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Hospitality Marketing

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Hospitality Marketing Pham Manh Cuong
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Table of content

2.Main body…………………………………………4 2.1Nature of business…………………………….4 2.2 Customer perception…………………………6 2.3 SWOT analyze………………………………..8 2.4 Types of marketing…………………………..10
3. Recommendation……………………………….18

1. Introduction
I have done a marketing analysis on Starbucks. I will be looking into nature of business of Starbucks, customer perception, the different areas of marketing plan adopted by Starbucks
The general areas are analyzing the current situation, the marketing targets, goals, mission and objective, the marketing mix (the “4Ps”) and implementing, controlling and reviewing the marketing process.
To source for the information, I have gone down to a Starbucks outlet to do some research. I have also gone to the internet to find articles on Starbucks.
Combining the information, I hope the report I have done is able to provide an overview analysis of Starbucks’ marketing plans.

2. Main body 2.1Nature of business
Starbucks started operations in Seattle's Pike Place Markets, Washington in 1971. It was originally named as Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spices and is later changed to Starbucks Coffee Company. In 1982, Howard Schultz joined the company and changed its strategic direction. He sets to establish Starbucks as ‘The Third Place' - a place between work and home, committed to building trust with customers and contribute to community.
Starbucks is a leading retailer of specialty coffee market, it offers quality coffee while conducting business that produces social, environmental and economic benefits. By offering the best roasted coffee, handcrafted beverages, coffee experience products, excellence service and innovation, they are committed to...

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