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GK & Computer Questions Asked in SBI CLERK EXAM - 26th July 2014 (Morning Shift)

1. Lok Sabha Constituency of Sushma Swaraj – Vidisha

2. Who is Health Minister: Dr. Harsh Vardhan

3. Who provides assistance to small industries: SIDBI

4. RBI Adjust Liquidity by which tool: LAF (Liquidity Adjustment Facility)

5. Functions of RBI – Bankers Bank

6. Camel is the official animal of which state: Rajasthan

7. Capital of Sweden: Stockholm

8. Winner of Australian Grand Prix: Nico Rosberg

9. Nilgiris is located in which state: Tamil Nadu

10. Highest Urban Population of which state: Maharashtra

11. Which organization is for Woman Entrepreneur?

12. International Day for Old Person: 1 October

13. Sign on 1 Rupee currency note: Finance Secretary

14. Capro Group has won the International Business Year of the award is owned by: Lord Swaraj Paul

15. 2015 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will be held in: Malta

16. Committee on Cauvery water dispute: B.S Chauhan

17. Which country started first plastic notes: Australia

18. DRDO developed which indigenous plane: Tejas

19. Japan has sea-conflict with which country: China

20. A.R Rahman street name in which country: Canada

21. Which of the following is not true about Telangna? is dived on the linguistic basis.

Some Comp Questions

1. Linux is what: Operating system

2. Keyboard and ___ is an input device: Mouse

3. Printer is an example of: Output device

4. Two people should be logged or simultaneously for what: Instant messaging

5. Magnetic Disk is: Non Volatile

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