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To: Congressman Howard Hughes
From: Alisha Clarke, Chief of Staff
Date: 9/9/2012
Re: Medicare Funding Crisis
Congressman Hughes,
Below, please find the prepared document for the panel discussion.

As you all may know, Medicare is currently the object of scrutiny in regards to its funding and how it is effecting the current healthcare situation. There are many perspectives in which to look at this program to decide whether or not it is actually a positive attempt at resolving current healthcare issues. First and foremost, I believe that our society is misinformed about the current status of the Medicare program. So I will take time out to address key questions in regards to the program.
Is Medicare in a state of crisis? Are radical measures necessary to preserve the program?
Medicare is so definitely in a state of crisis as we speak. “particularly for Medicare, which is so far underwater it would take several United States’ to pay off just what is owed right now to those who have already paid into the system (and who are therefore owed benefits at some point).” (Emanuel, 2012)
It seems that the detrimental effects of the Medicare system will indeed have the most impact on the current senior citizen population, baby boomers, and the military. The reason for this is because the accessibility to physicians seems to be decreasing which could definitely hurt these populations. Physicians who currently participate in the Medicare program are enduring payment cuts which might have them reconsider seeing or accepting patients who only have this coverage. It will ultimately become too much for them to try to afford this cuts in costs while trying to keep their businesses open.
"About one in four Medicare patients looking for a new primary care physician are having trouble finding one. Through permanent Medicare payment reform

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