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How Does Steinbeck Use Foreshadowing In Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men a book written By, John Steinbeck. This novel is about two folks who come across many challenges of the world and between them. In the book, Steinbeck uses foreshadowing to indicate the reader with hints about other events. He uses foreshadowing with the Killing of Candy’s dog and Curley’s wife, also Curley poking Lennie during the whole book.
An example of foreshadowing is when Carlson kills the dog, this is an indication that George will have to take action with against Lennie, both of them were put out of their misery and troubles. When Candy said, “I ought of shot that dog myself” (61), And when George kills Lennie they both wanted to kill them by their selves even though George went through it himself. Killing Lennie was the right …show more content…
This signals that they might enter a dispute or possibly a brawl. While George talked for Lennie, Curley said: “let the big guy talk “. But earlier during the day George mentioned to Candy,” well he better watch out for Lennie, he isn’t no fighter but he is strong as a bull” (27). Due to the fact that Curley dislikes bigger people, which Lennie is the author foreshadows that they will most likely engage in a fight. Both wind up fighting, because of Lennie's passiveness during the begging of the fight Curley was defeating him until George told Lennie “GET HIM!”, this caused Lennie to become angry and grasp Curley's hand resulting him breaking it.
The author of the novel utilizes many examples of Foreshadowing in the novel “Of Mice and Men”. Steinbeck mainly focuses using foreshadowing with the characters George and Lennie. These examples indicate the death of Lennie and the failure of Georges and Lennie's dream to own their land. Steinbeck also utilizes foreshadowing with the Killing of Candy’s dog and Curley’s wife as a “rat trap”, and Curley messing with Lennie through the whole

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