Forever 21

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Forever 21: Dealing with America’s fear of aging and death

This paper is about confronting America’s fear of the issues of aging and death. Over the years, American culture has grown uncomfortable with matters of growing old and death. The basis of this thinking is rooted in the mind and influenced by society. There is an ever increasing desire that’s rampant across our nation to remain young. This can be seen in the media, marketing for different products from makeup to apparel. Americans want to remain young for as long as they possibly can. In 1984, the band Alphaville came out with the song “Forever Young” to express America’s heart cry. However, aging and death is a part of life and a direct result of the fall of man. Aging and death were not the original condition of humanity, rather punishment that resulted from rebellion against God’s commandment. This paper examines why there is aging and death, America’s response to it, and a solution to rightly mature in the process.
Since long ago America’s heart cry has been to stay young forever. In 1984, the band Alphaville came out with the song “Forever Young” to communicate the nation’s desire. In cities across the country and around every turn, materialism is vocalizing the longing for youth everlasting. This constant struggle with “wants” versus “reality” has left individuals searching for ways to cope. In addition, the lifespan of human beings was not always an average of eighty years. One thing to take into consideration when researching this topic is when and where this subject began. In Genesis, it is recorded that Adam lived to be 930 years old (Genesis 5:5) and it wasn’t until after the Flood that life spans were shortened to what they are in the present day. Also, it is important to analyze the ways people respond to the reality of aging and death; state the flaws in adapting to the process of…...