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personal reflections

From my observation, I have learned and witnessed a lot of things. The real situation in a classroom can never be predicted. Problems may arise any time of the learning and testing process. In this everyday learning process the students together with their teacher learn things together. Not everyone in that room is the same, especially the students. Most of them may be able to cope up with their teacher’s strategy of teaching but some cannot. Not all of them may lend their full attention with regards to listening to every instruction their teacher say.

I can say that being in the real situation like being in a classroom as someone else (not a student but an observer) sometimes worries me. Because I may be able to cause the learning interference in that conducive learning environment. At first I may feel to be very conscious about what would I do next, what would I say if someone asked me this thing or that, how would I act for me to be more professional with this study I am conducting and other more uncertainties. But nevertheless my gratitude being there in that room is incomparable with my other first hand experiences in life as an education student. I am very thankful for the opportunity of experiencing being in the real situation of my field.

Statement of Purpose

This compilation was prepared and developed to provide and share experiences for those who will undergo the same undertakings. Through the experiences written, some latest innovations and strategies in teaching were shared their applicability will very depending on whatever and whenever it will suit to the classroom situation.

Some classroom problems were also mentioned whether they are severe or not, they are somehow enriching experiences that will guide and teach future mentors in performing teaching endeavors. Republic of the Philippines
Siniloan, Laguna
Siniloan (Host) Campus

Jennilyn F. Balbalosa


Field Study 1

Episode 1 – School as a Learning Environment

The school campus that I observed was Laguna State Polytechnic University in which the classrooms, offices, and buildings are conducive for student learning. It develops students’ social interactions. Conducive physical learning Environment is safe, clean, and orderly. The school is found in place where the students can make their projects like computer shops. The classrooms are appropriate to the number of students.

My impression on the offices was good. The campus has different offices but one that I like among the offices is the office of the President of this Campus because it was very beautiful. I want in this school environment because the facilities, the classrooms and the offices are conducive for the student learning. The school should be located at the town. Beautification and cleanliness were undertaken of this school by tree planting and proper waste disposal. As a future teacher, I will care the classroom.

Episode 2 – Learners’ Characteristics and Needs

The students that I was observed in this episode are the first year high school students. In terms of physical domain, the students were move clumsy and smooth. Students are good in writing and drawing. In terms of social domain, they have good interactions with their teacher. They help each other to answer their exercises. They are concern to each other. In terms of emotional, they are serious every time they have a class lesson. And in terms of Cognitive domain, they comprehend easily by the help of their teacher.

I recall my own experiences when I was at this age, my teacher in math helps me a lot to widen my knowledge. The students that I was observed are similar to our batch when we are at this age because they are also disciplined by their teacher. My favorite theory of development is Erickson’s Psychosocial because in this theory I learned a lot like knowing who I really am; I know how to discipline myself. I learned that life should be always positive. It helps me and guides me as a future teacher to know the development of the students. I should be develop my students grow.

Episode 3 – Classroom Management and Learning

As I observed in the class, the characteristics of the learners were very active. They are well-concentrated with their lesson. The classroom organization and routine affect the learners’ behavior by following the rules and procedures of the classroom. The teacher have in mind when she designs the classroom organizations and routines should be the students become knowledgeable and skilled, organized a comfortable and pleasant physical environment for ease in mobility and flow of learning activities. The behavior strategies were effective in managing the behavior of the learners are following the routines, sensitive to positive and negative interactions in order to maintain discipline and order. The routines and procedures that I consider for this level to discipline them and to maintain the cleanliness of the classroom are daily attendance, prayers, keeping tables and chairs in order before leaving, cleaning blackboard to be ready for next topic and cleaning stains or drops after the lesson.

Episode 4 – Individual Differences and Learners’ Interaction (focusing on differences in gender, racial, religious backgrounds)

The students that I was observed are the groups that interact more with their teacher than others. They behaved and interacted differently. All in the groups participated actively. There are some students ask for most help. When the students are called by their teacher, and cannot answer the teachers’ question, their classmates try to help each other.

I am proud with their teacher because of her ability to make them disciplined. I feel a sense of oneness or unity among the learners and between the teacher and learners because they are all cooperate. As a future teacher, I want the learners interact in a good way. I will encourage all learners to interact and participate with my class by calling their attention and making them as one.

Episode 5 – Individual Differences and Learners’ Interaction (focusing on different levels of abilities)

The students who performed well in the class that I was observed are those who are present in the class. Some of the students come from average family and above average family in terms of socio- economic status.

The methods and strategies that I will remember in the future to ensure that I will be able to meet the needs of both the high and low achievers in my class are encourage learners to share their personal history and experiences, communicate high expectations to students from all sub-groups, adopt to the students’ diverse backgrounds and learning styles by allowing them personal choice and decision making opportunities concerning what they will learn and how they will learn it.

Episode 6 – Home-school Link

The student that I was interviewed in this episode was a first year high school student, 12 years old, female, and has four siblings. The style of parenting experienced by the learner that I was interviewed was authoritative, because her parent achieves a good blend. The student is socially competent, self reliant and has greater ability to show self-control. She has higher self-esteem and better adjusted.

The type of parenting that I was experienced is Permissive. My parents are not firm or controlling. They have few expectations. May be warm and caring but appear to be uninvolved and uninterested. It affects me to study hard for them to give me care and importance. As a future teacher, I will make a meeting for the parents every grading period of the school year. I will discuss the attitudes of their daughter/son and telling the purpose of the meeting. I will help them by guiding their children and by understanding and talking with them. They will help me by doing what the right thing to do with their children.

Field Study 2

Episode 1 - Looking Through the Meaningful Learning Experiences

The class that I was observed has a teacher-centered principle in teaching-learning. The teacher explained what formulas were used in the equation, then discussed her lesson and give examples. The instructional materials used in teaching were chalkboard and books. They have charts that they may use in their lesson.

I feel comfortable in the class that I was observed because of the lesson that teacher discussed. I see myself in front of the class and ask myself will my future students will listen to me someday, will my future students will behave in my class someday or will my future students will reflect with my lesson? I feel nervous but I feel the excitement to experience teaching. Mixture of feelings I experienced during my observations in this class.

Episode 2 – Learners’ Characteristics and Needs

The topic of the lesson I observed was Similarity of Triangles. The teacher explained her lesson by asking her students and giving more exercises. She cleared if there is anyone who doesn’t understand the lesson. The learning activities that she used in his lesson were the students answered the exercises on the board, participated on the lesson, wrote the lesson on their notebooks and listened well.

The students were participated well in the class. The successful learner, instructional guidance, can create meaningful, coherent representations of knowledge. The learner can link new information with existing knowledge in meaningful ways. Students have different characteristics and needs. Knowledge widens and deepens as students continue to build links between new information and experiences and their existing knowledge base. Learners used strategic thinking in their approach to learning problem-solving and concept learning.

Episode 3 – Assisting Teacher with a “Teachers’ Toolbox”

The topic of the lesson that I was observed in this episode was equations of the form ax + b= c. The learners participate in the learning activities by answering the exercises given by their teacher. The instructional materials employed were chalk and board and textbooks. The teacher considered her students’ style and students’ intelligences.

We have to actively engage the learners in learning activities if we want them to learn what we intend to teach. We have to give our students opportunities to participate in classroom activities. We have to give varied activities to our students for “hands-on-minds-on” learning.

Field Study 3

Episode 1 – The school’s Learning Resource Center

The learning resources/materials are arranged properly according to their functions and characteristics. The books, magazines, article news are properly arranged by each place. The guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials by the teachers because the books are free from dust moisture, arranged by each type and easy to get by the learners. Library serves as permanent sources of information. The books present accurate facts and details. They are reusable. Students can control their own pace of learning by using books at a convenient time.

The material that I already confident to use are the books because it widen my knowledge and the one that I need to learn more is using of the new computerized library system.

Episode 2 – Bulletin Board Display

The board display design reflects the likes/interests of its target audience because it’s information. The language used was cleared and simple for the target audience to understand because it has no corrections in grammar.

The skills that a teacher have to be able to come with effective board displays are creative, artistic, imaginative, have knowledge in doing board display, well-organized in doing board displays and have a good time management.

Episode 3 – See and Say (Utilization of Teaching Aids)

The lesson of the class that I observed was all about Multiplying terms by another term. The visual aid/material/learning resource is only chalk and blackboard. The teacher write all the equation on the board , then discuss the topic on the students.

The chalkboards were used effectively because it is convenient to use both for formally prepared lessons and for spontaneous sessions. I would do similarly the teachers’ strategy that I observed by establishing discipline.

Episode 4 – Tools of the Trade (Teaching Aids Blank)

Surveying of materials have many benefits in preparing for making lessons. One their benefit is to identify the appropriate instructional materials and activities that I need for every topic and objective.

The material I like making the most is visual aid. I like making visual aids because you can use it again and again. I had fun of making visual aids, I want to express my creativity in doing this.

Episode 5- Paper Works! (Preparing Hand-outs)

The topic of the class that I observed was Linear equation. The good features of a hand out are have strong title, clear layout, underling connections and using of bulletin form instead of paragraph.

I found difficulty in getting information about my topic in making these hand-outs. It is also hard to make graphic organizers.

Episode 6 – Slideshow Biz (Slide Presentations)

The topic that I make slide presentation was Operation on Rational Expression. The good features of a slide presentation are use links in the presentation, make the presentation not too long, keep it simple, include transitions/effects in your slide to put emphasis on your point, and use the same theme for the whole presentation.

I found difficulty in making the slide presentation by typing the information of my topic because it is more on numbers.

Episode 7 – My E-World (Websites)

On my experiences in surfing the net to find sites that provide support materials and interactive programs on my topic, I found out that it easy to get information about your topic because there is a website that can assist you in your field of specialization like in mathematics, the “the virtual Math Lab”. I feel comfortable in searching information about my topic that I was observed. I saw and understand what is really the point of my topic and I learned how easily to come up about my topic.

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