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Flexible Working Environments


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Essay Question: 2. There has been an increase in the number of employers adopting flexible working practices. Critically examine the advantages and drawbacks of this for both the organisation and workforce.
Taking into account the numerous feedbacks I have received from different lecturers, they have helped me to tackle a research topic with necessary skills like referencing and the importance of having a well-laid out introduction and conclusion part. Throughout this learning process, I have ensured to come up with a research thesis that clearly lays out the focus of the essay within the introduction section. As a result of this, I have managed to write up effective arguments in relation to any provided topic as can be shown in this assignment.

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The context for which current jobs take place is changing in a more rapid way thereby developing new issues and chances for organisations in the United Kingdom, Australia and beyond (Podnar & Golob, 2010). Prior conventional ways for executing work is deemed to be no longer valid since the modern working environments are far much defines by such aspects as advanced technologies; new societal values; ever-changing demographics; and, also aggressive rapid globalisation. Considering the fact that there has been significant increase in the level of business environment sophistication; it is asserted that flexibility is then deemed to be a crucial element to future operations of all manner of organisations. According to Whyman and Petrescu (2014, p 840), some of the notable forms of flexible workings within organisations include; part-time and home working; job shares, compressed hours; variable hours; dual roles and flexible benefits amongst others. The focus of this essay rests on examining both the advantages and drawbacks of adopting flexible

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