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Holistic Care

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Holistic care - Long Term Conditions Assignment.

Throughout this paper I will analyse the epidemiological data of my area of clinical practice; Slough. I will create a health profile with briefly analyses different areas of variation within the community including deprivation, housing and the structure of the population focussing on the different nationalities that reside within Slough. Following this I will briefly discuss the various long-term conditions that are prevalent within this area before ultimately choosing the most prevalent amongst them to discuss in detail. Along side the discussion of the long-term condition I will focus upon the group of people who are seen to be the most inclined to suffer from that ailment, focussing on the factors that impact upon their trajectory or path travelled with the illness.

I will then go onto discuss the possible interventions that will assist patients with the long term condition to cope with their illness, drawing upon national policies developed especially for sufferers of that long term condition. In order to fully encompass the trajectory of a person with a long-term condition I will produce a case study that looks at the history of the patient’s condition and the current health problems with which they face, including the symptoms and experiences during the process of care. Frameworks for affective holistic care will be discussed, ensuring that they take into account the patient’s social needs, cultural needs and their own views for their care; in an environment where their narrative is heard and respected. Within this case study the role of the nurse will also be discussed, focussing on the assessing, planning and delivering of care in a way that utilises the multidisciplinary team.

Slough is a predominantly urban area that is located at the east of Berkshire and is West of London. In the 2011 census...

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