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Hong Leong Bank Berhad ("Hong Leong Bank" or "Bank"), a public listed company on Bursa Malaysia, is a member of the Hong Leong Group Malaysia ("the Group")."). Hong Leong Bank was founded by Mr. Lam JiChiewIn. Headquartered in Malaysia, the Group has been in the financial services industry since 1968 through Hong Leong Finance Berhad and since 1982 through Dao Heng Bank Ltd. in Hong Kong. Dao Heng Bank Ltd. has since been sold to another banking institution.
Hong Leong Bank started its humble beginning in 1905 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia under the name of Kwong Lee Mortgage and Remittance Company and later in 1934, incorporated as Kwong Lee Bank Ltd. In 1989, it was renamed MUI Bank, operating in 35 branches. In January 1994, the Group acquired MUI Bank through Hong Leong Credit Berhad (now known as Hong Leong Financial Group Berhad). This milestone saw the birth of Hong Leong Bank and in October the same year, Hong Leong Bank was listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now known as Bursa Malaysia).
In 2004, the finance company business of Hong Leong Finance Berhad was acquired by Hong Leong Bank. With more than 100 years of banking knowledge and experience, Hong Leong Bank today has a strong heritage, leading market positions and a well-recognized business franchise and brand.
In 2011, Hong Leong Bank completed the merger with EON Bank Group. The merger effectively transforms the Bank into a banking group of more than RM145 billion in assets and an expanded network of 329 branches nationwide.
Today, Hong Leong Bank has over 300 Branches, Sales and Business Centers in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam and a comprehensive range of alternate and electronic channels including self-service terminals, Hong Leong Call Centre, Hong Leong Online, Hong Leong Phone Banking and Hong Leong Mobile Banking.
The Bank is enlarging its regional...

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