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George Washington Dbq Analysis

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George Washington, also known as the first president of the United States was a well known and highly favored man. Although he didn’t have much interest, many individuals felt he made a perfect fit. When election day came Washington received unanimous votes, leaving him with an offer he simply could not refuse. After becoming president Washington endured many conflicts that divided Americans politically, drove a wedge between the northern and southern states, and challenged the authority of the new nation. Americans began to split politically for many reasons. One included the initiation of the National Bank suggested by Alexander Hamilton. Many disagreed with his proposal including a man by the name of Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson felt the national bank would cause dangers and wrongs in the government. He then stated “ to [grant it] a power to make laws [superior] to the laws of states … [is wrong]. (Document …show more content…
Financial debt from the previous Revolutionary War, had ordered citizens to pay higher taxes. With the many years of war there came a tremendous amount of financial obligation. Hamilton created a plan that commanded the states be taxed in order to pay the Revolutionary War debts of the states. Washington agreed with Hamilton's recommendation. However the citizens became infuriated. They didn’t feel they should be obligated to pay the debts of the other frugal states.(Document 1) In December of 1790, the state of legislation was passed. This assured they would not be responsible for the state debts. Document 1 quotes “ We can find no clause in the constitution authorizing Congress to assume the debts of the states… the General Assembly of …. Virginia … hope that [Congress] will… repeal [the proposal calling for] the assumption of the state debts.” Opposing Hamilton's idea they decided to not be held accountable for the financial trouble of the other

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