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A cute dog for you.

Dear, dog lover,

Do you like cute and fluffy animals. If you do then you should get casey.
Casey is in need of a home. She is cute, she plays and she is housed trained.
She is a good player she never pees on the rug.

Casey is very cute. She is very fluffy. She has very nice and fluffy frer. She is very loveing. She will love you. She is nice.she will play with you and will never bite you. She is 1 year old.she may bite you if she is made.she is always happy.

She loves to play. Sometimes she will play by herself. She will play with you for hours. It is good if you have kids who are always runing around and playing around. She loves to play with anyone. She will play with you even if you are sad and she can cheer you up.

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