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Foster Care Environment

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What affect does foster care have on children? Is it a stable and supportive environment? Foster care allows kids to have a chance to live a somewhat normal life. There are advantages and disadvantages for kids living in foster homes, but questions arise when there are foster parents that do not provide a stable environment. When we are not aware of these situations of unstable foster homes the kids placed in those foster homes will not have a good survival rate for success. Although there are parents out there that provide security for their foster children, we still need to be aware of the circumstances of kids placed in foster homes that are not safe and secure. Foster care is a great system to provide kids with families who do not …show more content…
“Even for children who begin life with serious neglect, sensitive and loving foster care can bring them physically and mentally on par with other kids, a long-running study of Romanian orphans shows ”(Edelson). Dr. Dana E. Johnson compares the progress of kids in institutions to kids who are growing up in foster care. Johnson says that “kids do not reach their full potential unless the have a nurturing environment in which to grow” (Edelson). Orphans get less attention than kids in foster care, because “caregiver actions are based on efficiency and expediency rather than being responsive to child-based cues”(Edelson). Orphans are not getting that personal one on one care, which means they are not having their child-based cues met, “without that individual care kids may not be getting enough to eat they are not being fed according to their individual needs”(Edelson), because their individual needs are not being noticed in an orphanage. According to this study foster, children’s physical development succeeds the development of children that are institutionalized. Dr. Johnson’s …show more content…
Foster children are in the system due to neglect, physical abuse or even sexual abuse. Therefore, means that we are dealing with kids that are coming from an unstable and unsafe environment which can lead to the kids being rebellious. Dealing with kids that were in this situation is not easy because they are emotionally, physically, and mentally hurt. Kids that deal with rebellion tend to have a hard time coping in foster care and most of the time do not connect with the families they are placed, which then leads to them going in and out of foster homes. Kids do not have the time to adjust or the want to if they know that in the end it is not going to work out, and then they will be moving on to a new family. It never changes though because they usually do not change, and it becomes a vicious cycle of going in and out of foster homes. Foster children “because of their history, foster children are more likely than other children to exhibit high levels of behavioral and emotional problems”(Foster Care), and like I said leads to children going in and out of foster care and they lose that stability. Another disadvantage is the youth that “age out”(Foster Care) of foster care may be faced with challenges of stability, and have trouble making a successful transition to adulthood. Statistics show that youth aging out of the foster care system are not

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