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Epidermoid Anal Cancer Essay

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Epidermoid anal cancer is a new uncontrolled growth in abnormal tissue causing a tumor around the skin near the anus. The rate of epidermoid anal cancer has increased over the past years, resulting to be found particularly in women, unmarried men, and people living in a crowded area like the city. There are two causes of anal cancer. One cause of anal cancer can occur through intimate relationships that do not use protection, thus leading to a sexually transmitted disease, such as HPV (human papillomaviruses), an infection causing warts in the area where it came into contact. Another cause of this cancer can evolve through cervical cancer, a tumor located in the lowest section of the uterus. To ensure this observation, a large team of dedicated doctors and scientists came together to conduct a study essentially on the connection between sexual intercourse and the transmitted disease, HPV, and its development towards anal cancer. To go through with this study, they did a population-based case-controlled examination in Denmark and Sweden while searching through national cancer registries to select patients to test on. Danish patients were …show more content…
The first univariate analysis was about sexual behavior. A major correlation was found between lifetime partners and the risk of anal cancer. Multiple women reported having 10 or more lifetime partners, their risk was approximately 5 times more than a women who had only one partner. Women who said they had sexual intercourse at or before the age of 16 were just at risk with the women who had sex at or after the age of 20. Nearly 1 in 10 women reported having anal intercourse at least once, this was most common amongst those women who had anal cancer. Women who had anal intercourse before the age of 30 were more at risk for anal cancer instead of those who had anal cancer after the age of 30 and this correlated tremendously with the amount of lifetime partners these women

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