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Poverty On Children

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Immediate and long-term consequences of poverty on children
The Immediate and long-term consequences that poverty has on a child are:
Developmental difficulties that include cognitive delays, physical health problems, and lack of social skills; having high-risk behavior such as teen pregnancy, drug abuse and involvement in criminal activities; and problems associated with studying that include unwillingness to attend school, repetition of class/grade and poor academic achievement. These consequences have a direct impact on how a child will turn-out in future as an adult.
How might consequence of poverty affect a child’s future functioning as an adult
1) Developmental problems- Parent who lives in poverty have difficulty in providing good …show more content…
They grow up in areas where there is little or no access to libraries, recreation center, and some other community resources. Also, lack of good water, reliable law enforcement agent, and other basic social facilities. Therefore, they tend to grow up in an area with the high crime rate. Children living in a poor environment and unsafe neighborhood are exposed to crime because there is the tendency of them being exposed to people who are addicted to drugs. Since children and adult living in this poor environment are always engage in illicit activities, teen pregnancy and criminal activities will be common. Child's present and future well-being can be influenced by the standard of their housing. The ability of a child to learn can be affected by the living condition and this can affect the child’s success, achievement, and behavior in life. The outcome of poor housing condition on child's development is an immediate, and long-term effect. The behavioral problems that a child has when growing up in a poor housing condition may continue in the adulthood.
3) Problems associated with the study- The fact that they engage in drug and crime activities at an early age usually …show more content…
family income is the major determinant of good health and child

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