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GI and Diabetes Exam Study Guide

Tube Feeding – (enteral nutrition) refers to the administration of a nutritional balanced liquefied food or formula through a tube inserted into the stomach, duodenum, jejunum. It is used to provide nutrients via the GI tract either alone or as a supplement to oral or parenteral nutrition.
- Nasogastric (NG) Tube – is most commonly used for short-term feeding problems. Other means of feeding are; esophagostomy, gastrostomy or jejunostomy. Transpyloric tube placement or placement into the jejunum is used when physiologic condition warrant feeding the pt below the pyloric sphincter.

Special Indications – anorexia, orofacial fractures, head and neck cancer, neurologic or psychiatric conditions that prevent oral intake, extensive burns and those who are receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Procedure for tube feeding
1. Patient position – 30-45 degrees position. Head remain elevated for 30-60 mins
2. Patency of tube – Tube should be irrigated with water before and after each feeing to ensure patency.
3. Tube Position – Placement of tube is checked before each feeing or every 8 hours with continuous feeings. Checking methods; aspiration and pH.
4. Formula
5. Administration of feeding – feeing are given either by gravity drip method or by feeding pump.
6. General Nursing Considerations – daily weight, accurate I’s and O’s. Blood glucose check.

Complication Related To tube and feeding - Vomiting and or Aspiration - Diarrhea - Constipation - Dehydration
Central PN – is indicated when long term parenteral support is necessary or when the patient has high protein and caloric requirements.
Peripheral PN – is used when; - nutritional support is needed for only a short time - protein and caloric requirement are not high. - The risk of a CPN is

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