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Foster Care System Analysis

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Children and adolescents in the foster care system are at a higher risk for psychopathology than other children in the general population in our country. In February of 2015, Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio) introduced the bipartisan legislation to improve foster care services for thousands of vulnerable youth in America. This bill would improve health care and mental health services to children and young people in the foster care system to ensure that effective community-based options are available for them and their families. “Therapeutic foster care, often referred to as treatment foster care (TFC), is the evidenced-informed trauma-informed and highly effective placement of children and youth with serious medical, …show more content…
This bill, similar to the those mentioned above, supports vulnerable children in the foster care system. This mental health bill would propose that children in the foster care system receive mental health assessments within the first thirty days of entering the foster care system. “ Children enter the foster care system primarily due to allegations of maltreatment. Most have experienced multiple types of abuse and often a traumatic separation from their primary caregiver and adjustment to a new environment. These conditions are likely to precipitate or exacerbate mental health problems”(Villagrana, M. 2010). Therefore it’s important that children entering the foster care system have access to mental health treatment as soon as possible. Studies also show that children who do not receive mental health treatment are more likely to have significant emotional, and behavioral problems and are less likely to engage in …show more content…
To receive appropriate care so that they can have their needs met. There has been much progress over the years to ensure the safety and well-being of foster care children. Also, there has been a concentrated effort by lawmakers to deliver mental health services to children and youth in the foster care system. But there needs to be continued of a future effort to make sure that children able to receive a continuous provision of services that will help them to achieve life long

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