Google Censorship

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Google Censorship
China’s regulations regarding internet censorship, particularly related to information concerning human rights, include monitoring and erasing all prohibited content posted on their websites, forums, and chat- rooms. The Chinese government also installed security programs to monitor and copy all e-mail sent and received by users and mandated that all sensitive materials must be turned over to the authorities. . This type of censorship is viewed by many as attempt to maintain the rule of the Communist Party of China.
The major factor associated with Google’s decision to enter China’s marketplace and agreeing to comply with the Chinese government’s internet censorship system and self-censored search contents is that it’s a violation of freedom of expression and the notion of Internet freedom. Critics ridiculed Google for its “Don’t be evil” motto because the company was supporting a country known for numerous human-rights violations and totalitarian regime. Google struggled with the dilemma of choosing between organizing the world’s internet data while making it universally accessible to all users and adhering to the rules and censorship of the Chinese government. Elliot Schrage, Google’s vice president of Global Communications and Public Affairs, states “Self-censorship, like that which we are now required to perform in China, is something that conflicts deeply with our core principles. This was not something we did enthusiastically or something that we’re proud of at all.” Google admits that censoring search results in China is inconsistent with the company’s core values; however the company believes that it would be an even greater injustice if it failed to give no information at all.…...