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Foreign Subsidiary Investment Plan Case: Multinational Capital Budgeting China & Australia


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Foreign Subsidiary Investment Plan

Case: Multinational Capital Budgeting

China & Australia

Hypothetical Incorporated

MBA AF 626 Fall 2011
International Financial Management
Professor XX


Table of Contents PART I – Analysis: Australia vs. China A. Country Analysis 1. Economic Environment 3 2. Social Environment 10 3. Political Environment 12 B. Industry Analysis 1. Aluminum Industry in Australia 17 2. Airline Industry in China 18

PART II-Capital Budget Analysis 1. Weighted Average Cost of Capital 19 2. Net Present Value 20 3. Scenario Analysis 21 PART III – Conclusion: Investment Decision 23 References 24 Appendixes 26

PART I – Analysis: Australia vs. China A. Country Analysis I. Economic Environment
Australia is a market oriented financial system which includes the world’s 13th largest economy and the 9th highest per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with almost two consecutive decades of growth and the unemployment rate falling to a generational low. As a result of nearly three decades of structural and policy reforms, Australian’s economy has proven to be a competitive player in the increasingly integrated global markets. In terms of country risk, Australia’s favorable attitude towards private enterprise and its well-protected property rights incent growth and propagate stability conveying comfort to international investors that its government will not take actions that adversely affect the value of companies operating there such as expropriation.
Australia's economy is dominated by its services sector; yet, it is the agricultural and mining sectors that account for the bulk of Australia's exports. Australia's

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