, it was the antipodes, the opposite pole to civilization, an obscure and unimaginable place that was considered the end of the world. (B-p142-21)
58.. The golden crab of the Gulf of Mexico has not been fished commercially in great numbers, primarily because it lives at great depths—2,500 to 3,000 feet down. (B-p162-4)
59. The rising costs of data-processing operations at many financial institutions has created a growing opportunity for independent companies to provide these services more efficiently and at lower cost. (B-p162-8)
60. Although she had signed a pledge of abstinence as an adolescent, Frances Willard was 35 years old before she chose to become a temperance activist. (B-p177-3)
61. Growing competitive pressure may be encouraging auditors to bend the rules in favor of clients; auditors may , for instance, allow a questionable loan to remain on the books in order to maintain a bank’s profits on paper. (B-p177-8)
62. Though the term “graphic design” may suggest laying out corporate brochures and annual reports, it has come to signify a wide range of work, from package designs and company logotypes to signs, book jackets, computer graphics, and film titles. (B-p177-11)
63. Along with the drop in producing prices announced yesterday, the strong retail sales figures released today seem to indicate that the economy, although growing slowly, is not nearing a recession. (B-p218-2)
64. Reporting that one of its many problems had been the recent extended sales slump in women’s apparel, the seven-store retailer said it would start a three-month liquidation sale in all of its stores. (B-p218-15)
65.It has been estimated that illiteracy costs the United States at least $20 billion a year in lost industrial output and tax revenues. (B-p218-17)
66. A firm that specializes in the analysis of handwriting claims to be able, from a one-page writing sample, to assess more than three hundred personality traits, including enthusiasm, imagination, and ambition. (B-p218-24)
67. Parliamnet did not accord full refugee benefits to twelve of the recent immigrants because it believed that doing so would reward them for entering the country illegally. (B-p236-5)
68. Over a period of a hundred years beginning in 1788, England exiled some 160,000 criminals to Australia. (B-p236-10)
69. Quasars, at billions of light-years from Earth the most distant observable objects in the universe, are believed to be the cores of galaxies in an early stage of development. (B-p236-19)
70. The physical structure of the human eye enables it to sense light of wavelengths up to 0.0005 millimeters; infrared radiation, however, is invisible because its wavelength—0.1 millimeters—is too long to be registered by the eye. (B-p236-25)
71. The Coast Guard is conducting tests to see whether pigeons can be trained to help find survivors of wrecks at sea. (B-p236-27)
72..In addition to the increase in hourly wages requested last July, the employees of the railroad are now seeking an expanded program of retirement benefits.(A-P1-1)
73.. Urban officials want the census to be as accurate and complete as possible because the number of low-income people in a given area affects the distribution of about fifty billion dollars a year in federal funds. (A-P1-4)
74.. The use of gravity waves, which do not interact with matter in the way electromagnetic waves do, will, it is hoped, enable, astronomers to study the actual formation of black holes and neutron stars. (A-P1-6)
75.. Although it had been partially destroyed, the archaeologists were able to infer from what remained of the inscription that the priest Zonainos was buried in the crypt. (A-P1-12)
76.. For all his professed disdain of such activities, Auden was an inveterate literary gossip. (A-P1-13)
77.. The earnings of women are well below those of men in spite of diminishing educational differences between the sexes. (A-P1-14)
77. There has been a 30-to-40-fold increase in the incidence of malaria because of increasing resistance of mosquitoes to pesticides. (A-P1-17)
78. Building large new hospitals in the bistate area would constitute a wasteful use of resources, if only because the duplication of facilities should be avoided. (A-P1-29)
79. It may someday be worthwhile to try to recover uranium from seawater, but at present this process is prohibitively expensive. (A-P1-31)
80. .Mass determines whether a star, after passing through the red giant stage, will compress itself into a white dwarf, a neutron star, or a black hole. (A-P1-35)
81. Because it seemed to be the only organization fighting for the rights of poor people in the South, Hosea Hudson, a laborer in Alabama, joined the Communist party in 1931. (A-P1-37)
82. It is estimated that by the end of the decade the cost to the United States petroleum industry of meeting environmental regulations will be ten percent of the price per barrel of refined petroleum. (A-P1-43)
83. The relationship between corpulence and disease remains controversial, although statistics clearly associate a reduced life expectancy with chronic obesity. (A-P1-44)
84. .Three out of every four automobile owners in the United States also own a bicycle. (A-P1-50)
85. The task force is reviewing the company’s hiring practices to determine whether they meet the requirements set by the Office of Equal Opportunity. (A-P1-52)
86. Cartographers have long struggled with the problem of how to draw the spherical Earth on a flat sheet of paper. (A-P1-58)
87. Although Ms.Bakara had previously emphasized that she could not speak for other Black people, she ventured to do so on this one occasion because she firmly believed that many minority people, if not most, would agree with her. (A-P1-72)
88. iaget’s research revealed that children can learn to count long before they can recognize that a pint of water poured from a small glass into a large one remains the same amount of water. (A-P1-73)
89. The debate over bllingual education centers on the issue of whether the United States should foster the idea of a single common language, an idea, some believe, that has in the past been crucial in binding diverse constituencies together. (A-P1-87)
90. That the supply of oil is finite has become an economic and political consideration of the first magnitude for all modern industrial nations. (A-P1-92)
91. .For some birds the sense of smell appears to play a role in navigation, since pigeons with surgically removed olfactory nerves have been found to have increased difficulty in homing. (A-P1-104)
92. Distinguished architecture requires the expenditure of large sums of money, even though it is by no means certain that the expenditure of large sums of money produces distinguished architecture. (A-P1-105)
93. The irritation of the stomach caused by aspirin can be avoided if the aspirin tablet is given a coating that will not dissolve until the tablet reaches the intestine. (A-P1-113)
94. In 1980, for the first time, the number of foreigners touring the United States exceeded the number of Americans going abroad. (A-P1-120)
95. During the Renaissance, scholar were uncertain as to be location of Troy, and by the eighteenth century many historians doubted that Troy had ever existed. (A-P1-128)
96. .Pensions are now viewed as a deferred payment of salary, money workers are compelled to put away to take care of themselves in later years. (A-P1-142)
97. Giving notice to employers two weeks before leaving a job is the generally accepted protocol. (A-P1-153)
98. An attempt to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, begun almost two decades ago, has been unsuccessful despite efforts by many important groups, including the National Organization for Women. (A-P1-160)
99. .When evidence of financial wrongdoing by an elected official surfaces, it is the electorate who must decide whether the evidence warrants censuring him or ousting him. (A-P1-161)
100. Elephants emit low-frequency sounds, believed to originate from a small area on their foreheads, that they may use as a “secret language” to communicate with other members of the herd. (A-P1-177)
101. Camille Claudet worked continuously through the 1880’s and early 1890’s with the sculptor Auguste Rodin; since there are very few signed works of hers, the conclusion seems inescapable that part of Rodin’s enormous production of that period was conceived and executed by Claudet. (A-P1-185)
102.Discrimination in wages in predominantly male occupations over the predominantly female has given rise to substantial differentials between the wages of house-painters and secretaries and between the wages of parking-lot attendants and library assistants. (A-P1-194)
103. The boom in agricultural exports in the early 1970’s emptied United States grain bins and led many to think that overproduction had become a problem of the past. (A-P1-201)
104. Besides yielding such psychological rewards as relief from stress, deep relaxation, if practice regularly, can strength the immune system and produce a host of other physiological benefits. (A-P1-202)
105. During Roosevelt’s years in office, Black Americans began voting for Democrats rather than Republicans in national elections, but Black support for Democrats at the state and local levels developed only after Harry Truman’s support of civil rights legislation by Harry Truman. (A-P1-225)
106. In an effort to reduce their inventories, Italian vintners have cut prices; their wines have been priced to sell, and they are. (A-P1-230)
107. Unless the transplant involves identical twins, who have the same genetic endowment, all patients receiving hearts or other organs must take antirejection drugs for the rest of their lives. (A-P1-242)
108. Although he is as gifted as, if not more gifted than , many of his colleges, he is extremely modest and will not publish his poetry. (A-P1-248)
109 At the time of the Mexican agrarian revolution, the most radical faction, that of Zapata and his followers, proposed a return to communal ownership of land, to what had been a pre-Columbian form of ownership respected by the Spaniards. (B-p84-21)
110.Some analysts point out that because people are becoming accustomed to a steady inflation rate of four to five percent, businesses are finding that they can raise prices by this amount without provoking strong public reaction. (C-p22-13)

111. During the first year after the corporate reorganization, no one considered the management well-organized; managers were largely untrained and directionless. (E-P13-3)
112. When the prime lending rates went up in 1987, economists determined that the increase would cause interest rates to rise and then decline over the ensuing five-year period. (E-P13-4)
113. For most consumers, the price of automobile insurance continues to rise annually, even if they are free of damage claims and moving violations. (E-P13-8)
114. A little under a million years ago, the briny waters of the Baltic Sea began flooding into the cold North Atlantic; geologists are still debating whether the flood was gradual or cataclysmic. (E-P13-14)
115.Since 1975 the number of women in upper-level management in American corporations has increased by 25 percent; female executives’ salaries, however, still lag behind those of their male counterparts. (E-P13-15)
116.Adult survivors of child abuse traditionally have has little or no chance of getting their symptoms recognized and treated. (E-P13-16)
117.Erasmus Montanus, a seventeenth-century farce written by Ludwig Holberg, both predates and resembles Moliere’s Tartuffe and is therefore thought to be one of Moliere’s sources. (E-P13-17)
118.To maintain a high demand for their product, the manufactures first took over the marketing and sales functions previously performed by outside agents; next, they began changing their advertising campaigns mothlys to keep pace with the rapid changes in consumers’ lives. (E-P13-18)
119Studies of circadian rhythms can be applied to problems ranging from chronic insomnia in frequent transcontinental air travelers to decreased efficiency among workers in all-night plants. (E-P13-20)
120.Archaeologists have discovered that, over five thousand years ago, Mesopotarnian cooks were preparing chicken with coriander and tarnarind, just as Egyptian cooks are still doing today. (E-P13-21)
121.Ideally, the professional career diplomat should help maintain an effective American foreign policy despite changes in adminstrations. (E-P13-23)
122.Even astronomers were amazed at the success of the Neptune flyby, which produced a photograph of a previously undetected moon; this success is likely to result in increased government support for the hitherto neglected U.S. space program. (E-P13-24)
123..Because it seemed to be one of the few corporations diversified enough to survive the recession, many shareholders ignored the drop in third-quarter profits and invested even more heavily in Emco. (E-P13-25)
124.Not all employment selection mechanisms that have a “disparate effect,” that is, that screen out a percentage of minorities or women disproportionate to their presence in the relevant labor market, are unlawful.(E-P20-1)
125.Modern critics are amused by early scholars’ categorizing Tacitus’s Germanis as an ethnographic treatise. (E-P20-2)
126. During the 1950s, as part of their therapy, young polio victims learning to live with their disabilities were helped to practice falling, so that they could learn to fall without being hurt. (E-P42-10)
127. Everyone participating in the early sociological study committed a crucial methodologiacal error by not fully considering alternative ways to classify the data. (E-P65-7)
128. An unusually strong cyclist can, it is hoped, provide enough power to set a new distance record for human-powered aircraft in MIT’s diaphanous construction of graphite fiber and plastic. (E-P65-11)
129. Our rate of teenage pregnancies is among the highest in the industrialized world, exceeded only by that of Chile, Hungary, Romania, Cuba, and Bulgaria. (E-P75-2)
130. It takes a deft balance of savings discipline, investment knowledge, risk taking, luck, and time to raise a million dollars through investments. (E-P75-9)
131. Russelll Banks suggests that a lack of grand ideas has left writers with only semiotics, hermeneutice, and deconstruction. (E-P75-20)

1Under the new corporate insurance policy, when an employer is charged for damages to a third party wholly or largely as a result of actions by an employee, the employer is entitled to recoup the amount of the damages. (E-P20-4)
2.The Western world’s love affair with chocolate is well-documented; few people have been known to taste it for the first time without requesting more. (E-P20-14)
3.The group called the Teton Sioux inhabits parts of North and South Dakota; its language and customs differ, however, from those of the Yankton, Sisseton, and Dakota Sioux. (E-P20-16)
4.During the first nine months of 1979, textbook publishers incurred substantial costs for creating products that, due to a decline in public funding for instructional material, never were sold. (E-P20-17)
5..Because of the business community’s uncertainty about the President’s position on the deficit, an unanticipated rise in interest rates has occurred. (E-P20-20)
6.Through the years, the exquisitely subtle flavors and superb richness of Kenyan coffee have attracted an international following of discerning consumers. (E-P20-24)
7. The endurance and consistency of baseball star Lou Gehrig, known as “ The Iron Horse”, are legendary. (E-P42-24)
8. The unprecedented increases in the prime lending rate this year have probably been brought about by the business community’s uncertainty about the President’s position on the budget deficit. (E-P42-8)
9. Chronic low-level leaking and the routine discharge of drilling mud and mineral salts present considerable environmental risk during offshore oil drilling. (E-P65-12)
1. .Within the boundaries of artistic rivalry lies a sense of family: the shared genetic inheritance, or accident, that enables musicians to make music. (E-P75-6)
2. Among the emotions on display in the negotiating room was anger for repeatedly raising the issue and preventing the raw wounds from earlier battles from ever beginning to heal. (E-P75-8)

Chap10 时态

1. Clark and Florence Wallace, a husband-and-wife medical team, worked steadily and efficiently through the night, but as they sipped their coffee the next morning, she noticed that he seemed disoriented.(D-P44-1)
2. Even though the state has spent ten years and seven million dollars planning a reservoir along the Ubi River, the project must be abandoned because the river has become so heavily polluted.(D-p44-18)
3. The animosity between those who regulate and those who are regulated has never been more pronounced than in recent debates over environmentalism and pollution control. (D-p108-10)
4. Although early soap operas were first aired on evening radio in the 1920’s, they were moved to the daytime hours in the 1930’s when the evening schedule became crowded with comedians and variety shows.(C-p90-1)
5.In 1527 King Henry VIII sought to have his marriage to Queen Catherine annulled so that he could marry Anne Boleyn. (C-p90-2)
6. Even though its per capita food supply has hardly increased in two decades, stringent rationing and planned distribution have allowed the People’s republic of China to ensure nutritional levels of 2,000 calories per person per day for its population. (B-p76-24)
7. Under a provision of the Constitution that has never been applied, Congress is required to call a convention to consider possible amendments to the document when formally asked to do so by the legislatures of two-thirds of the states. (B-p142-19)
8. If the proposed expenditures for gathering information abroad are reduced even further, international news reports will continue to diminish in number and quality. (B-p177-9)
9. Since 1986 when the Department of Labor began to allow fees of investment officers to be based on the performance of the funds they manage, several corporations have begun paying their investment advisers a small basic fee, with a contract promising higher fees if the managers perform well. (B-p177-24)
10. The fear of rabies is well founded; few people are known to have recovered from the disease once the clinical symptoms have appeared. (A-P1-10)
11. Tenor George Shirley has sung more than 20 leading roles at the Metropolitan Opera since his debut there as Fernando in Cosifan tulle on October 24, 1961. (A-P1-54)
12. The science of economics is one that for four decades has been dominated by Keynesians, who at first stressed the government’s role in stimulating the economy, but who were ultimately led away from solutions based on government intervention. (A-P1-98)
13. Despite the recent election of a woman to the office of prime minister, the status of women in Pakistan has changed little in the last century. (A-P1-146)
14. .Not since Galileo suffered the “scurvy humor” of the Inquisition has a religious organization so effectively curbed the ability of a major scientist to pursue a theory. (A-P1-147)
15. In the last twenty years, despite the chauvinism of European connoisseurs, California wines have gained respect throughout the world. (A-P1-148)
16. Once an apolitical confrontation of the world’s best athletes, the Summer Olympics have been increasingly politicized in recent years as the superpowers have denied many of the best athletes access to the competition. (A-P1-173)
17. Not until the Enlightenment, some 200 years ago, did society seriously question the right of the state to execute. (A-P1-174)
18. At a recent session ,the French government decided that Paris needs a second, larger opera house to complement the famous Paris Opera. (A-P1-176)
19. Those with a cynical turn of mind might wonder whether the new corporation, eager for profit, had started the rumor that caused its competitor to declare bankruptcy. (A-P1-190)
20. Geologists believe that the Bering land bridge, over which human beings are thought to have first entered the Americans, disappeared about 14,000 years ago when massive glaciers melted and caused the sea level to rise several hundred feet worldwide. (A-P1-207)
21. The domestication of the camel, thought by some scholars to have occurred around the twelfth century B.C, was the key to the development of the spice trade in the ancient world. (A-P1-218)
22.The distinctive hereditary tartans alleged to have been worn since antiquity by members of the Highland clans were in fact designed by Scottish woolen manufactures in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. (C-P41-25)

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Banana Republic General Manager Duties

...Banana Republic General Manager Duties 1. General Manager of Banana Republic Factory Store in Hershey, PA “This position leads BRFS Stores. The store produces an annual volume ranging from $2-20 million. In a standard location the GM is responsible for attracting, hiring, training and developing all levels of associates. They lead an average of 4 exempt and non-exempt positions. The GM is responsible for implementing the individual store strategy in a manner consistent with Gap Inc.'s Purpose, Values and Behaviors. The GM leads their team to meet net contribution goals, sales goals, customer service targets, and Operating and Human Resources objectives through motivation, inspiration and accountability. The GM is accountable for professional representation of our brands within their locale, understanding our competitors and their operations as well as driving excellent tenant and community relationships. Leadership and Employee Results (25%) • Holds Store team and self accountable to all Gap Inc. standards of performance and behavior. • Effectively sources, recruits, selects and on-boards all management and non-exempt store personnel. • Maintains optimal staffing levels to ensure business needs are obtained while promoting associate retention. • Promotes a high-quality store associate experience from on boarding through the associate life cycle. • Promotes maximum team and individual performance through consistent coaching and feedback. Drives in-store performance...

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