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Group : 911 – Healthy Cook | Intt465 – Term Project Final Report | Instructor: Albert Özkohen |

Tuğçe Ulusu, Gökhan Üzümcü, Celal Güner, Merih Sorkut

Table of Contents: Executive Summary: 3 Business Description: 4 Business Goals: 5 Our Mission 5 Our Vision 5 Business Model: 5 Market Analysis: 7 Identifying Target Markets: 7 Target Market Research: 7 Competitor Analysis: 8 Defining the Competitive Position: SWOT Analysis, A Useful Approach: 8 Strengths and Weaknesses of Competitors: 10 Competitive Strategy: 10 Operations: 10 Financial Statement 12 Start-up Budget – Period Covering : (Jan) 2016 – (April) 2016 12 Cash Flow 13 Income & Expense Statement 14 Balance Sheet 15

Executive Summary:
There’s an expression as “you are what you eat” to make people realise how bad they are nourished and take an action to eat more healthy. However, in today’s Turkey, especially in big cities, people’s eating habit is worsening day by day.
In the past our mothers were the ones who take the all responsibility in the kitchen. While our fathers were working and bringing home food, our mothers (or the women in the house) were cooking everything for us. We weren’t worrying about what we ate. However, this tradition is now changing. Especially in big cities like İstanbul, and especially with the new generation, women have joined the workforce. Most of the young women now working as many hours in a day as men do. Consequently, when they arrive home they were tired enough to not want to cook for themselves or the family. Instead, they order food.
Furthermore, most of the students who study outside of their hometown, far from their families prefer to eat outside or order food rather than cooking at home and unfortunately, most of the time, what they eat is not healthy.
Lastly, most of young people actually see cooking as a hard and time consuming task because of the getting the ingredients and preparing the recipes and they avoid trying to cook.
As you can see all the reasons above, especially people in İstanbul now have a bad eating habit. We like to reach those people and offer them an alternative.
Our business, Healthy Cook, in short, will bring our customers in İstanbul all the fresh ingredients wiht the exact amount and with the clear recipe in it. To be more clear, first we will hire few good cooks who will prepare or create the recipes. All the raw ingredients will be bought from the retailers fresh. We’ll have a storehouse where all the materials will be kept safe and prepared for distribution. We will have a website.
We will accept monthly memberships. When people become our customers, they will check for the recipes of the week from our website. They will choose 7 different dishes from 10 (which are prepared by the cook according to the laws) by stating the proportion of the dish and the delivery time on specific days. When they submit their order, all the ingredients for 6 different dishes will be packed and ready for delivery.
Moreover, recipes will be easy to make to leave more time to our customers for themselves. Normally, when people order food they receive it at an average 40 minutes. So it is important for our customers to be able to cook the meal at abour 40 minutes. Also, to make cooking easier, our customers can reach the videos of our chefs cooking the recipes with clear instructions on our website.
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To sum up, we are offering healthy and easy to cook meals to people without making them doing the grocery or trying to find what to cook every other day. And we are actually showing them how cooking can be fun, easy and most importantly healthy. Business Description:
As we mentioned before, today, especially in İstanbul both women and men work and when they get home they don’t feel cooking and order food and unfortunately, most of the food they order are not healthy for them. Or students, who are used to eat what their mothers cooked in the past, now don’t want to learn cooking or deal with it. For those reasons we believe that our business concept will create an alternative for those people. According to our business concept, we will provide fresh and healthy ingredients of specific meals to our consumers (who are agreed to be members at least a month after a week trial) by delivering the ingredients with the exact amount according to their order, at their door once a week with the clearly instructed recipes in it.
In food industry, we can see that most people spending their money on eating outside or ordering from outside. Only in İstanbul about 7 mio people are eating outside. At least 6 meals are eaten outside in a week. In 2011, almost 30k people were ordering food from in a day. However when we ask people if they are satisfied of their eating habits, most of them actually do know that they don’t have a healthy eating habit. Therefore, with our new concept in the industry we believe that we can succeed.
Our mission is to provide our customer with the best, healthy, fresh ingredients that have confirmation of health ministry of Turkey, and make them gain time by delivering to their door, and make cooking easy and fast for them. Most importantly we like to help our customer eat healthy.
To complete our business goals first we should rent a storehouse for the food to be kept (in short times) and packed for the delivery. We should hire some cooks who are good at their jobs and innovative. We also built a delivery service as once a week every subscriber gets the order. We also should find the best retailers who are selling the most fresh and good vegetables, fruits, spices, and etc. We should make an agreement with a bank for online payings . And most importantly, we should build a good, clear website. Also we should create a good customer realtionship department to provide a better service for our customer.
All of the actions above are costly as we know. However, when a person order food or eat outside, approximately 15-20 Turkish Liras is spent for the meal. By working with retailers, our meals per person would cost less than 15-20 tl. with a good calculation we can still make profit and make the prices suitable our customers’ budgets.
Our business revenue model will be sales. As we sell them the ingredients we will be paid for that. And we also make use of online direct marketing as we will sell our products online.
We will present our value proposition as the first thing the visitors see on our home page, by showing our targeted customers how quality service we are offering them and why we would like to replace their eating habits with our way. Making them understand that by becoming our customer they will see how easy and delicious a healty cooking can be. go here
In conclusion, we believe that, our e-business will be very helpfull for the people who want to eat good and healthy food, who complain about how time consuming a cooking can be, cause it is really easy to check to foods on internet, decide what to eat, get the ingredients on your door, and prepare easy to cook meals for you and your family.
Business Goals:
HealthyCook is a meal delivery service that is committed to helping consumers change the way they cook. You can have a fresh, healthy, and fun meal. HealthyCook is a great solution for busy adults who want to eat healthy meals at home. If you’re not a huge fan of grocery shopping, you want to eat better, and sharpen your cooking skills, HealthyCook is the perfect solution. After you sign up, you can choose the meal boxes.
Our Mission
-We want to ensure that our customers eat health foods,
- We want to invest social responsibility projects that will make their healthy eating a way of living or a habit
- To deliver high quality and delicious foods
- To simplify our customers life Our Vision
Becoming the leader company in E-Market
- To keep customer satisfaction over 95%
- Establish and implement the ISO 9001 Quality Management System
- To implement ISO 22000 / HACCP food safety and management system
- In 2017 to begin serving at 4-6 locations in Turkey
Business Model: Customers: As we had stated in business description part, our main customers will be the ones who can’t find time for cooking because of business life. People spend most of their times in work and they can’t even find time to think what they are going to cook. Our company will prevent this concern. Students and working people who want to consume healthy goods are within our target bounds. The customers won’t need to think what they are going to cook because we will provide them the recipes and also fresh goods. Healthy cook is the way of eating delicious and healthy foods. With the ‘’How to cook’’ sections of our website from the experienced chiefs, the customers can learn how to cook a certain food with the all details. Products and services: Our main products are fresh vegetables and fruits. We send these goods to customers. With this way, they always obtain fresh goods and certain recipes to cook the meal. With our distribution service, they will be able to get the service whenever they want as long as they ordered it for the certain time. Business process: We will settle a website which is related with this job and then we will get the goods from reliable suppliers and keep them in storehouse. Whenever we get order from customers, we will distribute these goods to them with home delivery. Business process will run as a typical electronic commerce site. Suppliers: For doing this business successfully, we ought to have reliable food suppliers. Since the healthy nutrition is our main priority towards our customers, we should have the best organic food suppliers. There is a direct proportion between our success and the quality of our goods. Therefore when we connect each other with a great supplier, we will be one step ahead of everyone in this business. The goods that are obtained from us will not be waited in storehouses too much. We need to deliver them fresh. Because of this, it is important to purchase right amount of goods to deliver for not causing profusion. We will have home delivery service thus we as company will deliver the goods to our customers. We won’t use outsourcing here. All the delivery personals will be in bounds of our company. Competitors and Competitive advantage: There are a lot of companies who are in this business but none of them is completely similar with us. For example, there are home delivery foods websites but all of them serve cooked goods which is different from us. There are also few sites which make vegetables and fruits home delivery. We are in same business but our website will be totally different from these websites. We are penetrating through the market and make all the difference. Our competitive advantages are the goods that we serve. For example, when someone wants to cook Karnıyarık, we will deliver the eggplant, tomato, minced meat and onion to them. Also, there will be the written recipe of the dish along with CD which includes the video of ‘’How to cook’’ the certain dish. The ones who are not an expert n cooking will be benefitted from this. On the other side, someone may know how to cook Karnıyarık. For those people, we are again attractive in the market. Because these people may ask the exact amount of Karnıyarık ingredients from us which prevent them to waste the goods and make daily dishes. We will also arrange ‘’Let’s meet with X cuisine’’ days on our website which will give an idea about foreign cuisines and people who like to cook can give it a try to the dishes of foreign cuisines. We are encouraging people to be innovative and creative in kitchen. Business Revenue Model: Since we will use monthly or weekly membership, we will use subscription revenue model. At the beginning of month, we will be able to know how much money will be charged this month. So this will give mobility to us in our business. According to our members, we will supply the goods which sound much more planned organization. The other model is direct sales model. Instead of being member, a customer can purchase our goods once a month.
Market Analysis:
Identifying Target Markets: First step in market analysis should be identifying a clear target market, which includes the people who will most possibly demand our product and services. Primary Target Market : Our focus group would be women aged between 29- 49, who are mostly married and/or have a child/children. Most of them would be working for excessive hours, so they could not find time to cook healthy food at home, but also consider the eating habits of their children, themselves, and partners. (We should remember that, in the last few years, healthy eating demonstrated an incredible upward trend in Turkey.) Middle and upper income levels are on the top of our focus group as well. Primary target market should also live in İstanbul for sure, because we are planning to open our first storehouses in İstanbul, especially near central urban areas, such as Umraniye, Ataşehir, Maslak, Levent, Beşiktaş, etc. (where a lot of families with working women live) Our primary target market, that mostly consists of women, should be working for long hours in a week, so they could not find time to go to “Pazar” and buy fresh supplies for kitchen, and bring them to home and give extra effort to keep them fresh on the refrigerator. Being a mother changes a lot in a woman’s life, mostly. They would be more likely to consider healthy eating after being a mother, so we should find as much information as possible about the motherhood of our target market ( either they have a child/children or not), because it would have tremendous affects on their psychographic characteristics. For instance, after giving birth, a woman’s life completely changes, her needs, priorities, experiences, and so on. They would be more likely to think about “What I am eating?” in compare with single women. Secondary Target Market : Our second group of consumers that will consist our secondary target market would have features and similarities as follows : They could be either married or single, men or women, aged between 23- 45, living in the same distinct places as primary target market, working or student, living with family or alone. So, what we are trying to reach with that secondary target market is, touching the secondary segment, who could be health-sensitive as well, but may not be married, or woman, or not working and so on. There are also other people who are likely to buy weekly fresh supplies for home-cooking, but cannot find time to go to Pazar and do not want to think about too much on “what can I cook for tonight?” Secondary target market should also consist of people have middle or upper level incomes.
Target Market Research Conducting feasible researches is another issue that need attention, because they will be our guidelines about what to do or do not. However, we are a group of fresh graduates with strong entrepreneurial hearts and limited amount of money, we should choose the most cost-efficient way to reach proper information. One suggestion could be working with our instructors at the school and using library resources. Maybe we could find some similar cases to ours in other countries, and read some articles about it. We could also reach some data by using their consensus, that can be only found in the library of our university. While one of us dealing with school, other should focus on Internet research. For instance, tuik (Turkish Statistics Institution) establishes useful researches on demographics of people live in certain cities. ( for more information click : Conducting surveys could be another possibility here. We can develop a survey that consists of about 10-15 questions. Questions should be clear and have five degrees ( strongly agree, agree, either agree or disagree, mostly disagree, completely disagree). This may provide us a strong indicator. The critical point here is that, we should reach our primary and secondary target markets while conducting this survey. Otherwise the consequences would be impractical for us.
Competitor Analysis: Direct Competitors : Although there is no company in Turkish market that offers exactly the same service as ours, is the closest one. They offer totally organic and healthy fresh kitchen vegetables and animal products, and also relatively lower prices. There are also some other web-sites that offer organic- high end products : Indirect competitors : is the most commonly used, and biggest indirect competitor of us. Although they offer restaurants with delivery services, our primary and secondary target market could easily choose to order a prepared meal for dinner, instead of cooking at home, even they have all the ingredients and recipe on their hands. While finding these competitors and conducting Internet research, we used some keywords as : organic food, organic products, healthy food, home delivery food, etc.
Defining the Competitive Position: SWOT Analysis, A Useful Approach After identifying our competitors on Turkish market we conduct a SWOT analysis for our future company to see from where we can differentiate our services. The strongest thing about our company is the uniqueness and creativity of the business idea : to simply put, there is no exact substitute in Turkish market, that offers the same service as we are planning to provide. There are a number of websites that are listed above, those are the closest competitors that will supply organic food from the Internet. Other strength of our company is we offer a very practical way of cooking at home, so it meets perfectly with health-considered people’s needs. Although we are unique of what we offer, there are some close substitutes in “real world”. People can easily find what we actually offer in our web site in grocery stores. Another weakness of our company is that, at the beginning it would be challenging to find proper suppliers and offer competitive prices because we are all new to the market. Building strong relationships and enjoying some exclusive sales or economies of scale needs time and strong market positioning. In the market analysis, we mentioned that in turkey, people tend to consume healthy food in the last few years. This trend certainly submits an opportunity for our company. Because our primary target market consists of working middle-aged women, the increasing number of those in the location we are planning to operate is another opportunity for us. Indirect substitutes, such as, creates threats for us, because they can steal our potential customers with their attractive offers.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Competitors:

Competitive Strategy: The competitive strategy of would be mostly rely on “Innovation” strategy because what we offer is very unique to itself, there is no exact substitution in the market, and we trust our innovative idea. At least for the beginning we could choose to follow this strategy and then we could try to challenge cost leaders in the market as well. Maybe, this would be a revolutionary concept among other organic food suppliers on the web, because eventually, consumers buy those products to cook, and consume at home. However they are usually not satisfied with leftovers, and we fulfill exactly this blank at the customer satisfaction side. “Growth” strategy can be put into the table after a while, it the company does well, to increase profit channels we may start operating in Ankara, the second district in Turkey where the proportion of working women is high.
As we know, operations play a critical role in the success of the organization, because operations are where value is produced. To bring our businnes into action, there are many operational steps to be taken. Every aspects should be taken into account namely; location, operating facilities and equipment, inventory management, customer service, and etc.
Our company, Healthy Cook will be a B2C, small partnership which would deliver determined ingredients for specific meals to the customers weekly. In short, we will buy ingredients from suppliers who are trustable. We will work with successful cooks who would create 10 different dishes for one week. Our customers will choose 6 dishes from 10 on the web site by checking the dishes, recipes and videos of our cooks preparing them. And on a specific day, all ingredients for one week will be delivered to the customer. To be able to work in Turkey, the first thing we need is the government approval to establish our company. So all needed documents will be prepared.
Fisrt of all, website is really important. Our website development will be done by a hired web designer and can be hosted only in Turkey as we will be working in İstanbul first. Through the site, people can have enough and sufficient information about our business and the service we are giving. Also, our customers can see all the recipes clearly and make their choices. They can watch the videos of our cooks whenever they want to. Furthermore, the payment will be done on internet so we also need to work with a bank and provide a secure payment system.
Location is also an important issue. As an online business, the primary location of our business is the Internet. However, we will have a physical presence too. As İstanbul has the most potential market for our business, we would like to start doing business in İstanbul. A place like warehouse will be needed for inventory, packaging, preparing the goods to be delivered and also for customer service department. To lower the rent costs, we would like to rent a warehouse outside the central city.
What we need is the ingredients like vegetables, fruits, meats or legumes, and the packaging materials, the purchasing procedure. So we need suppliers of these ingredients who are trustable. We also prefer organic ingredients which is unfortunately more costly, however more heathy too. This would create more value for us.
When it comes to operating facilities and equipment, we need packaging machines to be able to package the ingredients in a short time. We think that if personnel do the all separation, picking and packaging, it would be time consuming. Therefore, what we need is the machines to help us. Moreover, we would need refrigerators for the inventory of the nutritions that go rot in a short time like meats.
General inventory of the products would not be a hard task cause our customers would have submissions for at least one month. So it would be easy for us to know how much goods we need. And once in a week goods will be delivered to the customers.
For delivery of our products, we would create a delivery service. As we are trying to create more value for our customers, we would like to handle delivery in a good way. We will not outsource it because we cannot be sure if the delivery is done in a proper way.
To create a successful business, of course we should provide a good customer service. We will have a call center to be able to help our customers. Moreover, for customer satisfaction we know that we should be trustable, therefore we will try hard to get the quality certificates like ISO9001 and train our personnel to serve better.

Financial Statement:
Start-up Budget – Period Covering : (Jan) 2016 – (April) 2016

Cash Flow
Year Ending: Dec 31, 2016

Income & Expense Statement
Years Ending: Dec 31, 2016 – Dec 31, 2019

Balance Sheet
Years Ending: Dec 31,2016 – Dec 31, 2019 Con
To sum up, our business will bring a totally different service than its competitors. End of the first year, we will cover all start-up investments and start to make profit. By creating value, we believe that we would be able to expand our business through differet cities of Turkey and become a leader company in e-market.

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...Executive summary 4 1.0 Introduction 5 1.1 Problem statement 6 1.2 Delimitations 6 1.3 Report structure 6 1.4 Methodology 7 2.0 Market research 8 2.1 Background for Research 8 2.2 Research questions: 10 2.3 Information needs / Variables 10 2.4 Delimitation/Scope 11 2.5 Research Design 11 2.6 Research Question Outcome 13 2.7 Statistical analysis 18 3.0 Culture 19 3.1 National Culture 19 3.2 Organizational culture: 22 4.0 Marketing 25 4.1 Introduction 25 4.2 Defining the Market 26 4.3 SWOT Analysis - Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the chosen market 27 4.4 PEST factors - Political, Economic, Social and Technological Factors 28 4.5 Segmentation - Defining the target group 31 4.6 Five Forces Model 33 4.7 Conclusion - Final Analysis 35 5.0 Discussions 36 6.0 Conclusions 36 7.0 Bibliography 37 8.0 Appendices 40 8.1 Questionnaire 40 8.2 Statistical analysis example 42 8.4 Boston growth share matrix 45 8.5 Ansoff Matrix 47 8.6 Daloon Portofolio 47 8.7 Social Contract 49 8.8 Log book 50 Executive summary Daloon A/S, henceforth just Daloon, was formed in 1960 with the name of Van’s Product by the founder Sai-Chiu Van. Mr. Van started his business in his private cellar where he produced spring rolls that he later sold in Tivoli garden in Copenhagen. In 1964 the company changed their name to Daloon which means “the big dragon” in Chinese since dragons are known for being friendly towards......

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Exploration of a Professional Journal Article

...article I selected is one about the relation between posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and obesity and weight loss (Johannessen & Berntsen, 2013). This article was a report of research study done to show a general relation between PTSD and obesity. It has been reported in previous research that exposure to a stressful or traumatic event in either childhood and or adulthood have been associated with obesity. Not only is PTSD symptoms and obesity related, but depression and obesity are closely related as well. The author states that “a large decrease in the level of depression has been observed in gastric surgery patients 1 year after surgery” (Johannessen & Berntsen, 2013). This research study was to determine if obese participants were put in a weight loss facility to lose weight, would the PTSD symptoms decrease as the weight decreased. The method of the research was done by recruiting participants from a weight loss facility who were obese dieters with a high body mass index (BMI). During a 16 week stay at the facility the study examined changes in PTSD symptoms, depression symptoms, and BMI levels. Each participant completed a questionnaire and checklist of their PTSD symptoms at 3 different times during this 16 week period, in the 1st week, in the 8th week, and in the final 16th week of their stay. Each participant filled out a trauma checklist during their first week that determined if the participant had been involved in one or more of 13 specified......

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Happy Meals

...has the nutritional needs of her two young children to be concerned with. Margaret is a working mom and although she spends a great deal of that time on her feet at work at the Family Practice Clinic, she often thinks about getting a Happy Meal for the kids on her way home so she can begin letting Calgon take her away. However, she knows that she is ultimately responsible for what her young children eat. Working in health care has opened her eyes and made her discover a whole new world and that picture has certainly not been pretty. Obesity has been an ever-increasing disease and most notably with the younger generation and when Margaret gave birth to her twin boys she vowed to take control of her own weight and raise her children in a healthy environment. All meals should essentially be a happy meal as opposed to an unhappy meal. Michael Pollan, author of “Unhappy Meals,”...

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Annotated Bibliography

...Annotated Bibliography Laura Ehlers DeVry University Annotated Bibliography A Very Good Idea Poorly Poorly Implemented – A Food Fight in L.A. (2012). Electronic Ardell Wellness Report (E, AWR), (603), 3. Retrieved from This article is about how the school board of the L.A. Unified School District made drastic changes the school lunch menu without consulting the kids first, and how the students did not like the changes at all. The new menu had fruits and vegetables making up at least half of the servings on every students plate. This new menu was widely rejected by students and a black market of junk food was even created by certain students. This article supports the idea that by including children in implementing changes in diet and menu, those changes may be more successful. It also points out that by slowly introducing kids to healthy alternatives and informing them about why a change to a healthier diet of fruits an vegetables is important to having a higher quality of life as they get older. This idea supports the second part of my research paper where I discuss the importance of children becoming interested in growing vegetables is an important part of changing the eating habits of American families. Thus, reducing the levels of obesity and type II diabetes in America. Bittman, M. (2011, September 24). Is junk food really cheaper?. Retrieved from ......

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Family Health Assessment

...Family Health Assessment Student Student Students In Christ University Family Centered Health Promotion 429V Janet Wall March 24, 2013 Family Health Assessment An assessment was performed using Gordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns to gather data about a family. “Gordon’s 11 functional health patterns (2007) help organize basic family assessment information (Friedman et al., 2003)” for the purpose of evaluating and identifying dysfunctional patterns and recognize strengths within the family and to aid the nurse in planning interventions for maintaining health and well-being of each individual within the family (Edelman & Mandle, 2010, p. 177). An interview was conducted with a family consisting of 3 generations living together in one household. The family consists of a 50-year-old grandmother, Janet, her daughter, Holly (age 23), and the 4-year-old grandson, Brandon. The daughter and grandchild recently moved from Ohio to California following a divorce because they needed financial and emotional support. Both adults work and take care of Brandon, with his mother being the primary caretaker. He also goes to pre-school part time (personal communication, 2013). This seems to work and helps give Brandon a sense of security and safety. The review of health functions is as follows: 11 Functional Health Patterns Values, Health Perception Maintaining and carrying on the family cultural health practices is very important to this family, as they are primarily...

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...ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE EN3220 Written Analysis Onsite Course GRADED ASSIGNMENTS Table of Contents Graded Assignments 4 Unit 1 Journal 1: Personal Narrative 4 Unit 1 Journal 1: Personal Narrative Handout 6 Unit 1 Journal 2: Civic Narrative 9 Unit 1 Journal 2: Civic Narrative Handout 11 Unit 1 Assignment 1: What Would You Do? 12 Unit 2 Journal 1: Personal Narrative 13 Unit 2 Journal 1: Personal Narrative Handout 15 Unit 2 Journal 2: Civic Narrative 19 Unit 2 Journal 2: Civic Narrative Handout 20 Unit 2 Journal 3: Article Response 22 Unit 2 Assignment 1: What Would You Do? 23 Unit 2 Assignment 2: Declaration of Independence and Public Safety 25 Unit 3 Journal 1: Car Commercials 26 Unit 3 Journal 2: Personal Narrative 27 Unit 3 Journal 2: Personal Narrative Handout 28 Unit 3 Journal 3: Civic Narrative 31 Unit 3 Journal 3: Civic Narrative Handout 32 Unit 3 Journal 4: Taste vs. Judgment 34 Unit 3 Presentation 1: What Would You Do? 35 Unit 3 Assignment 1: Habits That Hinder Thinking 36 Unit 4 Journal 1: Invention Exercise 37 Unit 4 Journal 1: SWOT Analysis Template 38 Unit 4 Journal 2: Personal Narrative 39 Unit 4 Journal 2: Personal Narrative Handout 41 Unit 4 Journal 3: Civic Narrative 43 Unit 4 Journal 3: Civic Narrative Handout 44 Unit 4 Assignment 1: What Would You Do? 46 Unit 4 Assignment 2: Invention White Paper 47 Unit 5 Journal 1: Personal Narrative 48 Unit 5 Journal 1: Personal Narrative......

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