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Homework Chapter One

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AMH 2010 Homework 1

Mark your response for each item on the scantron and turn in only the scantron after being sure your name is on the form. The completed scantron is due by the date indicated by your instructor. Scantrons turned in late for any reason will be accepted but will be granted only 50% credit.

1. Scholars estimate that human migration into the Americas over the Bering Strait occurred approximately ______ ago.
A. 2,000 years B. 5,000 years C. 9,000 years D. 11,000 years E. 18,000 years

2. The first truly complex society in the Americas was that of the
A. Maya. B. Aztecs. C. Incas. D. Pueblos. E.Olmec.

3. Cahokia was a large trading center located near what present-day city?
A. St. Louis B. Memphis C. New Orleans D. Baton Rouge E. Detroit

4. Regarding knowledge of the Americas prior to the fifteenth century, most Europeans
A. were aware of the travels of the Norse seaman Leif Eriksson in the eleventh century.
B. believed the Americas to consist of little more than several small islands.
C. were entirely unaware of the existence of the Americas.
D. assumed that the Americas were largely unpopulated.
E. had only heard of America from the travels of Marco Polo.

5. The preeminent European maritime power in the fifteenth century was
A. Spain. B. Portugal. C. France. D. the Netherlands. E. England.

6. Christopher Columbus
A. was trained as a sailor through his long service to Italy.
B. was a man of little ambition.
C. believed that Asia could only be reached by sailing east.
D. believed the Americas consisted of a few islands.
E. thought the world was much smaller than it was in reality.

7. Amerigo Vespucci
A. sailed on the voyages of Christopher Columbus. D. never traveled to the New World.
B. was a leading critic of Columbus’s claims. E. hailed from Portugal.
C. helped popularize the idea

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