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My Gang Experience

Every young adult has experience peer pressure in life. Peer pressure is usually an influence among social friends. When entering high school as a freshman; I started my first day in high school, I realized how there were different types of clicks through out the school. I then became aware of how my friends from middle school had already be friend with one of the clicks, so called “crew or gang”. I began to realized, becoming part of this crew will help me get through high school. My friends explained told me how becoming part of this gang is somewhat of a family. When beginning my day in high school, I notice how they were many gangs on campus; which were all threatening. One gang member approached me and said, “You bang homes”. This meant what gang or crew are you from. My reaction was terrifying, which then after this incident I wanted to approach my friend; I felt as I needed help, he began to persuade me into joining the gang. He told me how I needed to have a talk with the head of the gang; he told me how if I were to join this gang I had to be “down and hard”, which meant to be ready to due anything for the gang. Which I then told him “yeah, don’t worry I’m down for anything”. The following day, I was then pressured in by my friend to join in with my new family members. They wanted me to enter in the restroom as they followed behind; once I was in the rest room I immediately had 3 guys on me. I realized how I was now part of this gang; I felt as if I was untouchable that know one can bully me. As school slowing began to end, my friend wanted me to go in search for the guy who approach me the day before; and if I didn’t I was going to be jumped out. I then was told the guy how approach me was our rival gang. Which I began in search for him; once I found him I wanted no words with him and had a physical violence with him. After this occurrence, I found myself in the principles office handcuff to my chair. I felt as if I was dumb to even bond with this gang, I then recognized how peer pressure got me here and how I want out. In the end, I ended up staying in this gang for three years. For three years, I began to experience more peer pressure. I notice how peer pressure can occur more than once and how easily its influence. Every young adult as well as adults have gone through peer pressure, as of myself I did my tribute of it.

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