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Did you know that in today’s society models weigh 23% less than the average women? Mass media use unrealistic models sending messages that in order to be considered attractive; you must be unhealthy, underweight and unnatural. Being surrounded with posters and magazines with unrealistic images isn’t going to help solve our society from this tragedy that is happening around us. I agree with models being a bad influence because the media is making the new generations feel so conscious and small about there appearance.
Firstly, eating disorders are connected to social lives. As trained models, businesses and companies use models to promote their product or brand. This is the cause of 1.6 million people in the UK suffering from an eating disorder. The use of Photoshop gradually increasing is sending out fake images to the world which affects more and more people every day. By the media using average sized models it could make so many teenagers have a healthier and happier life.
Furthermore, women are stereotypically known to be the weaker and more vulnerable sex which makes them easier to make money out of. By making women feel insecure, we are more likely to buy the …show more content…
This is only a small majority and isn’t being noticed. Although the fashion industry claim to employ models of a healthy weight (those with a Body Mass Index of 18.5 and above), the magazines and posters seen on a day to day basis suggest otherwise. The unrealistic and unattainable body image is not going anywhere to soon. By calling them ‘plus sized models’ is very controversial because they are emphasising that they are not the average weight for a model when statistics say that plus sized models are closer to a healthy weight than what is classed the ‘standard’ model. By categorising models could be seen as giving everyone an equal chance however, it also has the emphasis as what categories are ‘normal’ or

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