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History of Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship


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History of Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship
Several studies on topics like entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs were done by several academicians all over the world in different countries. The issue got immense importance in the eyes of the researchers. The case of Bangladesh is also similar. After the period of British ruling when two new states India and Pakistan came, the economy of this subcontinent was backward, highly agricultural and characterized by massive poverty (Ray, 1992). During the ruling of Pakistanis, though the other side of Pakistan (West Pakistan) saw some economic developments, the portion which is now called Bangladesh (the then East Pakistan) could not see that light. Bangladesh got rid of Pakistani ruling in December 1971.But because of one-eyed behavior of the then Pakistani rulers huge economic problems were already prevailing in East Pakistan even at the pre-independence period. After independence, as a result of the post-war crisis, massive political unrested. The overall economy became more backward and stagnant. From then, even today Bangladesh is known all over the world for its mass-poverty and poor economic growth (Kamal, 1985). Even now-a-day, the dominant sector of economy is the agricultural sector. But investment in agriculture from commercial point of view has not been made much due to ownership problems, existing inheritance laws, uneconomic size of farm, socio-cultural traditions of the people and absence of governmental commitment for restructuring agricultural sector etc. (Saha, 1990). In case of industrial sector it can be said that as a result of the post-war industrial policy (which included nationalization of industries) discouraged the growth of enterprises in the private sector and it hampered the development of entrepreneurship in the newly born country (Sadeq, 1989). After 1975, when the political

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