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The story Hosea was a reminder of an event in our congregation many years ago. The story is of a member who husband left her another woman and a life of pleasure. After many years of being separated, he returns very sick requiring much help and assistance. I watch this story from a distance and ask myself many times” how can she do it?” She went out of her way to make him comfortable giving him the best bedroom and preparing the right foods. She took him to every doctor appointment she took him and even staying at the hospital when he needed surgery. I wonder why she was not angry. One day I ask”, are you angry with him for what he has done to you and why now are you waiting on him”? Her answer causes me to question myself concerning my walk as a Christian. Her answer was “I am a Christian and I must be “Christ like” even toward those that hurt me such as my adultery husband”. Her smile and say “I was not always faithful either.” I said “enough said”. In the book of Hosea, we will be reading about the same situation. A person that has broken covenant with their God and were now is entertaining strange Gods. It is very difficult to describe how bad Israel’s spiritual condition had become by the time this book was recorded; I will just …show more content…
He knew it was customary in Israel to teach by symbols. God often used this method of instructing His people and names were very important. God often used the meanings of names to teach Israel certain truths. Now God was planning to use this prophet and his family as an object lesson for his people. We can find that kind of advice in the book of Proverbs, as well as in the New Testament. God’s purpose for Hosea’s marriage to Gomer was to confront Israel with their sin of unfaithfulness. Therefore, with regard to marriage, this is a special case, with a special

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