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From the Heart: Healthcare Transformation from India to the Cayman Islands

From the Heart: Healthcare Transformation from India to the Cayman Islands My immediate thoughts as I began to watch the movie, From the Heart: Healthcare Transformation from India to the Cayman Islands (Horstmeier, 2014), took me back to the time I spent in the hospital for my first born. My daughter was born with a birth defect and lived at University of North Carolina hospital until she passed away at five months old. I was not given a bill and forced to make an unethical decision like many parents around the world before she received any treatment or any of the five surgeries. After she passed away we received a bill for a half a million dollars. This bill was sent to me by mistake and was soon covered entirely by my insurance company. While losing my daughter was heartbreaking, I know that I am blessed. I was blessed to have insurance that covered the bill. The thought of paying for such a large expense and not even having my daughter is unfathomable, but yet this is the case for many parents who are faced with enormous healthcare expenses.
The Impact of High Cost
Many parents are faced with the inability to pay for critical heart surgeries. The video From the Heart: Healthcare Transformation from India to the Cayman Islands (Horstmeier, 2014), shows the extreme problem with healthcare systems around the world, and the changes Health City is making to the systems in India and the Cayman Islands. “For 80% of the world’s population if they need a heart surgery they are going to die” (Shetty, D., PhD., 2014). Health City in the Cayman Islands is on a mission to change the face of healthcare not only for the Cayman Island, but hopefully change the world.
The high costs of healthcare plays an incredibly strong social impact, particularly with heart disease. Heart...

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