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Garden Of Edenment In Nazi Germany Essay

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Throughout the time that Germany was considered Nazi Germany many visions and ideas were spread and shared. One of the dreams shared by the Nazis in Germany was the creation of a German "Garden of Eden." It was to be located in the East, and it save a major evolvement between September 1939 and May 1941. Before this evolvement, Reinhard Heydrich, one of the leading Schutzstaffel officials, was assassinated. Adolf Hitler threatened the Czech Republic with deportation, and blamed an entire town for sheltering the individuals who assassinated Heydrich. This town was destroyed and massacred. The destruction of this town led up to Hitler's ability to start the creation of a German "Garden of Eden." Hitler needed the territory to create his "Garden of Eden" to shelter the pure German people and the perfect …show more content…
Ethinically there was no place for the Jewish people within the "Garden of Eden," and Hitler and his followers, who were eager for bloodshed, would make sure that there were no Jewish people within the territory of the "Garden of Eden." Germans and the perfect Aryan race were the only ones who were fully accepted into the German "Garden of Eden." Politically, Adolf Hitler, who clearly had a God complex, would remain in power. He would reign over what he saw as his perfect, clean territory in the "Garden of Eden." Economically, the "Garden of Eden" would act as the German country did. There would be jobs for the citizens of the "Garden of Eden" to do, but the economy would not be blended with Jewish businesses as it had in the regular German economy. The Jewish population was not confined to Germany. There was a Jewish population spread throughout Nazi-controlled Europe that had to be taken care of. In regards to Hitler's vision, the Jewish population in Nazi-controlled Europe should be exterminated as

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