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Running Head: ISLLC Standards

EDA 534
ISLLC Standards Reflection

ISLLC 2008 Standard 2: An education leader promotes the success of every student by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a school culture and instructional program conducive to student learning and staff professional growth. Knowledge | Skills | Enduring Understandings | Essential Questions | Administrators will know… | Administrators will be able to… | Administrators will understand that… | | School culture | Advocate for a school culture that will produce successful school learning and staff professional growth.(ISLLC 2008:2.A; ELCC 2.1) | A positive school culture in which every individual feels valued is necessary to achieve success. | What is the culture of the school, and how can it be affected in a positive direction? | Instructional programs | Create and nurture effective instructional programs that will promote personalized learning throughout the educational environment.(ISLLC 2008: 2.B, 2.C; ELCC 2.2) | To build capacity the instructional and leadership capacity of the staff has to be continuously developed. | What professional development is relevant to strengthening instructional programs? | Student learning | Sustain an environment of student learning that maximizes instructional time.(ISLLC 2008: 2.D, 2.G; ELCC 2.3) | Differentiation of instruction is vital to creating strong instructional programs that lead to student achievement. | How can we organize an environment so that success is promoted for all students? | Professional development | Promote and develop the instructional and leadership staff through using appropriate technologies that support teaching and learning.(ISLLC 2008: 2.F, 2.H; ELCC 2.4) | | What programs are in place to assess student learning and quality of instruction? |

ISLLC 2008 Standard 4: An education leader promotes the...

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