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Gym Cleanliness


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Gym Cleanliness
Florida International University
Crystal Gonzalez

Table of Contents
Goals and Objectives 3
Planning, Implementing & Evaluating Stage 3
Facts/ Information that shows research backing up reason 4
Data Finding and Analysis 4
Monitoring and Follow-up for the Future Phases 6
Lessons learned, Benefits from the Project Personally/Professionally 6
Needs Assessment 6
Barriers and Challenges 6

Goals and Objectives

Our objective for this project is to assess individuals who attend fitness centers, on how efficient they are at cleaning gym equipment. We organized this study to teach the effects of cleanliness, and what people should do in taking the appropriate precautions to avoid being affected by germs. Poor sanitation in fitness centers can cause serious health concerns. The goal for our project is to inform members and restore their attitudes to cleanliness while improving their physical wellbeing.
Planning, Implementing & Evaluating Stage

Our group plotted on how we should go about collecting and analyzing data from this study. First we wanted to go around and observe a few fitness centers and monitor how members and stuff clean the equipment. We went to two fitness center’s Plant Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness. We did not advertise on day one that we were observing because we wanted nothing but authenticity to want we would discovery. After working out we read the rules and regulation of the centers and we noticed the Plant fitness/ 24 hour fitness have slight differences in their approach to cleanliness for members; Plant fitness states to “Please use a sweat towel at all times and wipe equipment after use while 24 Hour fitness requires that you have a towel at all times and wipe the equipment before and after use. We then prompted a survey using survey monkey, Facebook, classmates and

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