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Businesses geared to providing products and services for infants, children, and teenagers are experiencing a boom not seen since the early 1990s. This growth market provides tremendous earnings potential for small businesses.
It is important to note that there is a preponderance of clothing stores in the area that target the same audience, all of which have achieved some level of success. As Kids Things & Stuff inventory complements but does not compete with these outlets, it is ideally positioned to gain market share. Of course, it is imperative to target the desired market carefully, so as to gain the most exposure for every advertising dollar spent.
What is Kids Things & Stuff?
Kids Things & Stuff is a retail store offering furniture and accessories for children ages newborn through thirteen. Typical furniture merchandise ranges from infant bedroom items such as cribs and changing tables to older children and teen items such as bookcases, desks, and bunk beds. Typical accessory merchandise includes lamps, artwork, globes, carpets and area rugs, and bookends.
The store itself is a colorful, exciting environment that invites shoppers in and encourages them to stay. Displays are appealing and creative, the merchandise is of a high quality, and the prices are competitive.
Identifying the Consumer
Although merchandise at Kids Things & Stuff is bought and paid for by adults, it is imperative to target both adults and children as potential consumers. Most purchases at Kids Things & Stuff will not be by impulse shoppers, but rather
by educated consumers who have spent a great deal of time considering exactly what they want and need. It is imperative that Kids Things & Stuff reach these consumers before they set out for the store, so that they arrive prepared to buy.