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Regular mango production in the country usually starts with inducing the trees in September and ends in the harvesting of fruits in March. The volume of mango harvest at this time is usually huge, and can result on oversupply and low buying prices. It has been observed for almost 20 years that buyers from far Luzon come to Agusan to look for a supply of mangoes. So, farmers in Agusan Del Norte decided to venture into off-season production, which usually starts between the ends of April to May. The good thing about this off-season production is they can demand for the high price especially during lean months when mango supply is low and the demand is high. Although it’s a good strategy, shifting from regular to off-season production does not come easy. Farmers need financial capital for chemicals as well as available equipment, not only for taking advantage of favorable weather but also for meeting volume requirements from traders. Lack of financing becomes the major constraint of Agusan farmers into off-season production but through the help of DA-MRDP they provide financial assistance to the farmers to boosts the production of off-season mango. The used of sumpit(a manual spray) was now replaced by using power spray that enable to induce 15 trees per day. Off-season production has provided GMPA not just the best option to improve their income but also the opportunity to expand their market. Barangay Gosoon is now known as a producer of off-season mangoes.


Coconuts against Climate Change

The Philippines has extensive coconut lands – about 3.2 million hectares. Currently, these lands are planted to least 325 million coconut fruit-bearing trees, which have a high potential top mitigate carbon emissions.

Carbon sequestration refers to the

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