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Module Code: FC512 Class/Group: Group 3 Module Title: Skills for Study Assessment Title: Report Assignment Title: Analysing the feasibility of SMEs in the UK introducing flexibile working arrangements. Tutor Name: Debora Brito Student ID Number: 2253710 Date of Submission: Monday 9th May 2016 before 2 pm

Content 1.1 Introduction——————————————————————————3 1.2 Background——————————————————————————3 1.3 Presentation of requirements——————————————————-4 * 1.3.1 Effects on employees————————————————————-4 * 1.3.2 Effects on employers————————————————————-4 * 1.3.2 Flexible working in SMEs——————————————————-4 2.0 Analysis———————————————————————————-5 * 2.1 Analysis of effects on employees———————————————-5 * 2.1.1 Advantages and disadvantages of employees—————————5 * 2.2 Analysis of effects on employers———————————————-5 * 2.2.1 Advantages and disadvantages of employers—————————5 * 2.3 Flexible working in SMEs——————————————————-6 3.1 Conclusion—————————————————————————-6 3.2 Recommendation——————————————————————-7 4.0 Reference—————————————————————————-8

1.1 Introduction Flexible working arrangements(FWAs) is defined as giving employees flexibility on how long, where and when they work(ILM,2013). It is also a way of working that suitable for the employees.Almost all large enterprises to provide flexible working, 95% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are also provided (CIPD, 2012). After the economic crisis in 2008, economic growth stagnated, economic recession led to a rise in unemployment. The government encouraged enterprises to adopt flexible working to the worker such as zero-hour contract(ECONOMICS,2015). Labor market gradually aging, so it is difficult for many employers to hire have professional workers, but if the company provides flexible working, it can make employers to recruit to talent. Therefore flexible working arrangement can make a number of employers to to achieve the goal of cost reduction. Before the advent of the flexible working, British had a relatively open and flexible labour markets. Therefore, for the emergence of flexible working is not accidental. Flexible working arrangement is adapt to the development of modern ways of working, employees and employers can all benefit from this approach. Employers and employees could flexible arrange their ways of working, which can make the enterprise to constantly adapt to changes in business and employees to better balance work and family(CIPD, 2012). Flexible working arrangement for employees and employers are all useful. This report will analyze the feasibility of Small and medium-sized enterprises in the United Kingdom introducing flexible working arrangements, in terms of effects on employees and employers and will recommend the Uk government for flexible working policy. 1.2 Background Flexible working arrangements have many different types. For example, part-time working, term-time working, job sharing, flextime and compressed hours. In addition, in small and medium-sized enterprises provide most often is a part-time job, job sharing and work from home(CIPD,2013). It is also possible for employees to enjoy flexibility in their careers by moving from full time to part-time working. Therefore, the employees can make a balance between family and work. Without official statistics, at the beginning of 2004, there were 1.16 million small and medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 250 employees, representing 94 percent of all employers in the UK economy. These SMEs employed a total of 8.66 million employees and accounted for 36% of British workers. Therefore, flexible working arrangement is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (Forth,J,2006). 1.3 Presentation of requirements In the following article will analysis the advantage and disadvantage of flexible working arrangements for employees and employers. In addition also analysis flexible working arrangements in small and medium-sized enterprises. 1.3.1 Effects on employees For employees, a total of 7337000 people work in flexible working arrangement in 2015 April to June(ONS,2016). Therefore, flexible working for these employees have a lot of effects. 1.3.2 Effects on employers Most employers (96%) offer some form of flexible working , flexible working has brought many benefits to employers and also improve their company’s interests. The most commonly offered form is part-time job, which occupy 88% in all form of flexible working(CIPD,2012). 1.3.2 Flexible working in SMEs Small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) have the fact that 94 per cent of all private sector firms in the UK have less than 250 employees. These company’s also use flexible working arrangements to recruit employees.(PSI,2006).

2.0 Analysis 2.1 Analysis of effects on employees 2.1.1 Advantages and disadvantages of employees For employees, working at home is a very useful form of flexible working arrangements. Flexible working arrangements help them better balance the relationship between the family and work. These staff have no time to take care of their families, their children are lack of parental care. Many of the employees with the help of the flexible working arrangements have more free time with their family, it also can make employees to reduce stress at work, improve work efficiency(CIPD,2009). Beyond that, Part-time job is the most common type of flexible working, employees can use their free time to work. Especially for college students is an accumulation of work experience and good chance to earn tuition for themselves. However, flexible working arrangement also had disadvantages of employees. First of all employees work from home it is difficult to be monitored, so that they maybe negative to work. In addition, employees working at home means there is no opportunities to contact colleagues and make the employees social decrescent, even will make them feel lonely. 2.2 Analysis of effects on employers 2.2.1 Advantages and disadvantages of employers Source: CIPD (2012), Flexible working provision and uptake.Retrieved May 2012 from: It can be seen from the diagram above 73% of the employees are motivated to work, so that can improve the productivity of the company. Reduced employee absenteeism due to illness, staff continuity is strong, once employees resign, employers can through flexible working quickly find the right employees, to avoid detriment the interests of company. Flexible working arrangements also have innovation for company. It can let enterprises keep skilled talents, make the enterprise have innovation ability, improve market competitiveness. Employees engagement also a positive impact of FWAs. Employees are grateful for the chance to achieve a better balance between home and work, and as a result show greater loyalty and commitment. And this is reflected in their performance. However, managers must be aware of flexible working arrangements are not suitable for all the people, work or industry. If the company’s employees telecommute or work at home, they maybe the temptation of the surrounding environment, directly reduce the working efficiency. 2.3 Flexible working in SMEs In the small and medium-sized enterprise flexible working arrangements are very common. The connection between the employees and employers in SMEs is more relative than large enterprise. Compared with large firms, SMEs are more convenient arrangement than large firms. However according to PSI(2006) that generally employees who worked in SME workplaces were less likely to have access to flexible working arrangements than those who worked for larger firms. Therefore flexible working arrangements in SMEs have less chance than large enterprise. 3.1 Conclusion 3.1.1 Employee benefits more in flexible working arrangements, but not dominant in the small and medium-sized enterprises.

3.1.2 Employers use of flexible working arrangements more advantage than disadvantages, also in SMEs is dominant. 3.2 Recommendation Although employees have less chance in SMEs, but the UK government should to introduce some policies to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to give employees more opportunities. The government should also give these small and medium-sized enterprises some subsidies, because SMEs is the backbone of national economy. Word count : 1127

Reference * Pardey D, 2013. Flexible working. Retrieved February 2013 from: * Economics help (2015). UK Unemployment Stats and Graphs. Retrieved December 16, 2015 from: * CIPD (2013), Flexible working:Good business. Retrieved 2013 from: * ONS(2016), People in employment with a flexible working pattern, by gender. Retrieved 26 January 2016 from: * Forth J, 2004. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Retrieved 2006 from: * CIPD (2012), Flexible working provision and uptake.Retrieved May 2012 from:

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