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Gmo Crops an Ethics Outline

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Question: Is it ethical for a company to produce genetically modified crops (or animals)?
* Define GMO * Thesis Statement (Attention Getter- Personally against use of genetically modified crops not solely based on facts, but on personal morals) * Purpose of Research Paper (Why should we be playing god, creating and using such pesticides to kill off natures insects/animals, but still find it acceptable to put it into a human body)
Ethical Issues (Ethical and Unethical) * Effects on human health- What researchers have found to do to the human body? * Effects on Environment- What has the population and researches witness it to do to soil and our environment? * Effects on animals/insects- What are genetically modified crops doing to animals and insects exposed to these genetically modified pesticides.
* Human Health * Allergies- number of people whose allergies have increased or worsen since the use of genetically modified crops. * Reduction in fertility- how many people have been affected? Studies? Percentages? * Cancer Causing- What cancers have been proven to exist from these genetically modified pesticides? * Environment * Toxicity levels are higher- Where? Numbers? * Hazards- What kind of hazards are they causing to the environment? Are they reversible or not? How can we treat the soil to protect it? * Animals/Insects * Pollinators- How does this affect nature’s natural course? * Killings of animals such as Bees, Bats, ect…. * Monarch Butterflies- Finding the big issue

Options and Analysis (Major Ethical Principals) * Consequentialism * Define theory- Moral right of an action. Weigh good vs bad and how an action will produce later on in the outcome.

* Egoisms * Define Theory - Self Interest towards…...

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