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High School Lunches Research Paper

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High school lunches and college lunches are totally different. Colleges are so much better because of the items. I may not know what I am having for lunch until I make it to the lunch room, but it usually never disappoints me. Student card, the variety of food to choose from, and how many times I can eat are three ways that high school lunches and college lunches differ. The first quality in which high school lunches and college lunches differ is the use of a student card. I must always have that student card with me when I eat. Without that student card, I will not be able to eat unless I plan on paying for lunch. They are very strict about it and usually do not let you eat without it. In high school, all I need is my lunch number that I received at the beginning of the year. Just remember that number and you can eat. It is very easy to remember a three digit number then to keep up with a student card. …show more content…
I can choose from the grill, which you can choose from certain things they may have. Grill food is better than the café; it is food like pizza, chicken tenders, hot wings, hamburger, and etc. Then there is the cafeteria I also have a variety of things I can choose from. There are always three things I can choose from out the café. I usually can choose from a subway sandwich, regular sandwich, taco, and whatever they have prepared for me that day. The good thing about eating at the café is that I can go back for seconds. By this I mean if I choose the meal they prepared the first time then the second time I can choose sandwich or taco, or if I choose the sandwich or the taco the first time than the second time I can get the meal they

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