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...General Electric Everybody has heard of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb and the man who discovered electricity. General Electric started when a man by the name of Charles A. Coffin started a company called Thomson-Houston and they made different technology for the time, and were the main competitors for Thomas Edison. Over time, both companies couldn’t compete with each other’s different patents and inventions, so they eventually merged in the year 1892. Since the time that the two companies merged, it has become more than evident that General Electric is the number one company of its kind in the world. General Electric was sought out by the United States Government to create the first aircraft engine ‘booster’. After that, Thomas Edison began experimenting with plastic filaments for the light bulb, which led to General Electric creating the plastics department. General Electric is still expanding today and showing no signs of slowing down. They have recently purchased a company called Dresser, which is basically a company that tests different items and makes sure that they are not only working efficiently, but also working to make sure that they are using the least amount of energy possible. General Electric is also looking to expand in China, and recently signed a $700,000,000 contract with Saudi Arabia to experiment and use wind energy. I think that with all of the expansion that General Electric is doing, that their stock prices should rise. I believe...

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