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How to Deal with Chronic Pain


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31 May 2016

How to cope with constant pain?

1). How children and adolescents in primary care cope with pain and

the biopsychosocial factors that correlate with pain-related disability.

I think this is a reliable source in many ways. It shows the Author,

Date, Issue, and Pages. This is everything you must look for when choosing a reliable

source. This data was collected with the Functional Disability Inventory, the pain

Coping Questionnaire, and a study- specific Questionnaire.

This will support my persuasive by knowing the conclusion variance in

PRD and how it was partly explained by pain intensity, worrying, and ability to

reduce pain.

The two good quotes that I can use in my paper from this article are:

The study of 133 patients suggests that assessing pain coping strategies maybe

useful when identifying pain related problems in paediatric primary care, and as well

as biological factors, psychological factors such as pain coping may explain pain-

related disability in children and adlscents consulting primary care physiotherapy.

2). Identification of strategies used to cope with chronic pain in older

persons recieving primary care from a Veterans Affair Medical Cener.

This is another reliable source also by giving the Author, Date, Issue,

and pages. Primary care practice located at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center in New


This will support my persuasive by knowing that two hundred forty five

patients( aged 65-90 ) with chronic pain participated in this testing and knowing

how older primary care patients used a broad variety of coping strategies to cope

with chronic

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