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Goal Line Technology

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The advancement of technology has had a huge impact on a global scale in the last 20 years. Many things have improved drastically because of this advanacement; wether it be space travel or sending an instant message to your friend. Among those sectors who have benfeited is sport. With the advancement of IT in the sports sector, sports is now enjoyed on a global basis through the countless dedicated sports channels throughtout the world. Such of the magnitude of viewers sports comands, it remains an integral part of our society. The new technology available to sport not only affects the number of viewers but also athlethes, coaches, trainers, referees and many more. One advantage of technology in sports is the use of software to assist the referees in making important decisions in a match situation.
A case study I will look at is the use of 'goal-line technology' in soccer. It can be described as ''a method used to determine when the ball has slightly crossed the goal line with the assistance of electronic devices and at the same time assisting the referee in awarding a goal or not.'' (Wikipedia). A chip is planted inside the playing ball and is linked to a device on the referees wrist. When the ball triggers the sensors on the goal line by crossing the goal line, it will triggger a signal that is sent to the referees device on their wrist. The referee then is sure the ball crossed the line for a goal, and this elimnates the human error factor in awarding goals in soccer.
Although there are far more advocates of the technology, there is also critics. Much of the criticism comes from the impact it would have on the ''human element'' of the game and the removial of debating mistakes, which some critics value. Sepp Blatter, whom is President of FIFA, has been quoted as saying "Other sports regularly change the laws of the game to react to the new technology. ... We don't do it and this makes the fascination and the popularity of football". (Wikipedia). But Blatter reversed his decion to oppose goal line technology when England were controversaly denied a goal against Germany in the 2010 World Cup. Blatter also added in 2010, that it may be implimented in the 2014 World Cup. (
Blatter remained true to his word as GLT was used successfully in all 64 matches at this years Wolrd Cup. The technology was provided by GoalControl. ''The GoalControl-4D system works with 14 high-speed cameras (7 per goal) around the pitch at the stadium roof/catwalk. The cameras are connected to a powerful image processing computer system which tracks the movement of all objects on the pitch and filters out the players, referees and all disturbing objects. When the ball passes the goal line, the system sends a vibration- and optical signal to the officials´ watches.'' (
The GLT was seen at work on the main stage when it was able to assist the referee in the awarding the goal scored by Bryan Ruiz of Costa Rica, which probably would have had a similar fate Frank Lampard had in 2010 without GLT.
Goal Line Technology is only used in the Premier League of England, as clubs from other countries say no to its use due to the high cost per club, ranging from €250.000 for a chip inside the ball up to €500.000 for Hawk-Eye or GoalControl(Wikipedia).
Although the benefits are there for everyone to see, clubs simply do not value it enough to spend vast amounts of money on it, especially cash strapped clubs who do not have the luxery of oil rich Arab owners such as Manchester City of the Premier League.

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