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Freyr: A Fertility God In Norse Mythology

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Freyr is the Norse God of virility, prosperity, sunshine and rain. He is a very important fertility God in Norse mythology. The Norse religion is practiced by the Scandinavian and Germanic peoples in the past and it has seen a great revival in recent decades. Freyr is one of the most beloved Gods of Norse mythology and he was often the recipient of sacrifices at Harvest Festivals, and Hand-Fasting and other such celebrations where a sacrifice would be made – often it would be a boar. He is mostly depicted with his favorite animal, the boar and a giant erection to show his fertility (both sexual and agricultural). It is not hard to understand why he would be considered a Nature Deity. He is both fertile and generous with his bountiful harvests, he would be a great …show more content…
There are a few animals that are commonly shown for his head, such as the lion, vulture, hawk, snake, or the Set-animal (or Seth-animal) which is not an recognizable animal in modern times and it is thought to have been a mythological creature. He is known as a Nature Deity by his associations with the dessert and his ability to provide an oasis which would be a welcome change from the harsh, dry desert. In addition to providing fertile oasis with water and vegetation, he was also God of vineyards. Wine, coming from an important plant (the grape vine) and wine being a super popular drink in Ancient Egypt (and now) – he was so revered as such that artifacts of wine bottles have been found with his name on them.Caileach is a Goddess of Gaelic mythology (Irish, Scottish, and Manx). She is called the old woman, or hag and is an important deity of creation, land, and weather. There are a few variations in her story depending on where and when the story is from. One is that she is the Goddess of winter who imprisons Spring, once the Goddess of Spring (Bride) is released the land comes back alive. The other is that she is a Goddess who ages in

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