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Informatics Specialty Area and Interoperability Understanding interoperability and how it relies on the health information exchange (HIE) to conduct the exchange of electronic health information in a secure environment, is one of the key elements in getting all the disciplines across the industry to work together in building this national electronic network. Interoperability can be described by how data gets accessed and exchanged and the use of the exchanged data is shared between two or more information technology systems or devices (Naser, n.d.). The systems must be interoperable and share the data as usable knowledge. The health information exchange (HIE) is a process that allows health care professionals and patients to securely access and move clinical information among shared health information systems; while maintaining the integrity of information exchanged (HIMSS, 2014).
Obviously, there are inherent risk in the process of exchanging data with the other systems and various groups if the exchange is not done in a secure manner while protecting patient confidence and privacy. All groups including clinical finance, admitting, even the software and medical vendors benefit greatly when data is exchanged securely and seamlessly. The health and human services (HHS) is in the stages of developing information exchange standards for interoperability and information exchange and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is responsible for advancing the connectivity and interoperability of health information technology (HHS, 2014). With continued awareness of community and national efforts to improve interoperability this would be the time for marketing teams from the various groups/vendors to approach one another outlining the benefits and how to overcome the identified risks, fears and unknown to improve

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