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Germany has one of the best education systems in the world. Their education dates back to the middle ages, where it was taught by churches. Heidelberg was the first university to be developed in Germany in 1386, and then surrounding areas started forming universities. The governments stopped education during Hilter’s debut and impose the political of society. As shown below in figure 1, Germany is in the top for education.

BBC 2012 Figure 1 Germany’s constitution guarantees every citizen with the same rights with developing their potential with career studies or training. The children that do not speak German still have the same rights as the one that do speak the native language of Germany. The students that do not speak German are still taught with the natives, but they have studies with somebody from their native land for three to five hours a week. Most of Germany’s schools and universities are tuition free which are paid by taxpayers. School starts at age six and continues until age eighteen, but at the age of three children can go to kindergarten but it is optional. Kindergarten is operated by municipalities, churches, and organizations; which is not a part of the school system. During the first four years of elementary school, students are taught together. When the fourth year of elementary school comes along, parents and children decide what the children will study for their career. Once the parents and children choose what kind of study the children will, the children will go study just that career choice. Sometimes the students will move to a different school to study their future career. Germany’s education system by grade and age as shown below in figure 2.

Chuck Emerson Media Services 2012 Figure 2
Germany’s students have the opportunity to pursue job-skill training at a younger age than students in the U.S.

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