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Case #10 McDonalds
Strategic Planning
Professor Mrak E. Bush

McDonalds started by McDonalds brothers in the year 1941. The brothers thought out a new idea, which customers could drive in the fast food restaurant. This was unique at that time, and this was the first time to drive in. McDonalds was successful. McDonalds was said to be the first of their kind in the fast food industry which gave a great opportunity to entering the market and shortly after that dominating it for years, and according to the 5 forces of porter they almost had no barriers for entry and they were also able to crush the rivalry "old classical eat-in- restaurants" with their unique idea of foods that were of a good quality, quickly assembled and served, and at the same time affordable to customers.
Even though McDonalds is often the aim that gets the criticism in fast food industry, but also they made lots glories, such as in the year 2011, they got the most innovative food company and the 11th most admired company in the world, and in the year 2012, they got 4th most valuable global brand. When McDonalds faces problems, they respond very strongly and quickly. They try to do more than their competitors. The skinner’s plan was really helpful to improve the McDonalds image. They focused on the stores which they had rather than thinking about to build more stores. The trend of McDonalds is to be the biggest fast food brand in the world. Also it will be the most recognizable brands.
As we know about McDonalds, and the background as I said above, let use the SWOT analysis method to analyze McDonalds.
As we know, McDonalds is a strong brand of fast food restaurant in the world. So this is the biggest strength for McDonalds. It can attract many customers. McDonalds also has many stores around the world (31,000 restaurants provide service for about 68

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