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George Washington Important Qualities

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George Washington defined success by fighting for the United States and by being leader of the Continental Army in the American Revolution War and being one of the founding fathers of the United States. His goal for his country was to protect the new form of government, keep his country neutral in European affairs, to get his country out of debt and protect the U.S businesses by using Alexander’s Hamilton’s financial programs and to expand the U.S territory and protecting settlers from Indians. George Washington showed that he possessed the two important qualities that a national leader should have, convictions and courage. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, in Virginia's Westmoreland County, the oldest of Augustine and Mary’s …show more content…
The French politely refused, Washington and one hundred and fifty soldiers attacked the French post at For Duquesne killing the commander Coulon de Jumonville, nine others and the rest were taken prison (, the French and Indian War had begun. During this time Washington and the army had victories and defeats while fighting with the French during the war the troops did not had enough supplies. Washington would show his soldiers the courage to keep going ahead no matter what and did not consider retreating a crime if it saved priceless lives of healthy soldiers ( In 1755 while he was an assistant for General Edward Braddock, and during the battle with the French and the British Washington showed great courage and leadership he later was promoted and given the whole command of the military force of Virginia. In 1759 Washington married Martha Dandridge Cutis and started his family, Washington was constantly worrying about everything that was happing to the country ( In 1775 he visits the second Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia and turn to be the Commander and Chief of the Continental Army at the age of 43 and would hold his position for a total of eight years

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