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Ford Hybrids


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Ford Hybrids

Q1. The case indicates that several different product categories may provide suitable analogs for the diffusion of hybrid cars.
a. Based on the case, explain why these product categories may provide as suitable analogs.
b. Go to the “Dataset for Finding p and q Parameters” excel file. Using “Bass Forecasting Model ► Estimate parameters using analogy” find the analog product from the window and select the appropriate designated cells where the data will be placed. The software will insert the p&q parameters into the designated empty cells. Save this excel file and paste the complete “Forecasting Scenario” output to your report.
A.) Based on the case, the four product categories we chose were “ABS, Diesel cars in Europe, Hybrid Corn, and Electronic Fuel Injection.” As read in the case, since 1976, purchases of diesel vehicles have increased steadily in Western Europe. This is good to keep in mind when forecasting for potential hybrid sales. The case also mentions “under the hood innovation” which would tie in with the product categories ABS and electronic fuel injection. Overall, the case is focusing on the production of hybrid vehicles, which supports the “hybrid corn” product category. With these four categories we were able to create a forecast model using p and q parameters as seen below in part B.
Q2. Go to the excel sheet titled “Ford Hybrid Car Sales Forecasts” and fill it out. Explain in detail how you come up with forecasts of “U.S. Total Number of New Cars Sold”. Cite any references or formulas (e.g., Excel graphs, formulas you use to calculate the different time trends, etc.) used. Remember that it might be possible to find the approximate numbers for years 2011, 2012, and 2013 on the web.
I first took the p and q parameters for each market potential from the first bass model excel sheet and placed them here. Then I find out

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