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How Does Poverty Affects Obesity

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I will address the following question: How does poverty affect obesity? I will use three articles that will support my answer as to why I think poverty affects obesity. First, I will discuss the articles. Second, I will state the author’s main points and identify how they address my research question. Next I will discuss the evidence does he/she use to make this point and discuss what research method they author used to gather data and address the which sociological perspective the author would state their viewpoint to fit and discuss the authors finding support contradict and/or complement one another.
Authors Main Point
Article Summary One
In childhood and adolescent obesity, which is defined as body mass index at or above …show more content…
Montana have a high rate of their population of children who live in poverty. Between 196 and 2001, the state ranked 43rd in the percentage of children in families where no parent has full-time, year round employment and 38th in the percentage of children living in poverty. (Cite) The article stated that hinger and obesity can coesxist in the same families . With fewer resoruces to buy food or to obtain health care or other preventative or remdial interventions, people with limited income are particlary succeptible to damage from hunger/food insecurity, obesity, or both. (cite) There are four factors that those who are lower on socioeconomic status can be a direct result from because : the need to increase caloric inake by stretching money for food , with an end result of purchasing food with higher amounts of calories per dollar. The second factor is the exchange bewteen the amount of food and the make of the food which has an end result of a diet that fails to promote health and avert obesity. The Third factor is eating because the food is availale and the way one funtions changes to help the body conserve energy when diets are preiodically …show more content…
This articles research demonstrates that the association between low income in the early life course and adult BMI may be the product of the influence of poverty in infancy on childhood or adolescent (Hedwig Lee, 2014). They found that children who live in poverty before the age of two years old had strong correlation with childhood obesity. They found that children would have a higher risk of being obese by the age of fifteen years old. There are two associations between early childhood and obesity the first is; children who experience poverty before the age of two have a higher risk to being obese later in life and the second is: the risk of being able to beat the odds of childhood obesity are going to harder than those who do not experience poverty. Article stated that twenty years five percent of American children were overweight. Today fifteen percent are and another fifteen percent are headed that way. Along with that the poverty level is increasing specifically to Montana there poverty level is as seventeen percent and those near poverty is 26 percent. Article three states the number of overweight and obese people has doubled since 1980 and accelerated since 2000, which means that the epidemic has spread during periods of both low and high food prices. However, as food prices remain high and, arguably, increasingly volatile,

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