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How to Year Up

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Use this checklist to make sure you have accurately included all of your information on your LinkedIn profile.
Key Connections


Unique one liner that conveys the student’s personal brand

5+ people including: advisor, internship supervisor, mentor, writer of Year Up recommendation, former employers, coworkers, guidance counselors
List all 5 here:


6-8 sentences
No clichés or grammatical errors
Supported by examples of relevant work experience Compelling case for why student is a great hire 



Full, description of each role
All relevant experiences are listed


4-6 skills listed
Skills are consistent with student’s brand


College Partner and Year Up are listed
Degrees, dates attended, activities, and awards included



2 recommendations listed (YU staff member, mentor, or co-worker (above intern level))
List 2 of the people who have recommended you here:


Photo is a professional – looking “head shot” of just the shoulders and head
Photo conveys warmth and friendliness, and hopefully, a smile! 
There is no one else in the photo
Photo is not blurry or hard to see
Professional attire is worn in the photo
Photo has a plain background that does not distract from the rest of the picture
Joined “Year Up Alumni – for graduates and supporters” Group
Following internship company and 2 other potential employer
List the 2 potential employer groups you follow here:

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