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Habib Bank Ltd - Corporate Culture


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This course required us to conduct a case study on any organization of choice analyzing the organizational behavior principles being applied in practice. The aspects we analyzed were the corporate culture, leadership style and knowledge management. We begin by a brief introduction of the company and then analyze each of the aspects one by one and end it with a conclusion. The organization we decided to analyze is the Habib Metro Bank. The department in focus is the Operations department of the bank.
Introduction :
Habib Metro bank operates in all the major cities of Pakistan. Nationwide it has a 51-branch online network which provides finance services, especially in trade.
Habib Metro basically is a merger of two giants, namely Habib bank A G Zurich and Metropolitan Bank Limited. HBZ is a principle share holder of Habib Metro. The bank commenced full scheduled operations in 1992. Within a short span of 20 years, the bank has become one of the three key players of midsized banking, and also ranks among the top 10 in Pakistan. The growth truly translates the vision of the bank of becoming the “most respected financial institution”.
The Operations Department
The operations department was termed as the “engine of the organization” by the interviewee.
During the interview we realized that the operations department might as well be the next most important department after the finance department. The operations department is responsible for quite a lot of working that goes on in the background. A core function of Operations is to control and manage the processing of trades made by the various other divisions of the bank. For example finance department will make a financial policy, but the operations department will make sure it is implemented. Hence it can also be said the operations department work as a coordinator

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