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Harrison Bergeron Theme Essay

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The theme of Harrison Bergeron is, “People can use their differences for the better.” This is the theme because everybody in the story is, “equal”, but they can’t make everybody equal genetically. So their way of making people, “equal”, they make the good looking people wear masks, they make smart people wear earpieces that make loud noises every 20 seconds, strong people had to wear heavy weights around their neck, etc. This is their way of making people equal. They are trying to hide everybody from bad things that happen in life. If they don’t see other people being better than them, they won’t want to better themselves because there is no reason to better themselves if they don’t need to do so.
In the third paragraph, the story reads, “And George, while his intelligence was way above normal, …show more content…
If people aren’t super restricted they might not feel the need to break a law because there isn’t a need to. Near the end of the story, a sentence reads, “Everybody must do what I say at once!” This is Harrison talking to a group of people after he escaped. If Harrison wasn’t restricted as much as he is, he wouldn’t have felt the need to strike against the people that gave him all of the handicaps. Harrison could have lived a normal life, but since the government restricted him too much he now wants revenge.
The themes used in this essay are both great themes that can be used for Harrison Bergeron. There are also a lot more great themes that could be used as well. I found that the best theme was, “People can use their differences and for the better.” And the second best I found was, “Too much government restriction is bad for a society.” Developing a theme is a great way to tell if you understand a story or not. It’s also a great way to find out what the lesson of a particular story

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