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Amy Morris. Good taste/ Bad taste. How important is makeup to the younger generation?

My investigation is into the excessiveness of makeup being used in the younger generation. I looked at this investigation by considering how important makeup is to me and my confidence. Here are my findings.
Makeup makes me feel more confident in myself; it’s as if I have a layer of makeup to protect myself from the surrounding world. I also think that makeup is being used by children that are trying to act older then they are, in my personal opinion this is the influence of the adults in their life such as their parents etc. These children are layered in makeup to be paraded in front of the world by their parents, my personal thoughts is that young children should not be wearing makeup till they are at least in their teens.
Beauty competitions are overrated and are an excuse to boast about how beautiful their child is and how dressed up they are with their layer of makeup. They should be seen as the young child they are and not trying to grow up before their time. The parents are the influence of children over using makeup they should set an example.
Even though I disagree with the younger generations using makeup I understand why it is used to help being noticed and to stand out within the crowd. Makeup also is to do with confidence in my eyes I have always worn makeup to look and feel confident, if I was to go out without it I would be conscious and feel like people would notice. I don’t on the other hand over use makeup I use enough to make myself feel comfortable but not noticeable. Some people wear excessive makeup which can be seen by others and commented on.
I don't think that you really need makeup, but there

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