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How Has Canada Improved Our Lives

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World War II was a time of frantic development for Canada. From a country with humble origins to the world’s fourth largest manufacturer, the technology we developed had large impacts on the lives of Canadians both in wartimes and in the present day. As such, developments in science and technology improved the lives of Canadians. Canadian lives were improved by the medical developments. They were also improved by the developments in the military that had applications for today’s use. Finally, Canadian lives were improved through the jobs that these developments created. Overall, Canada was shaped by the technology we we helped to develop, and our lives were better for it.

Firstly, Canadian lives were improved by the medical developments made in World War II. In 1943, the Canadian government was able to give …show more content…
Firstly, unemployment rates from 1940 - 1945 were never over 4%. This was due to the sheer amount of new technologies being created and the requirement for people to work in factories. This improved Canadian lives as people were finally able to get jobs in the 1940s. Then, during the war, 1 049 876 people in Canada were working on essential industries for the war. In our population of barely 11 million at the time, that number is incredibly large, and shows that the technology we produced did impact the amount of jobs that were given out during the war. Finally, the lives of Canadians were improved as women were able to join the workforce in greater numbers. Before the war, only 600 000 women had permanent jobs. However, due to the demand for works to make military products, this number grew to 1 200 000. This improved the lives of Canadians as women were able to get jobs, and it helped propel the women’s rights movements after the war. As such, Canadian lives were improved by technological developments as more jobs were

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